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Cop who shot Laquan McDonald 16 times wants to stay home instead of go to court. Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago cop indicted for the murder of Laquan McDonald late last year, has asked a judge in the Windy City to excuse him from his upcoming court appearances.

Cop who shot Laquan McDonald 16 times wants to stay home instead of go to court

According to Van Dyke’s lawyer, Dan Herbert, media and the protestors have been both intimidating and assaultive to his client and members of his client’s family. Herbert submitted a four-page motion to the court which alleged several incidents involving his client: “Van Dyke has had people flash gang signs at him, spew out racial slurs such as “white devil” and has had protesters blast the sounds of sirens so close to him, it makes it hard for him to hear those who accompany him to court …” “Journalists have joined others in blocking 37-year-old Van Dyke’s entry to the courthouse, “grabbing at him and attempting to pull him into large crowds.” [..]

Oh woe is he. Well, at least he’s asking permission. Chicago Cop Punches Pregnant Woman in Stomach, Spews Racist Remarks - VIDEO. Nicola Robinson is a pregnant African American woman that has sparked an investigation within the already heavily scrutinized Chicago police force over reports of physical and verbal abuse by a Chicago police officer.

Chicago Cop Punches Pregnant Woman in Stomach, Spews Racist Remarks - VIDEO

The unnamed officer was allegedly chasing a suspect on foot, when Nicola laughed at him for being unable to keep up. The situation quickly got ugly. The officer turned on Nicola, in a rage at her laughter, and shoved Nicola before punching her in the stomach. “You black b*tch, you better be glad I didn’t hit you hard enough to make you lose your f*cking baby,” the officer snarled at her, claims Robinson.

The event was witnessed by Robinson’s sister Monique Dickerson and was caught on tape by a nearby security camera. Robinson, 8 months pregnant, spent five hours in the hospital after the ordeal. Chicago police officer who shot black teen 16 times charged with murder. A white Chicago police officer has been charged with murder over the shooting death of a black teenager, just one day before a deadline by which a judge has ordered the city to release a squad-car video of the incident.

Chicago police officer who shot black teen 16 times charged with murder

Chicago cop moves forward with lawsuit against teen he shot and killed. Last week I wrote that Robert Rialmo, the Chicago cop who shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier, was planning on suing LeGrier’s estate.

Chicago cop moves forward with lawsuit against teen he shot and killed

Rialmo killed LeGrier December 26, 2015, also accidentally shooting and killing neighbor Bettie Jones, who was standing nearby. Well, Rialmo actually went through with it and filed his suit with the court on Friday, February 5. He’s alleging “extreme emotional trauma” and he’s seeking $10 million in damages. Officer who shot Laquan McDonald had 20 misconduct claims filed against him. M.dailykos. Last week, Chicago prosecutors charged police officer Jason Van Dyke with the 2014 murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, the first such charge for an officer in the city in more than three decades.


The video of the incident, in which Van Dyke shoots McDonald 16 times, was released by Chicago authorities shortly after Van Dyke’s indictment and sparked protests throughout the city. At the time, reports emerged alleging that police erased additional footage of the incident from a local Burger King. ISIS Isn’t the Greatest Terrorist Threat to America. Thank you for your interest in Patheos newsletters!

ISIS Isn’t the Greatest Terrorist Threat to America

Please enter your email address below and click the "Subscribe" button. Thank you for your subscription. You can visit your Preference Center to complete your profile and see what else we have to offer. We apologize, we were unable to complete your subscription at this time, please try again later. If this error persists please contact us at Dailykos. Warning: both the description and video below portray a violent and graphic event of police brutality After a press conference at 4:30pm CST in which Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel claimed to have never seen the video of Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 16 rounds into Laquan McDonald’s body and killing him, police released dash cam video of the event to outlets.


Again, be advised that this video is graphic and violent. The last minute or so of the video of the October 20, 2014 incident shows McDonald walking away from police officers in the street. He then spins abruptly and falls as the first shot or shots hit him. Puffs of smoke and his writhing body can be seen as Van Dyke continues to fire shots into his body. Chicago offers $5.5m reparations package to victims of police torture. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and several Chicago aldermen are offering what they call a reparations package for the victims of torture under the city’s former police commander, Jon Burge.

Chicago offers $5.5m reparations package to victims of police torture

The city said on Tuesday that the package will include an apology, a $5.5m fund and city services, such as job training and tuition for victims and their families. The package will be introduced to the Chicago city council on Wednesday. Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility. At least 3,500 Americans have been detained inside a Chicago police warehouse described by some of its arrestees as a secretive interrogation facility, newly uncovered records reveal.

Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility

Of the thousands held in the facility known as Homan Square over a decade, 82% were black. Only three received documented visits from an attorney, according to a cache of documents obtained when the Guardian sued the police. Despite repeated denials from the Chicago police department that the warehouse is a secretive, off-the-books anomaly, the Homan Square files begin to show how the city’s most vulnerable people get lost in its criminal justice system. People held at Homan Square have been subsequently charged with everything from “drinking alcohol on the public way” to murder. 'Gestapo' tactics at US police 'black site' ring alarm from Chicago to Washington.

The US Department of Justice and embattled mayor Rahm Emanuel are under mounting pressure to investigate allegations of what one politician called “CIA or Gestapo tactics” at a secretive Chicago police facility exposed by the Guardian.

'Gestapo' tactics at US police 'black site' ring alarm from Chicago to Washington

Politicians and civil-rights groups across the US expressed shock upon hearing descriptions of off-the-books interrogation at Homan Square, the Chicago warehouse that multiple lawyers and one shackled-up protester likened to a US counter-terrorist black site in a Guardian investigation published this week. As three more people came forward detailing their stories of being “held hostage” and “strapped” inside Homan Square without access to an attorney or an official public record of their detention by Chicago police, officials and activists said the allegations merited further inquiry and risked aggravating wounds over community policing and race that have reached as high as the White House. ‘Not in America’ Man who said Chicago police tortured him is released after two decades. A man who alleged he was tortured by Chicago police into confessing to a murder he did not commit was released from prison on Wednesday after spending a quarter of a century behind bars.

Shawn Whirl walked out of Hill correctional center in Galesburg shortly after noon, two months after an Illinois appeals court overturned his 1991 murder conviction in the fatal shooting of Chicago cab driver Billy G Williams and one day after a Cook County judge dismissed the charges against him. “It hasn’t quite hit me yet,” the 45-year-old Whirl said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press as he was driven away from the prison. “I didn’t cry when I got out because I think I cried so much trying to fight this wrong, [and] I think I am kind of out of tears right now.” Meet the two black men in law enforcement who were fired when they stood against injustice. Chief Kevin Sewell and Lorenzo Davis, both fired after standing up against injustice Two seasoned and highly respected black men in law enforcement in two different cities were each fired this summer—not for corruption, not for misconduct, not for poor management, not for sexual harassment, but because they each stood up against injustice inside their own departments.

In 2007, the city of Chicago created an "independent" review board to monitor fatal shootings by police. I put those quotation marks around independent because the boards are often stacked with retired police officers who are often anything but independent in their views of their comrades. Of the 400 cases they reviewed, only one shooting of the 400 was found to be unjustified.