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ADVISOR: Expert Advice Since 1983. Ally Bank. America Saves. Annual Credit Report. Automate Monthly Rent Payment. Bankrate. Be Frugal Without Wasting Time. Cable Co's Force Box Rentals. Antenna + Tivo + Hulu + Netflix + Amazon is pretty much all anyone needs.

Cable Co's Force Box Rentals

For secondary TV that don't need live, just add a Roku. Paying by the show is the way to go, too. I bought a whole season of The Walking Dead for $35 bucks. To me that's way cheaper than the $130/month package I would need to watch it on cable. Now I am going to get a few of you saying, "Why pay at all! I am already sick of seeing a shiny 2013 Hyundai on The Walking Dead or listening to Booth tell Bones about the amazing navigation system in his new Toyota. I personally hold all of you pirates responsible for Honey Boo Boo. Catalog Choice. CFPB - Government Working For Consumers.

SOURCE: AP/Steve Helber Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray, center, listens to comments during a panel discussion in Richmond, Virginia, March 26, 2015.

CFPB - Government Working For Consumers

By Camille Galles | Tuesday, July 21, 2015 This month marks the fifth anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, which created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB. The CFPB is the only financial regulator solely dedicated to protecting consumers, and as of July 2015, it has helped return more than $10.1 billion to more than 17 million consumers tricked by deceptive financial practices. For years, critics have argued that the agency is too powerful. The CFPB protects Americans in the mortgage market The CFPB helps prevent consumers from being harmed, especially in the mortgage market. Cheaper Gasoline Prices. Choosing The Best Health Care Plan. Common Budgeting Mistakes. Complaining to FCC About Your ISP. Don't miss stories.

Complaining to FCC About Your ISP

Follow Raw Story! Internet customers who think they have a slow connection speed, billing concerns, equipment issues or think their Internet service provider (ISP) is violating net neutrality rules can now complain to the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC has updated a submission form on its website to address customer complaints now that the open Internet rules have become… Consumer Search. Consumer World. Credit Karma. Credit Sesame. Don't Say "I Can't Afford It" File Complaint Against Your ISP. Find Financial Blind Spots. Find Unclaimed Money. Find Unclaimed Property. Fix Or Replace Broken Product? Food Expiration Dates Mean Nothing. Get Best Deal On Prescriptions. Don't be afraid to ask the pharmacy for a better price, consumer advocates say.

Get Best Deal On Prescriptions

Get Rid Of Escrow Payments & Save. GO Banking Rates. How Credit Inquiries Affect FICO Score. How Long Items Stay On Credit Report. How Much To Spend On Rent? Insurance Questions Before Buying Car. Insure: Find Best Insurance. Insurify: Compare Car Insurance Companies. Kelley Blue Book - Car Values. Lifescript: Nationwide Doctor Review. Master Sticking to a Budget. National Do Not Call Registry. NOLO: Free Legal Info. Nonworking Spouse? Get Spousal IRA. Official Payments: Tax & School Fees. PRIVACY POLICY | Complaints | Legal Notices | Pay By Phone | Tax Professionals | About Us | Working With Official Payments | Sitemap Copyright © 2014 Official Payments Corporation.

Official Payments: Tax & School Fees

All Rights Reserved. Official Payments Corporation is a licensed money transmitter in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Official Payments is not required to be licensed as a money transmitter in Indiana, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, South Carolina or Wisconsin. $1 Billion Worth Of Unclaimed Refunds. Put 50% of Extra Income Into Savings. Reduce Bills by Just Asking. Refund Policies Encourage Spending. Renew Driver's License At AAA Office. Skip the Long DMV Line: Renew Your Driver's License at a AAA Office Instead (No Membership Required) If there's one way to get a visceral response from someone, it's bringing up the DMV.

Renew Driver's License At AAA Office

Regardless of the reason, whether it's the long lines, disgruntled employees, or just general inefficiency, I have yet to meet a single person who doesn't mind the trip. Image via Just look at all those happy faces. Unless you live in a rural area, DMV locations are almost always understaffed, which has a lot to do with those ridiculous lines. The laws vary quite a bit from state to state. The Future of DMV Transactions A few states are starting to offer self-service kiosks where you can perform DMV transactions without having to visit an office. Kiosks are also available in Delaware, Maryland and Tennessee. Rent Or Buy Home? Requesting Medical Records.

Seven Money Falsehoods. September 23, 2014 | Like this article?

Seven Money Falsehoods

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. When it comes to money, conventional wisdom may not be worth much. Seven Things To Do After Car Accident. A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, potentially causing serious injuries and leaving your vehicle worse for wear.

Seven Things To Do After Car Accident

While your insurance is designed to protect you against financial consequences that could break your budget, you could still end up on the hook for medical bills or car repairs if you’re not careful. Planning for the aftermath of an accident before it happens may seem pessimistic but it’s a smart way to protect yourself money-wise. Here’s a look at what steps to take if you’re involved in a collision. Find out now: How much life insurance do I need? 1. Single Stop USA. A new app in development could make accessing social services a much easier task for many Americans.

Single Stop USA

Single Stop, USA — a nonprofit that has served about 1 million households across the country — is changing how families in need are learning about and obtaining benefits. The nonprofit has helped low-income families access about $3 billion in existing public and private funds for a variety of programs — including food assistance, childcare, healthcare and financial aid for students — by providing in-person support in applying and receiving various forms of assistance. Six Finance Facts People Get Wrong. Sleep Product Reviews. SmartAsset. Student Loan Debt Taxed If Forgiven. Teach Your Kids About Money. Teach Young Kids Budgeting Habits Early. Three Thrifty Guys. What "Middle-Class" Really Means. Wise Bread.

Withdraw Retirement $ Early. Zillow: Find Home Values.