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Racism & Bigotry

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Emboldened White Supremacists. Photo Credit: YouTube Screengrab It was a scene out of the darkest days of the civil rights movement.

Emboldened White Supremacists

This Is Racism. Donald Trump won the presidency last night.

This Is Racism

Many voters were stunned, after the media overwhelmingly predicted a Clinton win and Trump began to look desperate, sending a lawyer to Nevada to demand information about when a line ended for early voting. Now, Americans are looking back at the past few months and trying to understand what happened. In the days before the election, the Washington Post published a piece entitled, “What is this election missing? Everyday Life For Muslims In U.S. The Data That Proves the Myth of the ‘Absent’ Black Father Is a Total Lie. 6 Reasons People Claim Waving the Confederate Flag Isn't Racist – Squashed. ‘I Have Black Friends’ Is Excuse For Your Racism. Confederates Still Defending Slavery. Map Of Most Racist Places In America. Some of you may have wondered where the most racist areas in America are.

Map Of Most Racist Places In America

Are they heavily-Democratic urban areas where the “true racists” don’t realize that racism is over in America (as claimed by the GOP)? According to a new study published in PLOS ONE, the most racist people in America live in “the rural Northeast and South.” This map represents data culled by scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz from an analysis of Google searches — something that does not allow even the most “not-racist” person to hide his or her own bigotry.

Most Americans will proudly say they aren’t racist, no matter how racist they actually are. Rand Paul, for instance, hired (and defended) multiple white supremacists, and openly opposes legislation intended to ensure equal rights for African-Americans. Men like the future failed 2016 Presidential candidate may be able to hide behind words, but one thing that is honest…is what one searches on Google. Biased strangers take a DNA test - the results show why we shouldn't judge others on their looks. In an effort to contrast the prejudices we all have with the facts about who we actually are, travel company Momondo gathered 67 people from various ethnicities and offered them a DNA test.

Biased strangers take a DNA test - the results show why we shouldn't judge others on their looks

All of the test subjects had one thing in common: they were proud of their nationality, ethnicity, and heritage. But they were also full of bias against people from other races, who in their eyes are totally different from themselves. Sound a little bit familiar? The whole thing starts with a question: "Would you dare to question who you really are? " White Supremacy wins—for now. Time to wake up, you white people of good faith.

White Supremacy wins—for now.

Look in the mirror. See Amerikkka for what it is without the gloss. See something black folks have been trying to tell you. It’s not “populism” or “economic anxiety.” Call it by name — White Supremacy. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... Years ago, some feminist on the internet told me I was "Privileged.

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person...

" "THE FUCK!?!? " I said. I came from the kind of Poor that people don't want to believe still exists in this country. Have you ever spent a frigid northern Illinois winter without heat or running water? As Black And Brown People Protest Cop Killings, Whites Don't See Institutional Racism. Photo Credit: As Freddie Gray was laid to rest, Americans watched as Baltimore residents protested the death of the 25 year old, whose spinal chord “mysteriously” snapped while in police custody--causing his death.

As Black And Brown People Protest Cop Killings, Whites Don't See Institutional Racism

On Friday, six officers were charged with crimes ranging from manslaughter to murder. As thousands marched in Baltimore's street, hundreds of thousands more took to news outlets, blogs, and social media to comment on the protests that followed Gray’s death. Americans believe false things about the Civil War because even our textbooks bow to the apologists. An invented 'heritage' At the Washington Post, Prof.

Americans believe false things about the Civil War because even our textbooks bow to the apologists

James Loewen writes that the reason so many people believe false things about the Civil War and the Confederacy is because many of our textbooks teach those wrong things to this day. Serena Williams shuts down sexist invitation to “go down every night on [her] knees” to thank men’s tennis. The sexist dum dums just still refuse to read the memo: One of the greatest athletes of all time is an African American woman.

Serena Williams shuts down sexist invitation to “go down every night on [her] knees” to thank men’s tennis

One of the most exciting things going on right now, across all sports, is women’s tennis. Yet the condescending, offensive crap — from within the field itself — just does not quit. The latest example comes courtesy of Raymond Moore, the 69 year old CEO of Indian Wells who on Sunday, right before the BNP Paribas Open finals, told the media that “In my next life when I come back I want to be someone in the WTA, because they ride on the coattails of the men. They don’t make any decisions and they are lucky. Fear of 'white guilt' kept a Virginia school from showing a video on affirmative action.

A Virginia school district has abandoned its usage of a short video on race and affirmative action for a high school Black History Month event after parents and students complained about its content.

Fear of 'white guilt' kept a Virginia school from showing a video on affirmative action

The AP reports: A school district in Virginia has decided not to use a video about race and affirmative action after it made students uncomfortable and drew criticism from parents who called it "white guilt. " When black Donald Trump supporters attack: Race, fascism and Trump’s political blood sport. There was violence at a Donald Trump rally held last Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. Such incidences are no longer aberrations or outliers. They are features at Donald Trump’s political carnival and human rodeo. Trump is engaging in political blood sport; his public loves him for it. As reported by the Daily Mail: A white man wearing a stars and stripes shirt was pictured being escorted out of a rally in Tuscon, Arizona, when he was punched in the face and repeatedly kicked by a black Trump supporter.

Five deputies disciplined for not intervening after Trump supporter sucker punched protester. Here's a bit of welcome better-late-than-never news for anyone who marveled at the spectacle of North Carolina deputies wrestling a black protester to the ground after he had been sucker punched by a Donald Trump supporter at a rally last week. Disciplinary action has now been taken against five deputies with the Cumberland County, North Carolina, sheriff's office who were involved in the incident but didn't take proper action. Caitlin MacNeal reports: Three of the deputies were demoted in rank and suspended without pay for five days, and two other deputies were suspended without pay for three days, according to Raleigh television station WRAL. All five deputies who witnessed the punch could face up to a year of probation. Antonin Scalia’s frozen racial past: How his Voting Rights Act ignorance excluded millions.

It’s certainly appropriate to mourn the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia and remember his passion and wit. But let’s also remember that his view of the Constitution hurt millions of Americans excluded from his theory of constitutional originalism. Take for example his view of the Voting Rights Act. Gosh, why would anyone think racial bias was a factor in Republican Supreme Court obstruction? The Republican vow to block any candidate President Obama nominates to the Supreme Court—any candidate, no mattered how qualified—says, at base, that this president doesn’t have the authority of a real president.

He doesn’t have the authority of Ronald Reagan, who got Justice Anthony Kennedy confirmed in the last year of his presidency, or of any of the other presidents who have done the same. Hmm. What could possibly make this president so different from every other president? Some people have a theory: We’re not taking Islamophobia seriously: This cancerous racism is on the rise — and it’s even more dangerous than you think. WATCH: Black Man Assaulted By White Trump Supporters In Birmingham, Alabama. 10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Protects White People in Every Aspect Imaginable.

This Is Why White Supremacists Opened Fire On Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protestors. Car Dealers Charge White Customers Less Than Everyone Else, Study Finds. Racism is their best weapon: How the 1 percent divided the American people and conquered the country. White Privilege. White Supremacy wins—for now. Republican Mayor pushes Obama Muslim Myth. It seems like only yesterday that President Obama was decrying the right wing and Republican Party’s use of fear, hate, and conspiracy theory fueled politics. It seems like Republicans couldn’t wait to prove just how right the President was.

Superior City Mayor Bruce Hagen repeated the discredited conspiracy theory that President Obama is a Muslim, adding his own unsavory flavor of hate to the mix. According to Fox21KQDS: Robber calls Indian-American store clerk ISIS “terrorist” and shoots him in the face, reports say. The most frightening, racist and ridiculous Twitter moments of 2015. Tuesday, Dec 22, 2015 2:23 PM UTC Watch what you tweet VIDEO Peter Cooper Topics: original video Featured Slide Shows Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 1 of 13 Close Fullscreen Thumbnails Donald Trump is a horror movie: No, really!

Biggest Bigots Of 2015. Pretending it’s not a gay takedown: Pat Roberts, the GOP and the bigotry driving the stalled nomination of Eric Fanning. Pig's head thrown at Philadelphia mosque – video. Racist, ​s​exist, ​r​ude​ and crude​: the worst of 20th century advertising – in pictures. #JeSuisChien, the latest sign racist westerners care more about dead dogs than dead humans. The White Supremacist Roots of Evangelicalism — Daylight Atheism. Trump voters know that he's a racist—that's what they like.

Save the date: Ku Klux Klan plans North Carolina victory parade for Donald Trump.