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Movies To Watch (A-L)

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Brave New Films | Creating Media that Makes an Impact. Grandma (with Lily Tomlin) Billions in Change. “Daddy Don’t Go” smashes stereotypes of disadvantaged “deadbeat” dads: “Stability is the biggest gift that you get when you enter the middle class” A refreshing highlight at this year’s NYC Docs Festival is Emily Abt and Andrew Osborne’s “Daddy Don’t Go,” which challenges the all-too-familiar, conveniently reductive and hardened stereotype of minority dads that tends to dominate the Hollywood landscape. Shot over two years in the greater NYC area, the documentary’s four main protagonists — Nelson, Omar, Alex, and Roy — prove themselves self-sacrificing, committed and unexpectedly tender fathers as they struggle against homelessness, unemployment, bureaucracy and, in some cases, a criminal past. The flashing statistics in “Daddy Don’t Go” are brutal: 1 in 3 American children grow up without fathers, and there are at least 1.1 million incarcerated fathers who live in the US.

But the numbers also belie a deeper, concealed truth about low-income fathers. Can you tell me what sparked your documentary on disadvantaged dads in the first place? I have an amazing dad who was a wonderful father to me, but he didn’t have a father himself. Guillermo Goes Gothic in the Grrrl-Powered Crimson Peak. Forget the phallic-tongued vampires populating The Strain and go for the sumptuously Gothic Crimson Peak. As with Pan’s Labyrinth, Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak is a woman-centered and driven narrative brimming with claustrophobic imagery and red-hued horror.

While Pan’s Labyrinth incorporated fairytale structure and imagery to tell a political tale of post-civil war Spain, Crimson Peak draws on the gothic genre to meditate on the dangers of inherited class privilege. More prominently, it takes a cleaver to the horrific results of imprisoning women within domestic roles of mother, wife, daughter and sister. It is a writerly tale driven by the voice and will of the aspiring young female author, Edith Cushing. At the outset, we learn that Edith has written a ghost story.

Her hopes of publication at Atlantic Monthly are curtailed when she is told she should be writing love stories. Edith does not fear death, she does not fear love, rather, she fears not being published. A Chemical Reaction. Alien Nation. Anonymous (2011) Another Year. Athens The Dawn Of Democracy. Beloved. Big Fish. Black Swan. Blood and Oil. How did the Western world become so engaged in the Middle East? Why did the Ottoman Empire - now known as the Middle East become involved with World War I which was a European affair? Anyone interested in learning and understanding the timeline of events that has lead us to the modern day conflict in the Middle East, should watch this film created by Marty Callaghan. 'Blood and Oil' is a detailed account about the motivation behind the birth of the Middle Eastern nations and the insatiable greed for oil.

The invasion by the British during WWI with the intent to quickly secure the city of Istanbul, ended up being an eight month-long series of battles, heavy with loss of life. Landing on the shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula at Anzac Cove 1915, the British forces were held back from taking the high ground by the defending Turkish troops, and therefore leaving their forces exposed and trapped on the beaches. Watch the full documentary now. Bringing Up Baby. Camelot. Charlotte Gray. Citizen Koch.

Clash Of The Gods. Contagion (2011) Cosmos (1980) Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014) Dark Shadows. Deja Vu (2006) Dirty Wars. Dolphin Tale (1 & 2) Downton Abbey. Dracula (2007) Escape Fire. Fahrenheit 451. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) Fair Game. Food Stamped. For Colored Girls. Four Horsemen (2012) Four Weddings And A Funeral. Fracknation. Freedom Riders. Fuel (2008) Game of Thrones. They put the evil in Medieval. It’s no secret that George R.R. Martin based many of the characters and events in “A Song of Ice and Fire,” — the series of epic fantasy novels that has become HBO’s “Game of Thrones” — on history and on the historical fiction he loves.

But viewers and readers might be excused for assuming that Martin exaggerated the vicious skullduggery in the historical record for the sake of drama. Incest, child murder, impromptu executions of allies, regicide, rampant fornication, recreational torture and countless other vices abound in Martin’s Westeros, after all. Could the real-life counterparts of his characters have been quite so very, very bad? They were. The Vipers of Milan Bernabò Visconti (1323–1385) and his brother, Galeazzo (1320–1378), jointly ruled Lombardy (in what is now Italy). Pedro the Cruel of Castile (1334–1369) In Pedro’s defense, he was obliged to defend his throne against his father’s 10 illegitimate sons, the two oldest of which were his most implacable challengers. Gasland. Gasland 2. Goodbye Solo. Growing Change. Growing Up In The Universe. Hanna. Happily Divorced. Harry Potter (all)

Hostile Witness. How To Train Your Dragon. Inside Job. Ironman. J Edgar. Jumping the Broom. Keeper Of The Flame. Kidnapped For Christ. Kingdom Of The Blue Whale. Koch Brothers Exposed. The filmmakers behind the original Koch Brothers Exposed film have released an update for the 2014 election. A lot has changed since the Citizens United ruling in 2010, and Brave New Films felt it necessary to inform the public of the damage to our political system by the Koch brothers. From Voter ID laws to infusing tons of money into local elections, the Koch brothers have essentially purchased our country. The filmmakers behind ‘Koch Brothers Exposed’ have released an update for the 2014 election. You can watch this entire shocking film for free, right now. Brave New Films has posted the entire movie online for free, thanks in large part to small donors. You can watch the entire video here. [youtube <a style="color: #336699; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;" href="

Labyrinth. Lord Of The Flies (1990)