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Immigration Myths

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Immigrants less Likely to Commit Crimes than Native-Born Americans. Despite overhyped reports to the contrary in right-wing media, immigrants to the United States are less likely to commit crimes than those born in this country, according to a new study.

Immigrants less Likely to Commit Crimes than Native-Born Americans

The report (pdf) from the American Immigration Council showed that among men aged 18 to 39, the group most likely to commit crimes, immigrants are less than half as likely to be incarcerated as those born in this country. The incarceration rate as of 2010 was 3.3% for the native-born and 1.6% for immigrants. That ratio has held steady over the preceding three decades as well. The numbers make sense if one looks at why immigrants come to the United States in the first place. “First-generation economic immigrants are self-selected risk takers who leave their homes, families, and languages to move to a new country to improve their and their children’s lives. Among young, less-educated men, the differences are even more pronounced. Over time.” -Steve Straehley. No, Undocumented Immigrants Aren't A Burden On The Health Care System. Undocumented immigrants provided a surplus of $35.1 billion to the Medicare Trust Fund between 2000 and 2011, according to a new Journal of General Internal Medicine study recently published.

No, Undocumented Immigrants Aren't A Burden On The Health Care System

The findings challenge concerns that undocumented immigrants are financially burdening the health care system. According to the study, undocumented immigrants contributed $2.2 and $3.8 billion more than they withdrew annually between 2000 and 2011 to a Medicare program known as the Hospital Insurance Trust fund.

The total contribution of their surplus was $35.1 billion. Medicare consists of two trust funds. The Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (HITF), mostly paid through payroll taxes (and interest on past surpluses), pays for inpatient care. The study found that in 2011 alone, undocumented immigrants paid in $3.5 billion more than they needed in care. ABC News' "birth tourism" article filled with contradictions, misleading claims, dubious sources.

Born in the U.S.A.: Birth tourists get instant U.S. citizenship for their newborns - Rock Center with Brian Williams. Lou Alfonso Angry neighbors picketed outside a Chino Hills, California, maternity hotel in December By Anna SchecterRock Center This is an update to a previous report from October 28, 2011.

Born in the U.S.A.: Birth tourists get instant U.S. citizenship for their newborns - Rock Center with Brian Williams

UPDATE: There has been uproar in neighborhoods across Los Angeles county in recent months over a controversial industry called birth tourism. Wealthy foreign women in the late stages of pregnancy fly to the United States and stay at special maternity hotels. These maternity hotels are often run out of single family homes in suburbia. Birth tourism has also ignited outrage on Capitol Hill.

"They are gaming the system…and people should be put in jail,” said Representative Phil Gingrey (R-Ga), one of several members of Congress trying to put an end to birth tourism. Associated Press Debunks The 'Birth Tourism' Myth. Earlier this summer, when Sen.

Associated Press Debunks The 'Birth Tourism' Myth

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested that he may try to amend the Constitution to deny the American-born children of undocumented immigrants citizenship, he argued that “[p]eople come here to have babies. They come here to drop a child. It’s called ‘drop and leave.'” Graham also claimed that there is a rampant problem of “birth tourism,” or pregnant women coming to the U.S. on tourist visas simply to have children who are automatically American-born citizens. Meanwhile, other lawmakers support changing the 14th amendment’s citizenship requirements because granting automatic citizenship “encourages” illegal immigration.

However, the Associated Press reports that, though it exists, the trend is “not as dramatic as some immigration opponents have claimed”: Watch ABC’s segment on “birth tourism”: Robert Reich: Demagogues are brazenly lying to you about U.S. immigrants. Dispelling The Immigration Myths Promoted By The GOP. My mother was a first generation American.

Dispelling The Immigration Myths Promoted By The GOP

Her parents came to this country from Lithuania. Separately, I might add. My grandmother was illiterate and signed her name with an X, and yet, she managed to work her way from Lithuania to the United States, where she then met my grandfather. I wanted to include that because it goes to the point of how determined my grandparents were to make a better life for themselves and the children they would one day have – much the same as the immigrants who arrive at our shores today. During my childhood, I can’t tell you how many times I heard my mother talk about the “great melting pot” and how proud she was to be part of this country. So when I hear all the garbage spewed from the likes of Donald Trump or any of the Republicans who are plainly xenophobic, it makes me sick. A 400-page report from the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine published this week studied the 41 million foreign-born immigrants in this country.

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