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What Repealing Obamacare Would Mean for My Daughter, a Two-Year-Old Heart Transplant Recipient. Photo Credit: Joni Schrantz / YouTube Watching the results of the 2016 presidential election unfold, I was struck with the immediate fear that this will likely bring about the end of the tumultuous ride that was the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

What Repealing Obamacare Would Mean for My Daughter, a Two-Year-Old Heart Transplant Recipient

Obamacare is far from the solution to our complex health care system. We all have seen the projections regarding how much costs are going up—116 percent in Arizona and above 50 percent in six other states. I personally know several individuals and families who, given this hike in cost, are going to make the tough choice to take the penalty and live in the risky world of the uninsured, because they cannot afford their new rates. This is unacceptable and was the whole impetus behind the Affordable Care Act. The Truth About Bikes, Butts and Genitals: How Cycling Can Impact Your Sex Life.

Photo Credit: William Perugini/Shutterstock If you ever thought the damage caused by riding a bike was limited to a sore behind, there’s some bad news for you.

The Truth About Bikes, Butts and Genitals: How Cycling Can Impact Your Sex Life

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, spending too much time on a bicycle doesn’t just make your genital area sore, it can actually desensitize the whole zone. Texas family struggles to keep health insurance – and survive cancer. Dealing with two types of cancer, Linda Moore felt happy to live in Houston, home to one of the country’s top hospitals.

Texas family struggles to keep health insurance – and survive cancer

Then came a letter from her insurance company earlier this year. “I was quite sure I must not be reading it correctly,” she said. But she was: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas was indeed discontinuing her Preferred Provider Organization plan, meaning that continuing treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center is about to become alarmingly expensive. PPO plans give patients flexibility to choose almost any doctor or hospital without risking major financial penalties for going out-of-network.

How to Eat Healthy in a World Filled With Processed Food. Where Those Supermarket Pre-Prepared Meals Really Come From. Highway Robbery: Some Hospitals Charge Uninsured Patients 1000 Percent More Than Those With Insurance. If you’ve ever suspected that there are two sets of pricing standards at some hospitals in the United States–one for those with insurance and one for those without–then you won’t be surprised to discover that it is indeed true.

Highway Robbery: Some Hospitals Charge Uninsured Patients 1000 Percent More Than Those With Insurance

Even though charging patients without insurance more than the insured was made illegal by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is still taking place across the country. And one state in particular seems to be overrun with disparities in hospital bills: Florida. A study released this week shows that while non-profit hospitals are under the ACA mandate when it comes to what they are allowed to charge uninsured patients, for-profit hospitals are still overbilling for services at rates as high as 10 times what the insured pay. Top Donor for Trump Nominee Allegedly Leaned on Employees to Support GOP. A donor for Republican Representative Tom Price allegedly pushed employees to give money to support Republican candidates and causes.

Top Donor for Trump Nominee Allegedly Leaned on Employees to Support GOP

By Marisa Taylor and Christina Jewett - Kaiser Health News President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet pick Tom Price counts among his top contributors a Georgia company and its CEO, who sent managers an email demanding donations “IMMEDIATELY” to a political action committee supportive of GOP candidates and causes, according to documents reviewed by Kaiser Health News. The PAC was operated by Georgia-based MiMedx, whose CEO Parker H. Log In - New York Times. Log In Don't have an account?

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Sign up here » Facebook. Trump and RFK Jr.: A relationship made in anti-vax hell. Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn asks Twitter users what they think of Obamacare, discovers a lot of people like it. Twitter is not a very reliable tool for gathering accurate polling information, in large part because anyone can read your tweet and reply to it.

Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn asks Twitter users what they think of Obamacare, discovers a lot of people like it

This is a lesson that Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Republican from Tennessee, learned the hard way when she posted a Twitter poll asking her constituents if they’d support a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Of the 7,968 votes that Blackburn’s poll received, 16 percent said yes and 84 percent said no — meaning the overwhelming majority wanted to keep Obamacare. Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn asks Twitter users what they think of Obamacare, discovers a lot of people like it. Five Ways GOP Repeal of Obamacare is Taking From The Poor and Giving to the Rich. Photo Credit: On Friday in a town hall meeting in Washington, President Obama said he would be happy to replace Obamacare with a better program but said Republican critics haven’t proposed anything that would bring better results by any objective measure.

Five Ways GOP Repeal of Obamacare is Taking From The Poor and Giving to the Rich

“From the very start, in the earliest negotiations in 2009, 2010, I made clear to Republicans that, if they had ideas that they could show would work better than the ideas that we had thought of, I would be happy to incorporate them into the law,” the president said. No one likes “repeal and delay”: The GOP plan for Obamacare meets cross-ideological resistance. With the new Congress sworn in and Donald Trump just a few weeks from his inauguration, we’re stepping into the first stages of what promises to be a hellacious fight over the future of the Affordable Care Act.

No one likes “repeal and delay”: The GOP plan for Obamacare meets cross-ideological resistance

Republicans in Congress have been promising to “repeal and replace” the law ever since President Obama signed it back in 2010, and Donald Trump campaigned on that same promise. Meanwhile, Democrats on Capitol Hill met with Obama on Wednesday to steel themselves for the coming attack on the ACA and figure out how to make Republicans suffer politically for undoing the health reform law. Everyone will be at each other’s throats, and it’s going to get nasty. But there is one aspect of this looming fight that seems to draw broad, cross-ideological agreement: The Republican “repeal and delay” strategy for Obamacare reeks of political ass-covering and will only cause more problems. Democrats and liberals are obviously not down with this plan, which is to be expected.

Sen. Republicans’ Obamacare repeal plan will add $9 trillion to national debt, but that may not bother them. If Republicans use budget reconciliation to fast-track their repeal of the Affordable Care Act (colloquially known as Obamacare), they will have to accept a $9 trillion increase in the national deficit by 2026.

Republicans’ Obamacare repeal plan will add $9 trillion to national debt, but that may not bother them

By then, the national debt would reach $29 trillion. Kansas Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican with libertarian leanings, has already vowed to oppose the reconciliation plan on the grounds that the budget resolution will add so much to the deficit. The CDC’s Vaccine Quiz Tells You Which Vaccines to Get as an Adult. How to Know If You and Your Family Are Being Exposed to Lead. Two Words In An Email May Spell Certain Doom For Rick Snyder. Last weekend’s email dump proved beyond any doubt that Rick Snyder at the very least had reason to know that Flint’s water was contaminated well before he claims to have known about it. But late Wednesday, Progress Michigan got its hands on an email exchange that makes it certain that Snyder definitely knew about the crisis.

On February 17, 2015; Snyder emailed his executive director, Allison Scott, with a list of items to discuss at a top-level meeting later in the week. Read the email here. “Jarrod” is Jarrod Agen, Snyder’s chief of staff. John Walsh is Snyder’s director of strategy. 5 ways Bernie Sanders is leading the fight against Big Pharma’s unconscionable greed. This article originally appeared on AlterNet. Today in the U.S., pharmaceutical drugs are outrageously overpriced. These unfair prices are under widespread scrutiny for the first time, thanks in part to Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen.

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who has been vocal on the issue for years. Americans pay by far the highest prices in the world for their pharmaceutical medicines. Alarm over lead found in drinking water at US schools. Several schools across the US have either discovered or acted upon evidence of high levels of lead in their drinking water in the wake of the crisis in Flint, Michigan, with one leading expert warning the cases could mark “the tip of the iceberg”. Yanna Lambrinidou, who is an affiliate faculty member in science, technology and society at Virginia Tech, the university that helped uncover the extremely elevated levels of lead in Flint, said schools are especially vulnerable to contamination from ageing pipes, faucets and valves.

The full extent of the problem in America’s schools with lead, which can affect the brain and nervous system in both children and adults, is unknown. However, Lambrinidou said a slew of recent cases in which schools have shut off drinking water supplies, from New York to California, could signal a wider problem. » Big business funding of anti-science propaganda on health. Most readers are aware the fossil fuel industry finances the spreading of doubt about climate change science. But people are less aware of the role played by the “natural”/alternative health industry in promoting doubt about the science of health issues. Author Kavin Senapathy exposes one example of this in her recent Forbes article If You Doubt The Organic Industry Leads The Anti-GMO Movement, This Settles It. She describes how Joseph Mercola, of considered the most visited “natural health site”, is bankrolling propaganda opposing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Mercola has designated last week: ” “February 21–28 as GMO Awareness Week to help you learn more about the dangers of GMOs and instruct you on how to eat healthier, purer food.”

OCA is the Organic Consumers Association which is running campaigns opposing GMOs. Too many parents are blowing it: Kids need the nanny state to require the HPV vaccine. First, doctors aren’t recommending the vaccine strongly enough. The FDA now officially belongs to Big Pharma. This article originally appeared on AlterNet. 25 “facts” that really aren’t: You’ve heard them all your life and they just aren’t true. HPV rates drop 64% in decade since recommended CDC vaccination. Human papillomavirus (HPV) prevalence is down 64% since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended a vaccination for the sexually transmitted infection a decade ago, according to a study released on Monday.

CDC researchers said this is also the first time a study has shown evidence of the effect of the vaccination on women in their 20s, where prevalence decreased 34%, even though vaccination rates for HPV are relatively low in the US. Downton Abbey, Obamacare, and the Road to Socialized Healthcare. As the rightly acclaimed television series Downton Abbey unspools its final episode some fans have criticized the producers decision to devote so much time to a debate about the future of Downton’s Cottage Hospital. The show makes the issue mostly personal with delightfully snippy exchanges between Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham who speaks for a way of life that is passing, and her cousin Isobel, widow and daughter of physicians and trained as a nurse during WWI, who is the voice of modernity.

But underneath the repartee lies a serious and persistent issue: what should be the relationship of the community to the emerging age of a high tech, highly capitalized and highly specialized medical system? As Mary Kay Clunies-Ross, Senior Vice President of the Washington State Hospital Association, who has taken a keen interest in the show told me, “They’re asking the right questions. The Complicated Science Behind When Babies Are Conceived. Three Myths About Sparkling Water, Debunked. I was sure that legalizing aid in dying was the right thing to do. Then I met Bad Cripple. Snyder’s Complicity In Flint’s Water Crisis Reaches New Heights. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Agrees To Appear Before A Congressional Committee. The governor's spokesman spun the appearance as "an opportunity here that we can seize" to start a national dialogue on the state of our infrastructure.

Change the conversation, change the world Share this. Too many Flints to count: America’s infrastructure is rotting — and poisoning our children. Which country has the world's best healthcare system? Healthcare is a costly item in national budgets, but who gets the best value for money, and who the best outcomes? Why Americans Can’t Have Universal Healthcare Like Europeans. County Officials: Rick Snyder's Office Sat On Flint Lead Test Data. How the Flint lead crisis reflects America's water problem. Flint’s structural racism: This is why providing poisoned water to the city’s citizens seemed like a reasonable idea. A Potentially Toxic Chemical In Nail Polish Can Seep Into Your Body (VIDEO) A Root Cause Of Schizophrenia May Have Finally Been Found (VIDEO) The Science Behind Why Some Fruits Help Your Waistline (VIDEO) Breastfeeding Could Save More Than 800,000 Children's Lives A Year (VIDEO)

Brown On Kasich On Sebring’s Toxic Lead Problem. A new reason to give up soda: Your sugar habit may cause breast cancer. Erin Brockovich sounds a terrifying alarm on Bill Maher about nationwide lead poisoning: “F*cking greed” has sparked crisis. Top 10 Ways to Tame and Deal with Your Allergies. “Abandoned by the state”: How the Zika crisis highlights shameful blind spots in reproductive health.

Flint water crisis: Michigan officials ignored EPA warnings about toxicity. It’s Time to Stop Eating Bagged Salads. One sniff is all it takes: Scented household products may be hazardous to our health. The Revenge of the Poor, Betrayal of the Elite Now Leads to The Rise of Super Bugs. MIT scientist links autism to Monsanto's Roundup and predicts HALF of U.S. children will be autistic by 2025.

7 Ways Victorian Fashion Was Deadly. Soothe Heartburn With a Simple Baking Soda Concoction. Why You Shouldn’t Take Some Medicines With Grapefruit Juice. Michigan state employees in Flint got bottled water months before government acknowledged crisis. You really are becoming your mother: The science that confirms your greatest hopes and fears. How Drinking Too Much Soda Can Affect Your Body. MedNexus Is a Medical Search Engine with Actually Useful, Evidence-Based Sources.

House Committee Investigating Flint Crisis Will Call On Michigan Governor To Testify - 4 commonly prescribed drugs that may be more dangerous than Big Pharma is telling you. Flint water crisis: What's in that contaminated water. Snyder Sent Flint Emergency Manager To Poison Detroit School Children.

Disabled people are accused of using aids they don’t need – to cut benefits again. Michigan governor says environmental racism not to blame for Flint water crisis. Doctors Group Welcomes National Debate on ‘Medicare for All' US authorities distorting tests to downplay lead content of water. “It’s no longer just a ‘little-boy thing,’”: There’s a huge increase in ADHD diagnosis in young women. Flint Water Scandal: Time for Rick Snyder to Go. How Flint traded safe drinking water for cost-cutting plan that didn't work. The truth about Flint: Kids drank poisoned water because of the GOP’s radical, anti-democratic “reforms”

It’s not just a Flint problem: Other U.S. cities are suffering from toxic water. Ohio water system operator failed to notify public of unsafe lead levels. Flint Forces Families To Continue Paying For Poisoned Water. Rick Snyder Hires Out-Of-State Public Relations Firm With Secret Money. President Obama’s Veto Pen Just Killed The GOP’s Effort To Gut Clean Water Rules. A timeline of Flint's tainted water – interactive. The Flint Water Crisis: How an Entire City was Poisoned by the State. 'Ludicrous' as Flint Tells Residents: Pay for Poisoned Water or We'll Cut You Off. Announces Lawsuit Against Catholic Hospital System for Failing to Provide Emergency Medical Care to Pregnant Women. Psoriasis Tied to Major Depression. The Common Germ-Avoiding Tricks That Aren't Doing You Any Favors. Concussion expert says children shouldn't play football until they turn 18.

Corporate Health Care Giants Make Their Move. Bernie Sanders Calls Planned Parenthood Shooting A Consequence Of Republican Rhetoric. One in three two-year-olds in United States have not received all recommended childhood vaccines, study finds. Dailykos. CDC: STD Rates Skyrocket And Young People Are The Most Vulnerable. Why I Had My Babies With a Midwife Instead of a Doctor. This Chart Tells You When to Use Ice or Heat for Pain. Charlie Sheen reminds us that HIV is still around – but it's possible to live with it.

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Cancer. WORST fast food breakfasts revealed including Burger King and Carl's Jr. The schizophrenia spectrum: What the mental disorder could have in common with autism. Women-are-excluded-from-clinical-trials_n_8509434. A Letter to the Family of My ICU Patient  The most popular health plans? Socialist ones. No one told me about the loneliness, the emotional rollercoaster, and how to stay sane when I could only eat a spoonful of mashed potatoes. Americans Spend More on Health Care, But Fare Worse: Report. Mammograms not catching worst cancers before they spread – US study.