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4 Irresponsible Ways Society Treats Aging – And What to Do About It. Mail To Your Door. GET MAIL at YOUR DOOR LITERALLY-- USPS will do it Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, Mar 14, 2007. victoria New Member This is interesting, never heard that they would do this before: GET MAIL AT YOUR DOORSTEP by Bryan D.

Mail To Your Door

Vargo, Arthritis Today, March-April 2006 "Through rain or shine" – it's the unofficial credo of mail carriers. "When my joints allow" should be the credo of mail recipients with arthritis. A flare, surgery or a mobility limitation can make a trip to the mailbox feel like a trek in the Himalayas. Members Quick Links Useful Searches Recent Posts. Senior Store Discounts. By Rebecca Lehmann on June 01, 2014 Gone are the days of your grandmother's "early bird special" at the local diner.

Senior Store Discounts

As our baby boomers reach retirement age, hundreds of retailers are featuring new and improved discounts exclusively for the 60 and older crowd. Osteoarthritis Falls. For an older person who falls, the pain can go far beyond the impact of the fall or the immediate injuries resulting from it.

Osteoarthritis Falls

A broken hip, for example, may necessitate the surgery with all its inherent risks in addition to the risks related to immobility including blood clots and muscle atrophy. A fractured wrist may permanently interfere with the ability to perform daily tasks such as carrying heavy items, turning door knobs or keys, cutting food or pouring a drink. While fractures have long been attributed to the brittle bone disease, osteoporosis, increasingly scientists are considering the role that osteoarthritis may play in the risk of falling and/or the type and severity of resulting injuries. Ankle Braces, Knee Braces, Wrist, Elbow Supports, Back Braces, Abdominal Binders, Hernia Belts, Maternity Belts, Medical Grade & Quality. Aeroflow Healthcare. It might not be dementia: How Big Pharma is harming our senior citizens. This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

It might not be dementia: How Big Pharma is harming our senior citizens

Forgetfulness. Falls. Adding a new prescription or over-the-counter drug to address problems that are side effects of a previous drug. These are increasingly common problems, says a new book from Hazelden, because people are taking more drugs than ever before and not always aware of their side effects and interactions. This “polypharmacy” can produce everything from falls and accidents to behavior that is quickly termed dementia in the elderly, even when it is clearly from drug effects. The problem is compounded by doctors not always aware of what other doctors are prescribing a patient and the addictive nature of many popular drugs today.

I recently interviewed Dr. Website Links for Senior Citizens. This Page Being Remodeled... Some of the links below may be invalid. > 39 and Over: This is their main menu - •What's News •Never Too Late •Silver Lining •FAQ's •Senior Resources •Relevant Links • Website Help. They also have chats and forums. > Aardvarkexpress: A different kind of site for seniors who have some time. See their own promotion Click Here.


Social Security. My Mother Lives in the Backyard: The Granny Pod Evolution. If that’s your answer to queries about where your elderly mother lives, you and your mom are part of one solution for the looming problem of how to care for America’s rapidly aging population, which is growing at the rate of some 1.7 million seniors each year.

My Mother Lives in the Backyard: The Granny Pod Evolution

Maybe your mother lives in a portable self-contained medical cottage in your backyard. Dubbed “Granny Pods,” these pre-fabricated and pre-equipped medical cottages can be installed in a backyard behind a caregiver’s home, zoning laws permitting, and hooked up to the existing sewer, water and power lines. Though some critics see granny pods as little more than storage containers for the elderly, over time these increasingly sophisticated medical cottages have become viewed as viable alternatives to expensive long-term care facilities, one that keeps aging seniors close to families while offering supervision and care when needed, along with the independence seniors desire. Better Care for Seniors Helping Meet the Care Need. Doctor Treats Homebound Patients, Often Unseen Even By Neighbors. Home care physician Roberta Miller loads up her 2002 Honda Odyssey minivan, which has more than 250,000 miles, to prepare for a day of visiting patients at their homes.

Doctor Treats Homebound Patients, Often Unseen Even By Neighbors

Misha Friedman for NPR hide caption itoggle caption Misha Friedman for NPR Dr. Everything You Need to Know About Social Security. Is Medigap Plan F Ending? Medigap Plan F has historically been the most common Medigap plans, touting approximately 40% of the market share among all Medigap plans in recent studies.

Is Medigap Plan F Ending?

Tramadol Prescription Pain Medication Spike Emergency Room Visits. Why Social Security Is a Success, in Four Charts. Eighty years ago today, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act, a piece of legislation that has bequeathed modern America with the bundle of benefits we know as social security.

Why Social Security Is a Success, in Four Charts

Including benefits for elderly, disabled, bereaved and otherwise vulnerable people, Social Security is one of the most useful and therefore hated programs the United States offers its needy citizens. Republican presidential candidates have been debating whether to slice, shut down, or preserve Social Security, and it will likely swell into an evermore contentious issue as the 2016 presidential election draws near. But for today, let's celebrate social security in four graphs drawn from census data that demonstrate just how essential this set of benefits has been in keeping millions of Americans out of poverty.

In 2013, Social Security was responsible for dropping the poverty rate of disabled people from over 50 percent to a little over 20 percent. Government Audits Reveal Health Insurance Companies Regularly Overcharge Medicare Advantage. Some companies running Medicare Advantage plans have been found to be systematically overcharging for their services, according to audits by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Government Audits Reveal Health Insurance Companies Regularly Overcharge Medicare Advantage

The Center for Public Integrity sued under the Freedom of Information act to get the information on the audits, which covered five Medicare Advantage insurers. Auditors looked at 201 sets of patient records from 2007 for each company. It was found that Medicare paid the wrong amount for 654 of the 1,005 patients in the survey, with the agency paying excessive amounts in 579 cases and too little in 75 instances. The payment error was more than $3.3 million. Medicare Advantage: A Goldmine for Health Insurance Companies. Many health insurance companies used to thumb their nose at Medicare patients, the firms believing they were better off investing in the private market than the federal government.

Medicare Advantage: A Goldmine for Health Insurance Companies

But with the creation of Medicare Advantage, which gave insurers a direct stake in the Medicare business, companies are jumping on a goldmine of opportunity. Wendell Potter, a former CIGNA executive, calls Medicare Advantage a “pot of gold” for insurance companies, as it has become an “increasingly important revenue stream” for them, “especially the big for-profit corporations.” Currently, the largest Medicare Advantage insurers are UnitedHealthcare, Humana, Kaiser Permanente and Aetna. Writing for the Center for Public Integrity, Potter said a big reason why Aetna wants to buy up Humana (a $37-billion offer), and why Anthem seeks to merge with Cigna (a $54-billion bid), “is the desire of the acquiring companies to boost their presence in the privately-run Medicare business.”

Uber Now Offers Assistance for Elderly and Disabled People. Government Audits Reveal Health Insurance Companies Regularly Overcharge Medicare Advantage. MedicareWorld - A non-government resource to discounts and savings. Single Stop USA Creates Online Marketplace For Social Services. Too many of America’s underserved are missing out on social programs thanks to long lines, exhaustive processes to register and the time and effort it takes before actual benefits ever kick in. But like many other sectors, technology is increasingly playing a bigger role in turning a daunting procedure into a more accessible one.

Nonprofit Single Stop USA is playing its part by launching a platform that enables clients to do online self-screenings to determine federal aid and resources, whether that’s food stamps or Medicaid, and transforming it into a one-stop shop. Single Stop USA, which first launched in 2007 after spinning off from New York nonprofit the Robin Hood Foundation, is an anti-poverty national organization that coordinates social service resources for families and students. Strengthen Social Security - Don't cut it. Tax returns. Senior Moment Safety Cone 50. A Simple but Critical Fix Is Needed Now for the Nation's Disability System. September 11, 2014 Social Security Disability Insurance, which provides basic but essential protection from income loss due to life-changing disability or illness for more than nine in 10 American workers and their families, is one of the cornerstones of our Social Security system.

But according to projections issued by the Social Security trustees in late July, the Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund will run dry in late 2016. Unless Congress acts, the modest insurance benefits that Social Security Disability Insurance provides—an average of about $1,140 a month, just over the federal poverty level for an individual—will be cut. Those cuts would slash benefits by 20 percent, across the board. Social Security twist for Boomers with public, private jobs. Source: Ronald Reagan - Medicare Will Bring A Socialist Dictatorship. National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare. Raging Grannies International. 75 Years Later: GOP: Hands Off Social Security. Can't Find Online Store Coupon Code? Just Ask! NIHSeniorHealth Home Page. Strengthen Social Security - Don't cut it. Where Seniors Pay Less. Social Security: Just the Facts.

NGA - National Guardianship Association, Inc. NGA - National Guardianship Association, Inc. Home - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. NGA - National Guardianship Association, Inc. CFPB > Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The United States Social Security Administration. NIHSeniorHealth Home Page. Eldercare Locator. Improving the Lives of Older Americans. the official U.S. government site for Medicare. NCPSSM > Home. Free Tax Assistance: Whadjasay? The Surprising Thing Most Elderly People DON'T Do When They Suffer Hearing Loss. June 16, 2014 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email.

I Am Your Grandmother. CarePlanners. Eldercare Locator. Ohio Department of Aging. National Council On Aging. AARP.