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Climate Change

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More terrifying than Trump? The booming conspiracy culture of climate science denial. Back in December 2015, Donald Trump gave a 30-minute live interview to the website and its combustible leader, Alex Jones.

More terrifying than Trump? The booming conspiracy culture of climate science denial

“Your reputation is amazing and I will not let you down,” said Trump, who, at the time, was leading in most polls for the Republican presidential nomination. Jones, a fervent Trump supporter, is a conspiracy theorist writ large. He insists there is “iron clad” evidence that the 11 September terrorist attacks in the US were an “inside job”. Jones has also said that in 1996 governments deployed a worldwide program to secretly put chemicals into the fuel of aircraft to poison people.

These “chemtrails” don’t hurt the “globalists” though, because Jones says they have a “special detox”. Oh, and Jones also thinks climate change is a hoax. While it’s easy to dismiss the conspiracy culture pushed by Jones as pseudoscientific rubbish, it is not so easy to dismiss the size of the audience he has been building. One example. Breitbart is also building its audience. Climate change denial in the Trump cabinet: where do his nominees stand?

As Donald Trump assembles his cabinet, one consistent theme has emerged: many of his nominees have expressed doubt about the science of human-caused climate change.

Climate change denial in the Trump cabinet: where do his nominees stand?

“We’re seeing an unprecedented amount of influence from the fossil fuel industry in Trump’s cabinet,” Jeremy Symons, who works on climate politics for the Environmental Defense Fund, said. Republicans reject climate change fears despite rebukes from scientists. They have bloviated about carpet bombing, bickered about walls, and waxed anti-Muslim and -migrant, but over more than 16 hours of debate, the Republican candidates for president have almost entirely ignored what most of the world fears most: the rising tides and temperatures of climate change.

Republicans reject climate change fears despite rebukes from scientists

Last week, Fox News moderators asked only one question relevant to climate change, about whether Florida senator Marco Rubio would support regulation to lower emissions. Rubio said he would not: “I do not believe that we have to destroy our economy in order to protect our environment.” This is what climate change denial looks like. A climate change denier and his young earth creationist sidekick have won the Oval Office in 2016, a year that will almost certainly go down in infamy as the hottest year in the modern climate record.

This is what climate change denial looks like

Rather than write about the global effects, CNN has teamed up with naturalists and photographers from all corners to show the world what climate change looks like now, and to give us a glimpse into our collective future if we don’t take it more seriously as a nation and a species. The new president-elect and his running mate would be well advised to examine those images. They’re perfectly suited even for those with poor attention spans and no scientific education. Why Climate Change Is the Biggest Threat to National Security.

United States paratroopers airborne infantrymen in action in the desert Photo Credit: Getmilitaryphotos/Shutterstock The following is an excerpt from the new book The Madhouse Effect by Michael E.

Why Climate Change Is the Biggest Threat to National Security

Mann & Tom Toles (Columbia University Press, 2016): The most unfortunate part of the societal debate over climate change has been the ease of imagining a warming climate as an essentially unthreatening occurrence, the status quo. “Global warming” sounds almost pleasant. Like a day in springtime. This response is entirely understandable. No country on Earth is taking the 2 degree climate target seriously. Here are 9 industries that are cashing in while we do nothing about climate change.

Despite the fact that 98% of climatologists accept manmade climate change as a fact, almost a quarter of Americans still believe that climate science is junk science and that global warming is a grand hoax.

Here are 9 industries that are cashing in while we do nothing about climate change

Major oil companies have poured a lot of money into fueling climate skepticism. But while Big Oil wants to keep the public fooled, the major players in the industry, like Exxon and Shell, know better. They also stand to profit handsomely from a hotter planet. And they are not the only ones. Manmade climate change, caused by the burning of fossil fuels and the resulting widespread emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, may be a catastrophe for most humans and non-human species, but for a select group of industries, global warming represents just another opportunity to make money.

There is a New Form of Climate Denialism to Look Out For – So Don't Celebrate Yet. After the signing of a historic climate pact in Paris, we might now hope that the merchants of doubt – who for two decades have denied the science and dismissed the threat – are officially irrelevant.

There is a New Form of Climate Denialism to Look Out For – So Don't Celebrate Yet

But not so fast. There is also a new, strange form of denial that has appeared on the landscape of late, one that says that renewable sources can’t meet our energy needs. Oddly, some of these voices include climate scientists, who insist that we must now turn to wholesale expansion of nuclear power. Global Temperatures On the Rise 2015. 2015 was the hottest year for global surface temperatures in recorded history, scientists with NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced on Wednesday.

Global Temperatures On the Rise 2015

The findings, concurrently produced by separate NASA and NOAA analyses, also revealed a notable increase in temperature since the last warmest year on record, 2014. Scientists said that the difference, 0.23 degrees Fahrenheit, had only been that high once before, in 1998. Related: 2015 Was the Second Hottest Year on Record in the U.S. While 0.23 might not seem like a noteworthy change, it is significant in the broader timeline of changing temperatures. Obama's carbon reduction plan under attack from 24 states and Republicans. Twenty-four states have filed lawsuits against Barack Obama’s rules for cutting carbon pollution from power plants, the first wave of a much-anticipated legal and political onslaught against his climate change plan.

Obama's carbon reduction plan under attack from 24 states and Republicans

The challenge filed on Friday asked a federal court in Washington DC, to strike down the power plant rules, thus gutting the heart of Obama’s climate plan. John Hoeven, a Republican Senator from North Dakota, said on Friday he would introduce two separate resolutions challenging the rules for new and existing power plants. Scientists Are Making Stronger Links Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather. Photo credit: Kristian Bell—Getty Images/RooM RF By Justin Worland.

Scientists Are Making Stronger Links Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather

The winter that wasn't. We expect mild winters here in the south. Maybe that’s why so many conservatives in or from Dixie, including the ones that know better, find it so easy to downplay global warming. But because of a phenomenon now well underway, Alaskan conservatives are probably finding it harder and harder. There will be bedlam: The global energy crisis is only just beginning. Three and a half years ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) triggered headlines around the world by predicting that the United States would overtake Saudi Arabia to become the world’s leading oil producer by 2020 and, together with Canada, would become a net exporter of oil around 2030.

Overnight, a new strain of American energy triumphalism appeared and experts began speaking of “Saudi America,” a reinvigorated U.S.A. animated by copious streams of oil and natural gas, much of it obtained through the then-pioneering technique of hydro-fracking. “This is a real energy revolution,” the Wall Street Journal crowed in an editorial heralding the IEA pronouncement. The most immediate effect of this “revolution,” its boosters proclaimed, would be to banish any likelihood of a “peak” in world oil production and subsequent petroleum scarcity.

Understandably enough, the stunning increase in North American oil production in the past few years simply wasn’t on their radar. A War of Attrition. Robin Hood in Reverse: Climate Change Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich. A warming climate is exacerbating global inequality by pushing critical natural resources, such as fish stocks, away from impoverished equatorial regions and making them more exploitable by the wealthy, according to a study released on Wednesday. While the gap between the rich and poor in the U.S. and worldwide has expanded at a mind-boggling pace in recent decades, the new study, designed by scientists at Princeton, Rutgers, Yale, and Arizona State, shows that the frightening speed with which the globe is warming will only compound the economic trend. The study looked specifically at fish to better understand the phenomenon. "We tend to think of climate change as just a problem of physics and biology," Malin Pinsky, professor of ecology and evolution at Rutgers explained to Rutgers Today.

"But people react to climate change as well, and at the moment we don't have a good understanding for the impacts of human behavior on natural resources affected by climate change. " The heat goes on: Earth sets 9th straight monthly record. Photo credit: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration via AP By Seth Borenstein The January figures are in, and Earth’s string of hottest-months-on-record has now reached nine in a row. Open thread for night owls: Exxon prepared for climate change while discrediting climate scientists.

Bill McKibben at The Nation writes— Exxon Mobil has used climate science to prepare for its future while simultaneously discrediting it: Here’s the story so far. We have the chief legal representatives of the eighth- and 16th-largest economies on Earth (California and New York) probing the biggest fossil-fuel company on Earth (ExxonMobil), while both Democratic presidential candidates are demanding that the federal Department of Justice join the investigation of what may prove to be one of the biggest corporate scandals in American history. And that’s just the beginning. Portending a Very Hot 2016, January Eviscerates Global Temperature Record. Last month was the hottest January the planet has experienced since record-keeping began nearly 140 years ago, new data released by NASA on Tuesday confirmed—and not by just a little. January's global average surface temperature during was 1.13º Celsius (or 2.3º Fahrenheit) above historical averages, according to the data.

Making the single-month record even more troubling, as Andrew Freedman notes at Mashable, is that January also capped a three-month period of record-shattering warming, making it much harder to claim that the spike in January represents a fluke. Supreme court to block Obama's sweeping climate change plan. 7 smarter ways to talk about climate change. By Amelia Urry, Grist's associate editor of science and technology People are not very good at talking about climate change, not even climate activists — or so says Norwegian psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes. How big oil spent $10m to defeat California climate change legislation. Thirty-Second Video Shows The Terrifying Reality Of Global Warming. Climate Change Now Top Security Threat AND Top Economic Threat - GOP Ignores It. For some time now scientists and the military – and even some enlightened politicians – have been warning that climate change is our top national security threat.

Now it’s also being called our top economic threat. Do 97% of Scientists Really Agree on Climate Change? Nope. It’s More Like 99.9%, Says Expert. Thank you for your interest in Patheos newsletters! Hundreds of Scientists Speak Up to Support NOAA Climate Research. Hundreds of experts have signed two letters thanking NOAA administrator Kathryn Sullivan for continuing to stand firm against House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith’s attempts to politicize climate science. Chairman Smith recently issued a subpoena for all NOAA records related to an important climate change study he doesn’t like. The subpoena includes demands for scientists’ emails, peer review comments, and other deliberative materials, the disclosure of which could intimidate scientists and chill scientific speech.

Exposed: Academics-for-hire Agree Not to Disclose Fossil Fuel Funding. As Climate Talks Begin In Paris, Will Human Greed Or Human Ingenuity Prevail? How the US started to break its fossil fuel addiction – 12 steps in 50 years. Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About Climate Change by the Mid-1980s—and Denied It. TPP: A Sweetheart Deal for Corporations, a ‘Disaster’ for People’s Rights. Jane Goodall Wants To Save Us (And Her Beloved Chimps) From Ourselves : Goats and Soda. Water too warm for cod in US Gulf of Maine as stocks near collapse. The GOP’s war on security: How their climate denialism endangers us all. 4 Reasons Climate Change Affects National Security.

Climate Change Is Killing People Around the World and It's Only Going to Get Worse. The Extreme Weather-Warming Connection. Busted: 3 myths about Obama's climate plan. Global warming deniers are an endangered species. Oil companies deny that joint climate pledge is lip service. Exxon's climate lie: 'No corporation has ever done anything this big or bad'. It’s far worse than it sounds: Climate change is making our winters shorter. An Interactive Map Shows Sea Level Rise Where You Live.

Monsanto To Cut 2,600 Jobs As World Rejects Its Products And Practices. Climate could create the next refugee crisis. Scientists warn that without action nations won’t reaching carbon goal to stop climate catastrophe. Climate Change Linked To Devastating Texas Floods. Climate change triggering 'historically unprecedented' glacial ice melt.

Global warming worsened the California drought, scientists say. How Climate Deniers Are Creating the Nightmare They Most Fear. Scientists Seek Prosecution Of Climate Change Deniers Under RICO Statutes. The Horror We Face From Rapid Global Climate Change. July was the hottest month in Earth’s hottest year on record so far. Climate change 'triple threat' increases severe flooding risk in biggest US cities. Western Europe Shatters Temperature Records During Multi-Day Heat Wave. NOAA: Hottest May, Hottest Spring, Hottest Year-To-Date On Record By Far. The Next Decade Will Decide What the World Looks Like for Thousands of Decades to Come. Study: We're Already In The ‘Worst Case Scenario’ For Sea Level Rise.

Drought Is Just the Beginning of Our Frightening Water Emergency.