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Gloria Steinem Renews an Old Debate About Socialism and Feminism. In 1905, Eugene V.

Gloria Steinem Renews an Old Debate About Socialism and Feminism

Debs, the popular labor activist and Socialist Party leader, had a speaking engagement in Rochester, New York and went to visit the aging women’s rights pioneer Susan B. Anthony at her home there. They exchanged memories of their previous meeting; then Anthony took Debs’s hand and, with good humor, said, “Give us suffrage and we’ll give you socialism.” Debs’s good-natured reply was: “Give us socialism and we’ll give you the vote.” The exchange crystallized what has often been a less good-natured debate on the American left. Clinton has been counting on women’s votes to win the Democratic nomination and the presidency. But polls and election results reveal that the strategy isn’t quite working. It is easy to understand Steinem’s consternation. In 1969, there were only ten women in the House of Representatives (there are eighty-eight today) and one in the Senate (compared with twenty today). 6 Things a Feminist Woman Who Dates Men Should Look For on a First Date.

4 Things Men Are Really Doing When They 'Play Devil's Advocate' Against Feminism. Not A Feminist? 23 Ways Feminists Have Made the World a Better Place for Women. Women Are People. Feminism Is Important. Because. Where is your local Feminist Bookstore? Video: "My Choice" 12 Important Feminist Quotes That Crush The Patriarchy. 771 Shares Share Tweet Email.

12 Important Feminist Quotes That Crush The Patriarchy

Sorry, Fox Business Network, but feminists shouldn’t see Nancy Reagan as a “role model” Nancy Reagan lived her life glorifying women’s submission, so I suppose she’d be happy to know that Fox Business Network is using her death as an opportunity to bash feminism.

Sorry, Fox Business Network, but feminists shouldn’t see Nancy Reagan as a “role model”

Host Trish Regan went on a rant arguing that Reagan, who openly and unabashedly believed that a woman’s place was serving her husband, was somehow a better feminist than all those meanie women who think that women are equal to men. Pshaw, what kind of feminism is that compared to the “feminism” that treats women as appendages to their husbands? “With the passing away of Nancy Reagan, the world has lost a woman who was a great American, and a great role model for all of us, especially women,” Regan sneered, in full umbrage mode. Watch the female stars of “Hamilton” perform feminist quotes. Feminist Fatherhood. TheFeministBreeder - Where Edgy Feminism Finds Modern Motherhood. Feminists are the Majority.

Judge Orders Anti-Abortion Group to Cease Release of Secretly Recorded NAF Meetings In a victory for abortion providers under attack from anti-abortion extremist group Center for Medical Progress, a United States District Court judge issued a preliminary injunction ordering the group and its leaders to halt the release of several surreptitiously-recorded videos filmed illegally at National Abortion Federation meetings.

Feminists are the Majority

US Military Generals Support Women’s Inclusion in the Draft Just one month since opening combat roles to women, top US military officials have stated support for women's inclusion in the draft. Zika Virus Raises Need for Increased Access to Reproductive Healthcare As the Zika virus spreads, at least five countries have advised women to delay pregnancy, advice that many women’s rights advocates have criticized as unrealistic and offensive given restrictive abortion laws and the inaccessibility of birth control in many of the affected areas.

Taiwan Elects First Woman President. Feminists are the Majority. Fem 101. A Coloring Book Grown-Up Feminists Will Love. It’s no secret that coloring books for grown-ups are having a moment right now.

A Coloring Book Grown-Up Feminists Will Love

They’ve been called an “alternative to meditation” and some have sold millions of copies. Well, now adult feminists have a coloring book of their own, thanks to artist Grace Miceli. Miceli’s quirky feminist coloring book is exactly the artistic outlet we wish we’d had when we were 10—but are glad to have now. From Frida Kahlo to Mickalene Thomas, the 16-page book is filled with offbeat renditions of some of our favorite women artists waiting to come to life. In an interview with the Ms. When I started creating these coloring books back in 2012, I was mainly just working online and I was looking to connect beyond that … I appreciate the coloring book medium because it’s accessible and, at least for me, the physical act of coloring is extremely calming and relaxing.

Frida Kahlo by Grace Miceli Pop culture is the language I find myself communicating in most often; I’m a genuine fan of it. The Guerrilla Girls. Every 16-year-old in Sweden will get a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s feminist manifesto. Since 1986, the Nigerian naira’s relationship with the US dollar (and other foreign currencies) has been erratic, (un)predictable, violent and full of heartbreak and tears.

Every 16-year-old in Sweden will get a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s feminist manifesto

The built in dysfunction has also made a lot of people very rich. This piece seeks to trace the history of how Nigeria’s foreign exchange management became what it is to the point where the exchange rate of the naira has become a deeply political matter. The current debate continues to be around whether or not Nigeria should devalue the naira. But what if devaluation is the answer to a non-existent question? Bearing Witness: Feminists must step up for climate justice.

The environmental movement was never my movement.

Bearing Witness: Feminists must step up for climate justice

I grew up in a part of the country where we recycled and composted before it became more mainstream, and where you could buy “green” just about anything. Yet listening to presentations on green fashion and chemical-free cosmetics, I had the distinct impression that this movement cared more about saving paper than it did about saving people whose lives were regularly at stake in the here and now.

So I dismissed it and turned to feminism. And during the decade since then, feminism has never steered me back. It’s brought me to learn about all sorts of other intersections that women experience — police brutality, immigration, reproductive justice — thanks in large part to the tireless work of women of color. The fight for climate justice is the most intersectional issue you will find: if we fail, every single one of us will be affected.

Join us and follow along with #BearingWitness. This Week's Edition Of Why We Still Need Feminism. It's often said that feminism was necessary once upon a time, back when women weren't allowed to own property or vote, but that we've reached equality now.

This Week's Edition Of Why We Still Need Feminism

Sure, jerks may still exist here or there, but the real battles are behind us. Congratulations, ladies! We live in a post-sexist society! Except, of course, we don't.