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Horrors of War

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WARNING: Not suitable for children. These pictures show the real cost of conflict. Death, injuries, orphaned children, shattered families, and ruined communities are only the beginning. Rape, torture, and poisoned bodies that leave generational scars that will never heal.

War is a horror. Peace is the only viable alternative. Wasted Lives. This short story was previously published on Monday, May 28, 2012, as "Memorial Day (a Short Story).

Wasted Lives

" The grizzled old man arrived at his destination, his back hunched over and using a cane. He surveyed the scene before him with what combat veterans describe as the thousand-yard stare, a gaze that looks right through you, a look that says he has seen the horrors of war and that he cannot forget them some sixty years later. A vast sea of white lay before him. The Face Of War. Syrian Father Mourns. Bloody Syrian Baby. War Killed These Children.

Pentagon Admits To Secret Race-Based Testing. Up to 60,000 men were enlisted for a programme, declassified in 1993, to test mustard gas and other chemicals agents on US troops.

Pentagon Admits To Secret Race-Based Testing

But National Public Radio reported that the Pentagon has for the first time admitted that it grouped its test subjects by race as it believed African American and Puerto Rican US troops might respond to the poisonous gas different to white soldiers. Rollins Edwards, now aged 93, was among those covertly made use during the War War II tests. Agent Orange birth defects. Reliving Agent Orange. There are many ways to measure the cost of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War: in bombs (7 million tons), in dollars ($760 billion in today’s dollars) and in bodies (58,220).

Reliving Agent Orange

Century of Invisible War Trauma. Photo Credit: NEstudio / Shutterstock.

Century of Invisible War Trauma

Agent Orange Stories. The U.S. military sprayed about 19 million gallons of defoliants during the Vietnam War.

Agent Orange Stories

The chemicals — mostly Agent Orange — killed the jungle brush and denied the enemy cover, but also may have caused cancer and other serious medical ailments in millions of Vietnamese people and American service members. Jim Smith, 65, who served on the ammunition ship Butte, believes he’s one of them. Before he left for Vietnam in 1972, Smith remembers seeing a newsreel about Agent Orange. Agent Orange Awareness. The importance of this project: As a National Geographic photographer, I have covered many humanitarian injustices, but my heart is in Vietnam.

Agent Orange Awareness

Through my photography work with the Ford Foundation I became aware of current humanitarian issues associated with Agent Orange. Victims Sue Dow & Monsanto. Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims Sue Dow and Monsanto in US Court By Ngoc Nguyen and Aaron Glantz [The American war in Southeast Asia featured the most widespread use of chemical warfare since World War I.

Victims Sue Dow & Monsanto

Earlier, the British had resorted to chemicals in their colonies, Italy did so in Ethiopia, and Japan in China in the 1930s and 1940s. These were lethal chemicals where the Americans thought theirs were not. Iraq in the 1980s made the largest-scale known use of lethal chemical weapons in its Iran war and against its Kurdish minority.

True Cost Of War. Bombing Hospitals. President Barack Obama apologized to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on Wednesday for an airstrike on a hospital the organization ran in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

Bombing Hospitals

Twenty-two patients and hospital staff members were killed when American bombs hit the hospital late Saturday night. MSF President Joanne Liu acknowledged in a statement emailed to ThinkProgress that she received an apology from the president but reiterated demands for an independent investigation into the bombing. MSF previously stated that if Afghan and U.S. forced “decided to raze to the ground a fully functioning hospital” the action would be considered a war crime. I Am Outraged (Poem) How War Destroys Military Families. Stacy Bannerman is an elegant, but intense amplification of American conscience competing with a cacophony of cruelty and neglect.

How War Destroys Military Families.

In 2003, her husband, a member of the Army National Guard, was mobilized to fight in the Iraq War. She summoned the passion of her personal investment, along with the knowledge of her education – a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations – to act as a board member of Military Families Speak Out, the largest anti-war organization comprised of military families. For Each Death, A Hole In The World. Burn Pits Tied To Soldiers' Illness. In 2007, shortly after vice-president Joe Biden learned that his eldest son would be deployed to Iraq, the then-presidential hopeful turned to a modest crowd at the Iowa state fair and admitted that he didn’t want Beau to go.

Burn Pits Tied To Soldiers' Illness

“But I tell you what,” he said, his family lined up behind him. “I don’t want my grandson or my granddaughters going back in 15 years and so how we leave makes a big difference.” Beau arrived in Iraq the following year, and spent the next several months serving as a Jag officer at Camp Victory, just outside of the Baghdad airport, and Joint Base Balad, nearly 40 miles north of Baghdad. Though he returned home safely in September 2009, he woke up one day a few months later with an inexplicable headache, numbness in his limbs and paralysis on one side of his body. Beau had suffered a mild stroke. Amputations. Blood Diamonds.