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Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has overwhelming public support, despite being battered by repeated political attacks.

Endangered Species Act

According to a new national poll by Tulchin Research, 90 percent of American voters support the act—impressive results in an era of partisan strife when it’s hard to get Americans to agree on anything. The poll also revealed that 68 percent of voters are more likely to vote for a member of Congress who supports environmental safeguards like the ESA, the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Plus, nearly three-fourths of voters believe decisions about which species should or should not be protected under the ESA should be made by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists, not by Congress. Unfortunately, some members of Congress are acting out of step with the American public. Republicans Weaken Endangered Species Act. The Republican Party’s war on nature rolls on.

Republicans Weaken Endangered Species Act

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held hearings on Wednesday to discuss legislation that would weaken the Endangered Species Act, according to The Washington Post. These hearings occurred even as the House Natural Resources Committee is considering an outright repeal the bill, with Committee Chairman Rob Bishop claiming that its main reason for existing is “to control the land.”

Senate Republicans argue that the bill violates states’ rights and property rights, as well as limits economic growth in drilling, mining, and agriculture. The Endangered Species Act, which was passed in 1973 as a way of protecting animals and plants in danger of extinction, was described in congressional testimony by Defenders of Wildlife CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark as very successful.

Endangered Baby Dolphin Dies. A baby dolphin died after visitors to Santa Teresita beach in Argentina pulled it from the water last week to take selfies.

Endangered Baby Dolphin Dies

The Argentine Wildlife Association (AWA) issued a statement on the endangered species, as activists and animal rights groups expressed outrage. Franciscana Dolphins Are An Endangered Species Native to South America, Franciscana or La Plata dolphins are unique and are the only river bred dolphin that also inhabits saltwater. Less than 30,000 remain in Argentina, Ugaray, and Brazil. Franciscana dolphins have greasy skin that holds warmth and causes dehydration when exposed to the open air. Leave Dolphins In Their Habitat. Sumatran Rhino. Sumatran Rhino & Calf. Mexican Gray Wolves Increase In Wild. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — There are now more Mexican gray wolves roaming the American Southwest than at any time since the federal government began trying to reintroduce the predators nearly two decades ago.

Mexican Gray Wolves Increase In Wild

The annual survey released Friday by the U.S. Birds Going Extinct. A visit to the California Academy of Sciences, located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, speaks volumes about the disaster that has befallen birds with the spread of humanity.

Birds Going Extinct

A maze of narrow corridors in the scientific collections leads an explorer to the Ornithological Collection. 15 Rare Species. 1.

15 Rare Species

The Emperor Tamarin Two words: HOLY MUSTACHE. Image by Kevin Barrett/Flickr. Only Wild Jaguar -U.S. (video) Environment group warns against reducing manatees' endangered status. A US government move to downgrade the conservation status of manatees and green sea turtles is premature, an environment group has warned, despite encouraging signs that both species are recovering.

Environment group warns against reducing manatees' endangered status

Vulnerable & Endangered Species List. Great White Shark Returns To Atlantic. Beachgoers in Cape Cod made headlines this year by taking action that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago and rushing to the aid of several stranded great white sharks.

Great White Shark Returns To Atlantic

Northern White Rhino Died. On Sunday, zookeepers euthanised a 41-year-old rhino who was suffering from a painful bacterial infection at the San Diego zoo safari park.

Northern White Rhino Died

Zoo animals perish all the time – and this one died largely of old age – so why is this worthy of global news? Because the rhino, a female named Nola, represented 25% of her subspecies’ global population. Puget Sound Orcas. The annual July tally of endangered Puget Sound orcas is complete, and researchers have counted 81 whales, including four babies born since last winter.

Puget Sound Orcas

Researchers tracking the southern resident killer whales have photo confirmation of each whale and nobody is missing, said Ken Balcomb, a senior scientist with the Center for Whale Research who keeps the official census of Puget Sound killer whales for the federal government. Rhino Horn Ban. Two South African game owners went to court Tuesday to fight the government's ban on the trade in rhino horn, arguing that legalising the market is key to curbing poaching. John Hume and Johan Kruger are attempting to overturn South Africa's 2009 moratorium on the domestic trade in rhino horn, a measure put in place to stem burgeoning poaching numbers.

But with the rhino poaching epidemic only getting worse—2014 saw a record 1,215 rhino killed for their horn—breeders say selling legally harvested horns could stifle the lucrative black market trade. The two game breeders will try to convince the High Court in Pretoria that it is their constitutional right to sell rhino horn, what they describe as a renewable resource. "A rhino in South Africa since the implementation of the moratorium is worth in money more dead than alive," said Izak du Toit, a lawyer representing Hume, who owns over 1,000 rhino at his farm. South Africa is home to around 20,000 rhino, or 80 percent of the world population. Snow Leopard. Two 4-month-old Snow Leopard sisters, named Malaya and Daania, made their public debut October 7 at Brookfield Zoo.