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Consumer Protection

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CARFAX: Research Vehicle Histories. Companies Curtailing Right To Complain. Photo Credit: Tashatuvango/Shutterstock Customers may unknowingly sign away their right to free speech by accepting the terms of service without reading the fine print.

Companies Curtailing Right To Complain

To prevent consumers from posting negative reviews, some companies are slipping non-disparagement clauses into contracts. If users post bad reviews online, even accounts that are completely truthful, they could be sued for violating the terms of these so-called agreements. Companies do have the right to sue people for disparaging reviews if they are false. The issue at hand is whether a company can sue a client for posting a negative review that is true. Recent Cases in the News Kendra McConnell, a resident of Arizona, posted a review on Yelp after having her car repaired at Premier Coach Works in El Mirage. "I was very upset that I would have to take time off, research, and find a lawyer to represent me because I was acting out my freedom of speech," McConnell told KPHO. New Legislation Aims to Protect Consumer. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Consumer Watchdog.

Fair Trading Act (1986) Family Watchdog. General Mills Begins Labeling GMOs. General Mills will start labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in all its food products, thanks to Vermont's impending GMO law and the failure of the 'voluntary labeling' law in U.S.

General Mills Begins Labeling GMOs

Congress this week. "We can't label our products for only one state without significantly driving up costs for our consumers, and we simply won't do that," wrote General Mills U.S. retail chief Jeff Harmening in a post to the company's website on Friday. "The result: Consumers all over the country will soon begin seeing words legislated by the state of Vermont on the labels of many of their favorite General Mills food products.

" The company, which manufactures huge North American brands like Betty Crocker, Yoplait, and Cheerios, among others, now joins Campbell's as one of the major food companies in the U.S. to support mandatory GMO labeling, and ends its own long history of standing against similar laws throughout the country. How Companies Turn Your Facebook Activity Into a Credit Score. DEAUVILLE, FRANCE - MAY 26, 2011 : Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Press conference at the summit G8/G20 about new technologies - Deauville, France on May 26 2011Photo Credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Nicole Keplinger, 22, had long seen ads on Facebook promising financial relief, but she always ignored them and assumed that they were scams.

How Companies Turn Your Facebook Activity Into a Credit Score

Keplinger was drowning in student debt after obtaining a worthless degree from the for-profit Everest College, whose parent corporation, Corinthian Colleges Inc., had recently collapsed under accusations of fraud and predatory lending. But when an offer arrived in her e-mail inbox in April—“Cut your student loan payment or even forgive it completely!” —she thought it seemed more legitimate than the rest, so she called the number. The person on the other end was aggressive. National Fair Housing Alliance. Privacy: Virtual Credit Card Numbers. Returns Without Receipts? Search Hotel Room For Bed Bugs. Seven Things To Do After Car Accident. A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, potentially causing serious injuries and leaving your vehicle worse for wear.

Seven Things To Do After Car Accident

While your insurance is designed to protect you against financial consequences that could break your budget, you could still end up on the hook for medical bills or car repairs if you’re not careful. Planning for the aftermath of an accident before it happens may seem pessimistic but it’s a smart way to protect yourself money-wise. Here’s a look at what steps to take if you’re involved in a collision. Find out now: How much life insurance do I need? 1. The first thing you want to do when an accident happens is make sure everyone is okay. 2. Even when an accident seems relatively minor, it’s still a good idea to get the authorities involved. When you’re completing the report, it’s important to be as accurate as possible and include every detail you can remember. 3. Unless you’re seriously injured, you should try to document the accident as soon as it happens. 4. SimpliSafe. “No installation, no annual contracts, very smart.”


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Sleep Products Safety Council. Student Loan Debt Taxed If Forgiven. Test Driving Used Car.