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AIG says if the government won't let them screw over retirees, they won't play. The latest massive offense the Obama administration has done to Wall Street is to come up with a rule telling financial services companies that their first duty is to their clients.

AIG says if the government won't let them screw over retirees, they won't play

That's such an offensive requirement, Republicans in Congress have even been trying to derail it. Because nothing should stand in the way of profits for Wall Street, including the nest eggs of senior citizens. Employers to drop 7 million people from healthcare insurance under AHCA. In June 2013, 70.8% of workers between the ages of 18 and 64 had employer-sponsored healthcare coverage.

Employers to drop 7 million people from healthcare insurance under AHCA

This is roughly 155 million people or half of all Americans with insurance. Comparatively: 76 million are covered by Medicaid 55 million over 65 are covered by Medicare 11.1 million purchase through the healthcare exchange Under the Affordable Care Act, three years later in 2016, 72.1% had employer sponsored coverage. Contrary to what many have heard, under the ACA, the percentage of people with employer-sponsored coverage actually increased slightly.

In other words, the Affordable Care Act was good for employees as employer sponsored coverage increased. Nader: Trump is a Freeloading, Pontificating Empty Suit Who Has Cheated on Everything He's Done. Ralph Nader Denounces Trump Budget as Corporatist, Militarist & Racist: "The Mask is Off" Jaws Drop As Trump WH Claims Starving Seniors By Killing Meals On Wheels Is Compassionate. Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters today that eliminating food for senior citizens via the Meals On Wheels program was the compassionate thing to do because if a program can’t demonstrate results, it should get cut.

Jaws Drop As Trump WH Claims Starving Seniors By Killing Meals On Wheels Is Compassionate

Video: When Mulvaney was asked about the elimination of funding for Meals On Wheels, he answered, “I think you know that Meals On Wheels is not a federal program. After eight years of using the filibuster against President Obama, Republicans now want to get rid of it. After Republicans spent eight years using filibusters and cloture votes to obstruct President Obama’s agenda, prominent Republicans now are advocating for eliminating it.

After eight years of using the filibuster against President Obama, Republicans now want to get rid of it

“I firmly believe that he wants to work — he wants to get things done,” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told radio host Charlie Sykes of WTMJ in Milwaukee, in reference to an earlier conversation he had had with Trump’s running mate Mike Pence. “He wants to be able to say we won and that best way to do that is to allow Paul (Ryan) to help lead the way in the House. Christie Vetoes Equal Pay For Women: “It’s Against Religious Freedom To Treat Both Genders Equally” - Newslo. Trenton, NJ – Gov.

Christie Vetoes Equal Pay For Women: “It’s Against Religious Freedom To Treat Both Genders Equally” - Newslo

Chris Christie on Monday vetoed a bill barring gender-based pay discrimination, saying it would go beyond federal standards and make New Jersey “very business unfriendly.” While emphasizing his support for equal pay protections, the Republican governor criticized where the legislation “departs significantly from well-established law.” In his message for a conditional veto, Christie said there is “no reason for our law to go beyond the Lilly Ledbetter Act,” the federal equal pay legislation. “I honestly see no reason to do that in the state of New Jersey, whose economy has been struggling with recession for the past several years,” Christie said.

“You don’t need a PhD in economics to figure out that more businesses mean a faster recovery rate. He also added, “However, if we are to make a full recovery, we can’t rely solely on our own hard work. Congressional Republicans sucker punch American steel workers, scrapping 'Buy America' provision. Donald Trump may have positioned himself as the champion of American workers but Republicans on the Hill are already embracing his “do as I say, not as I do” modus operandi.

Congressional Republicans sucker punch American steel workers, scrapping 'Buy America' provision

Under the backing of Paul Ryan, the GOP leadership stripped a provision from a water bill Monday that would have required American-made iron and steel products to be used in infrastructure projects in Flint and elsewhere funded by the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). Democratic Ohio Sen. Trump officially rescinds Obama's transgender student protections. Woman with dying husband confronts Tom Cotton: "What kind of insurance do you have?" Fox News’ new war on truth: This is why Donald Trump and GOP field get away with lies. Back in 2005, when Stephen Colbert coined the term “truthiness” on the first episode of “The Colbert Report,” he offered viewers the vocabulary they needed to describe the way that the George W.

Fox News’ new war on truth: This is why Donald Trump and GOP field get away with lies

Bush administration manufactured their own truths. At the time, truthiness came to signify a betrayal of the American public and an attitude of political arrogance that led us into an unjustified war. But even more important, truthiness mattered. It made a difference. There is no war on police: Ferguson, Chris Christie and the realities the right willfully ignores. If you’ve been listening to various police agencies and their supporters, then you know what the future holds: anarchy is coming — and it’s all the fault of activists.

There is no war on police: Ferguson, Chris Christie and the realities the right willfully ignores

In May, a Wall Street Journal op-ed warned of a “new nationwide crime wave” thanks to “intense agitation against American police departments” over the previous year. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went further. Talking recently with the host of CBS’s Face the Nation, the Republican presidential hopeful asserted that the Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t about reform but something far more sinister. “They’ve been chanting in the streets for the murder of police officers,” he insisted. Even the nation’s top cop, FBI Director James Comey, weighed in at the University of Chicago Law School, speaking of “a chill wind that has blown through American law enforcement over the last year.” Republicans, where the hell is your outrage?! Despite horrific rally video, GOP leaders won’t stand up against hate and behavior of Donald Trump’s supporters.

Are Republicans ever going to step up and take responsibility for reining in the worst elements of their party?

Republicans, where the hell is your outrage?! Despite horrific rally video, GOP leaders won’t stand up against hate and behavior of Donald Trump’s supporters

At Monday night’s Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas, Buzzfeed reporters caught a disturbing video of security piling up on a black protester while an angry Trump supporter yells, “Light the motherfucker on fire!” This follows other incidents, such as an attack on a black protester at an Alabama Trump rally and two Trump supporters beating up a homeless man because they thought he might be an undocumented immigrant. There’s also been a surge in anti-Muslim hate crimes across the country, and while none have been directly connected to Trump, having the frontrunner of the Republican Party spouting off about bans on Muslims entering the U.S. can’t be helping things. Republicans have trafficked for decades in sowing white resentment for political gain, of course, but until now, Republican leaders had instituted some checks to keep the racism from getting too overt or violent. “Sen. Wing-nuts have weaponized hatred: How the conservative echo chamber is making us all less safe.

We’ve reached a tipping point in America’s political discourse.

Wing-nuts have weaponized hatred: How the conservative echo chamber is making us all less safe

The shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility is merely the latest in an increasingly alarming series of tragedies connected to political issues, each of which has been notably distorted by conservatives — or in the case of the Planned Parenthood shooting, almost completely ignored — throughout the past year and beyond. So far, attacks have occurred in relation to the following: immigration, Muslims inside the U.S., reproductive rights, LGBT equality and racial justice. As far-right propaganda grows louder and increasingly divorced from objective reality, it seems as if incidents of violence have escalated accordingly.

Roundup of First Day of Sessions’ Confirmation Hearing for Attorney General. Tuesday was the first day of testimony concerning Jeff Sessions’ nomination to serve as Attorney General of the United States. For over eight hours, Sessions answered questions about his prosecutorial and Senatorial record, as well as over controversial comments he has made, as Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sought to unearth if Sessions would be able to enforce laws that he actively opposed. One of those laws is the standing Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, which Sessions has called a “colossally erroneous” decision, and has repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to undermine through legislation. Anti-Abortion House Panel Seeks to Double Budget. Republicans in the House seek to nearly double the budget of the dangerous Select Investigate Panel that has been spending taxpayer dollars investigating bogus allegations made by the so-called Center for Medical Progress (CMP) against abortion providers and fetal tissue researchers, according to an exclusive article release from Rewire News.

The Republican controlled Panel created by the House Energy and Commerce Committee hopes to increase their budget from $790,000 to $1.59 million in pursuit of continuing their investigation on the dispelled allegations that Planned Parenthood sold fetal tissue for profit. The House Administration Committee is set to discuss the budget increase of $800,000 today at 5 p.m. The Panel was established in November 2015, a few months after CMP released the surreptitiously filmed, deceptively edited videos. The Situational Ethics of the Republican Party - Rewire. With the New Year’s Baby hardly out of its first diaper, the House GOP decided this week that if they consider ethical standards of conduct to be overly constraining or “unfair” as relates to their own actions, they just don’t need to be ethical. Ever. The Situational Ethics of the Republican Party - Rewire. Untitled.

Despite claims that tax cuts will create jobs, corporations are already talking about how to get rich from them. While President-elect Donald Trump claimed during his campaign that giving a tax break to American multinational corporations will create jobs, it turns out that companies themselves are already planning on using that money to get richer instead. In an analysis of dozens of earnings calls and investor conference talks since Trump’s election, The Intercept reported on Thursday that many executives have admitted that they plan on using the money to increase dividends and stock buybacks and purchase competing businesses. Little if any emphasis was placed on hiring new workers. The argument made by Trump and other fiscal conservatives has been that, if multinational corporations are given a 10 percent tax rate on the profits that they’ve stored in overseas bank accounts, they will invest that money in expanding their businesses and creating new jobs.

Despite claims that tax cuts will create jobs, corporations are already talking about how to get rich from them. Rand Paul: Trump supports replacing Obamacare the day it is repealed. Rand Paul, the Kentucky senator who challenged Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, says the president-elect “fully supports” repealing Barack Obama’s healthcare law only when there is a viable alternative to replace it. Republican leaders in the GOP-controlled Congress are moving toward a vote on repeal legislation but anticipate a transition period of months or years before a replacement is in place. Some Republicans are expressing reservations about scrapping the law, which now covers 20 million people, without a near-term replacement.

Republicans ready to dismantle Obamacare amid replacement concerns. After seven years of failed attempts to repeal Barack Obama’s healthcare law, Republicans finally have their chance. Most States Suing To Block EPA Carbon Caps Have Nothing To Cry About. Freedom Caucus wish list: policy areas conservatives want Trump to roll back. Donald Trump will face immediate pressure when he takes office in January to implement a variety of conservative policy proposals designed to erase much of President Obama’s legacy.

Explaining the Cult of Trump. The Breakdown of Empathy and the Political Right in America. Republican Redux: Governor Bruce Rauner Brings Ruin to Illinois. The State of Michigan Poisoned The Residents Of Flint To Save $100 Per Day. Listen to the Donald Trump voters: It has taken an ignorant demagogue to tell truth about GOP, humiliate party establishment. Louisiana Struggles To Clean Up Bobby Jindal's Mess. The indisputable disaster of GOP governors: How Jindal, Brownback & Snyder have sold their constituents up the river.

Although Democrats have held the White House for eight years, during that same time they have suffered dramatic losses at the state level. Part of this is due to low turnout in midterm elections, which favors Republicans because low-income people, young people and people of color make up a smaller portion of the electorate. In addition, the out-of-power party tends to gain during midterm elections. This is why the right hates Donald Trump: He doesn’t question their core beliefs, but they still see the danger. This is where right-wing radicalism is festering: While the nation watches the presidential race, there are scary things happening at state legislatures. Robert Bentley’s hypocrisy: Alabama governor apologizes for his sex life, but he should also apologize for his sexism and homophobia. Trump and Cruz’s war on wives reveals the male violence lurking in US politics.

David Brooks, sad and deluded, just keeps trying: Bless his heart, but he lost his mind again today. 8 conservative “solutions” to poverty that will make it so much worse. This is the GOP’s war on sex: Widespread popularity of sex without making babies is no obstacle to fundamentalist fanatics. Americans Reject Republican Racism As 58% Oppose Banning Muslims. Florida kicks 9,000 chronically ill, disabled kids out of healthcare system. David Axelrod explains the real appeal of Donald Trump: He is the antithesis of Obama. Fox News opens Black History Month by insulting black voters: “Blacks have shown a slavish support for the Democrat party” Republican Failures Are Distracting Voters Again With A Secret Weapon. Good riddance, Bush Dynasty! Why Jeb’s disastrous campaign is a fitting end to a poisonous history.

Ted Cruz Is Blocking Federal Aid For The Lead Poisoned Residents Of Flint. The secretly-elected Heritage crew creates new headaches for House Speaker Paul Ryan. Illinois Republicans target single mothers and their babies: GOP bill would ban birth certificates, financial aid if father is not named. 5 worst right-wing moments of the week — The GOP is still lying to itself. Most Trump Voters Say Whites Are 'Losing out'–and in a Way They Are. Republican Lies About Social Security Debunked Again: So Why Does Mainstream Media Keep Repeating Them? John Kasich makes play for the misogynist vote: He wants women out of the doctor’s office and into the kitchen. GOP House's 'fetal issue' inquiry threatens research into Parkinson's, Zika. Kasich gives GOP credit for Clinton economy he predicted would fail. Untitled. Behold the GOP’s Not-So-Secret Plan to Dismantle Government Services: Defund, Degrade and then Privatize. Brownback's Experiment Fails... Now He Wants To Hide The Evidence - Thom Hartmann Program.

After Republicans’ five-month stall, the House Benghazi Committee is no more. Chris Christie vetoes bill banning solitary confinement for pregnant women, mentally ill prisoners. The Republican Plan to Defeat the Islamic State is More Empty Bluster. The GOP’s insidious Christmas list: How congressional Republicans are planning to screw the country this holiday season. Republicans Are Following ISIS' Plans Against America To the Letter. Debunking Conservative Lies About Taxes. GOP Collapse: 84% Of Latino Voters Say Republicans Are Hostile And Don't Care About Them. Report: Terrorism Is Working…On Republicans «

Untitled. North Carolina's bathroom law: an exercise in hypocrisy. Kasich Autopsy: The Force Wasn’t With Him. Donald Trump is just this dumb: He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know — but his latest ignorance is breathtaking. 10 Ways Conservatives Sell Their Failed Policies. 14 Reasons Why House and Senate Republicans Have Declared Economic War On Average Americans. Governor Blocks $2.85 Minimum Wage Increase After Giving Staffers $73,405 Raises. New Rule: You Can't Call Yourself a Proud American While Supporting the Republican Party. Blocked From The Bench: ‘Christian Nation’ Advocate Rick Green Loses Bid To Join Texas Supreme Court. Let’s all laugh at the GOP’s “Mitt Romney will save us” plan. Robert Reich: The GOP establishment has destroyed itself. The GOP is the straight, white, Christian party: This is why Donald Trump is winning — and why I left a party of intolerance and hate.

5 Things That Should Make Moderate Republicans Sh*t Their Pants. Obama supreme court nominee will not get Senate hearing, say key Republicans. Republican debate: all the candidates' promises, from flat taxes to firings. The GOP really is Donald Trump’s party: Republicans bet all their money on White America and now we’re paying the price. Democrat Mark Warner teams up with Republicans to weaken consumer protection, other financial reform. Louie Gohmert, king of the Republican clowns, could suddenly find himself kicked out of the circus. Maine’s GOP governor now instructing citizens to “load up and get rid of the drug dealers” Fools Look For Fool’s Gold In New Hampshire. Killing us harshly: A Republican specialty. 'It's all just poison now': Flint reels as families struggle through water crisis. Fine, just call him the N-word: All the Republicans want to do is say it. Would be more honest if they did. Michigan governor tells Fox News “there were some actions taken trying to make” the lead in Flint’s water “better”

Now in the Republican privatizing crosshairs: Air traffic control. Kasich Job Record Disappoints Again. Republican Candidates Say Nothing About Climate Change At Presidential Debate. Paul Ryan: President Obama deserves zero credit for recovering economy. Too many GOP egos: Overcrowded debate stage illustrates out-of-control Republican narcissism. Paul Ryan goes for crassly political in his first State of the Union address as Speaker. Bill would lift protections on some historic effigy mounds. Study finds Obamacare helping in a state that fought it hardest, Texas.