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"Education is the kindling of a flame not the filling of a vessel."

Online Courses - Anytime, Anywhere. Top 10 Tools for a Free Online Education. “Extremely inappropriate”: The Supreme Court and the sneaky plot to kill affirmative action. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Fisher v.

“Extremely inappropriate”: The Supreme Court and the sneaky plot to kill affirmative action

University of Texas at Austin, a case that, many experts say, could lead to the destruction of affirmative action at public universities as we know it. Even if you’re not much of a Court-watcher or civil rights buff, you probably saw something about it in the news; it was during oral arguments that Justice Antonin Scalia wondered aloud if African-American students might be better served on “a slower track.” As the New Republic’s Brian Beutler observed, Scalia’s comment wasn’t quite as bad as you may think (it wasn’t good, mind you, but it wasn’t as bad as some of his critics have suggested). But Scalia’s remark, and the outrage it inspired, was nevertheless representative of how volatile are the issues at the heart of the Fisher case.

American politics is often about the legacy of white supremacy — and often concerns how that legacy should be atoned for — but rarely is the subtext so in-your-face. Who is Fisher? Yes. Supreme court ruling against affirmative action would be 'devastating' – activists. In late 2013, student frustration at the University of Michigan over the decline in the school’s black student population boiled over, when activists launched the “Being Black at the University of Michigan” (BBUM) campaign.

Supreme court ruling against affirmative action would be 'devastating' – activists

Black enrollment at the institution has dropped from 7% in 2006 to about 4.5% this year. And despite race-neutral efforts to recruit minorities, African American students on campus say the school’s recruitment of minorities has fallen short since the state banned affirmative action through a ballot initiative in 2006. Why Beauty Schools Are A Rip Off For Many Graduates. In order to cut, color, and style hair, an aspiring stylist has to get licensed — almost always by attending a beauty school.

Why Beauty Schools Are A Rip Off For Many Graduates

But those schools come with a high cost that doesn’t guarantee very high wages for those who graduate. Looking at data from the Department of Education’s gainful employment website, which collects paycheck information for graduates of higher education programs, David Wessel of the Brookings Institution found that average earnings for cosmetology school graduates are pretty dismal. Among 671 cosmetology programs across the country, graduates’ average earnings at 80 percent of them were below $15,000 a year. Graduates of most programs, or 60 percent, earned between $10,000 and $15,000. Meanwhile, those from just six could expect to earn more than $20,000 a year, while just one program produced graduates earning above $25,000.

CREDIT: Brookings Institution Tuition for these schools nearly matches the low pay graduates can expect when they leave. The rise and fall of Corinthian Colleges and the wake of debt it left behind. By the time the Department of Education temporarily shut off the flow of student aid money to Corinthian Colleges Inc, one of the largest for-profit college companies in the country, 20 state attorneys general, several federal agencies and the department itself were investigating the sprawling chain.

The rise and fall of Corinthian Colleges and the wake of debt it left behind

Still, the regulators didn’t see the final implosion coming any more than the students did. In response to the department’s move, which was supposed to be just a 21-day hold last month, Corinthian announced that it would likely fold, leaving around 72,000 students out of their time and tuition, and the American taxpayer potentially on the hook for $1bn in federally-backed loans. Shocked, the DOE stepped in again, this time to supervise an orderly liquidation of the Corinthian’s college brands, the Everest, Heald and WyoTech schools. The department released $16m in student aid money to keep the schools open. The rise and fall of Corinthian Colleges and the wake of debt it left behind. The Online College That's Helping Undocumented Students : NPR Ed.

Federal law does not prohibit undocumented students from enrolling in college, but it does something nearly as effective, banning them from receiving government aid.

The Online College That's Helping Undocumented Students : NPR Ed

In recent years, though, some undocumented students have stumbled upon a little-known, nonprofit online university that doesn't charge tuition and doesn't care about students' legal status. University of the People certainly got the attention of Miguel Angel Cruz. The 27-year-old entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico a decade ago. He settled near Tampa, Fla., where he now shares a small trailer with his father. Cruz learned English and earned his GED. 6 surprising health benefits of hemp seeds. This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

6 surprising health benefits of hemp seeds

Among the many benefits of the legalization of marijuana would be eliminating any lingering confusion about the legality of its close relation (read, basically the same plant), hemp. While the possession of industrial hemp, also known by its botanical moniker, Cannabis sativa, has never been illegal, the growing of industrial hemp was illegal until the recent passage of the 2014 Farm Bill. The hemp that is mostly illegal, with the exception, at this writing, of four states and the District of Columbia, the kind of hemp you smoke, put in brownies, and usually have a good ol’ time after imbibing, contains a high concentration (three percent or more) of THC, the ingredient that induces the familiar Rocky Mountain high. Industrial hemp, on the other hand, has a very low concentration of THC (under three percent) and consuming it in any form won’t give you a buzz.

That doesn’t make it worthless though. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Free online courses from the world's best universities. Puzzles and Brain Teasers. 99 Common Photography Problems (and how to solve them) As well as being one of the most expensive hobbies around, photography is also one of the more technical pastimes you can pursue.

99 Common Photography Problems (and how to solve them)

But it doesn’t have to be confusing! We’ve spoken to numerous experts over the years, as well as photographers like you, who may either be just starting out or have been taking pictures for a while but keep encountering the same nagging problem. Making the grade in Massive Open Online Courses - CNET. Internet service providers are getting a new option called that can extend the lifespan of existing copper phone lines yet again.

Making the grade in Massive Open Online Courses - CNET

DSL was one of the first widely adopted technologies for bringing high-speed Internet access to homes and businesses, but it hasn't been the fastest. That's all changing. CFPB Sues ITT Tech For Allegedly Exploiting Students, Pushing Predatory Loans. YouTube EDU. iPad - iTunes U. StraighterLine. Open Culture. VideoLectures. Italki: Learn a language online.

Academic Earth - Free Online Courses. Library Spot. UC Berkeley Video and Podcasts for Courses & Events. National Geographic - Inspiring People to Care About the Planet Since 1888. Free Online Course Materials. WiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions. Athena - Engage Your Mind. BetterPhoto. Featured Programs. Exploring Constitutional Law.

Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Summer Semester 2014. Quote-Socrates. OverDrive: eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries · OverDrive: eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries. The Fall of K-12 and the Rise of P-16. Don’t Make These Common Higher Education Mistakes. SOURCE: AP/Gregory Bull Students walk on their college campus, June 2011.

Don’t Make These Common Higher Education Mistakes

By Antoinette Flores | Monday, July 13, 2015 There is a strange disconnect happening in discussions about college prices. On one hand, there are stories and data illustrating how low- and moderate-income families are experiencing ever-growing living costs in the face of stagnant wages, including the rising price of college. On the other hand, there are arguments that the actual out-of-pocket price of college is quite low or even free for the lowest-income students. For-Profit Colleges Get Rich By Sinking Students Into Debt. Butch Hancock, one of Austin's finest singer-songwriters, grew up in the Texas Panhandle, out among dryland farmers and strict fundamentalist Christians.

For-Profit Colleges Get Rich By Sinking Students Into Debt

Butch once told me that he felt he'd been permanently scarred in his vulnerable teen years by the local culture's puritanical preachings on sexual propriety: "They told us that sex is filthy, obscene, wicked, and beastly-- and that we should save it for someone we love. " Today, America's higher education complex approaches students with the same sort of convoluted logic that guided Butch's sex education: "A college degree is the key to prosperity for both you and your country, so it's essential," lectures the hierarchy to the neophytes.

"But we'll make it hard to get, and often not worth the getting. " Touted as a necessity, but priced like a luxury, many degree programs are mediocre or worse--predatory loan scams that hustle aspiring students into deep debt and poverty. A little ancient history. Screw U LOBBYISTS. CANDIDATES. Thousands of American Students Find it’s Cheaper to Get a Good University Education in Germany than in the U.S. With the cost of higher education skyrocketing in the United States, many young Americans have opted to attend college in Germany. Instead of paying $30,000 to $50,000 annually in tuition and fees at American private universities, students can attend German institutions—including some of the best the country has to offer—for only a few hundred dollars a year. One example is Technical University of Munich (TUM), “one of the most highly regarded universities in Europe,” according to the BBC News, where a U.S. student pays only $120 a semester in fees.

The fee includes a ticket that allows free public transportation anywhere in Munich, and student health insurance is less than $90 a month. With College's Price Tag on the Rise, Democratic Candidates Aim for 'Debt-Free' Higher Education. States across the country continue to reduce their public investment in education. With that in mind, Democratic presidential candidates are tackling the question of how to make college affordable (again) for American students. (Shutterstock) TalkOrigins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy. Welcome to the United Nations. Stacking The Deck Against Student Loan Debtors. By Alan Pyke "How A Private Company Stacked The Deck Against Student Loan Debtors" After two decades of work, the company tasked with collecting payments on government-financed student loans from borrowers who declare bankruptcy has helped create a system that treats student debt far more harshly than other borrowing.

Student Loans Till You Die! College For Free? The cost of higher education is inflated due to our current funding model. Countries all around the world provide higher education at affordable costs. Image: Tax Credits The cost of higher education is spinning out of control for American students. But what if there were a way to provide affordable public education, perhaps even for free (If that’s what you’re into)? Photography Classes Online: Have a photography pro at your side - online, all the time! Italki: Learn a language online. Forum Network. PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. Infoplease: Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, Biographies, Dictionary, Thesaurus. Free online reference, research & homework help.

UC Berkeley Video and Podcasts for Courses & Events. Education. National Geographic - Inspiring People to Care About the Planet Since 1888. Open Culture. Learn. Collaborate. Innovate. Take online courses from top Universities and educational institutions through NovoEd. Online Language Courses - Free Thru Your Local Library. Teach Yourself Everything. Livemocha - Free Online Language Learning - Free Lessons Online. Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free. Memrise. Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards. Open Education.

Udacity. Coursera. Online College Courses That Fit Into Your Degree Program. ACADEMIC EARTH - Free Online College Courses. Ancient Egypt Online. Athena - Engage Your Mind, Expand Your World. Eternal Egypt. Harvard@Home. Library Spot. Medical History of American Presidents. This website tabulates the illnesses of American Presidents and other notable people. Both laypersons and physicians will find it interesting. To get started, read Why do this? Caveats Because facts matter, I have been scrupulous in citing references. That is not enough, however, as I now believe that writing accurately about any President's medical history is impossible unless primary sources are thoroughly examined. Statemaster - US Statistics, State Comparisons.

US History.