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My Greedy Want List

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435_TVtank.jpg (JPEG Image, 435x326 pixels) Gotta catch a bunch of 'em. Compact House for your Backyard. Lovebirds Wall Sticker. Add some nature-inspired charm to your home with Ferm Living’s Lovebirds Wall Sticker. This modern wall sticker adds new style to any room and can be applied in only seconds. Stick the Lovebirds Wall Sticker to any wall, ceiling, or piece of furniture, and watch as the look of your room is instantly transformed.

Material: Self-adhesiveDesign by Trine Andersen Overall: 40"w x 14"h (1) Ferm Living Lovebirds Wall Sticker Small Parcel (FedEx/UPS) One year warranty against manufacturer's defects Ferm Living Lovebirds Wall Sticker. Ring Lamp - Tron Inspired Lamp by Loris Bottello. TRON Lamp, Need I Say More? It’s obvious what inspired this. I want it. I want it bad. The TRON Lamp uses bioluminescent polymers to emit the kind of glow Hollywood spent millions of dollars in Special FX. The light intensity can be set by rotating the disk. Designer: Loris Bottello. Knife Locker by Min Seong Kim. Lock Thy Knife and Throw Away the Key Wait a minute there is no key involved here in the Knife Locker. Apparently the knife itself is the key. It locks into position with a 270-degree counterclockwise turn and kick starts the UV sterilization process.

Ready for the next use, bright and shiny! That sleek house will look good on any kitchen counter, what do you think? Designer: Min Seong Kim. Senzo Nightlight by Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia. Nightlight Simplified With Touch The Senzo Nightlight is a very sweet intuitive light that is fitted on the wall, 80 centimeters above the floor. This specific position is so that both children and adults can touch it conveniently in the darkness. Let me explain, at night if you don’t have the lights on, you usually reach out to feel for the walls to get your bearings and then move forward.

Fingertips skimming the walls till you reach the door, that’s the inspiration behind this design. So as you walk past touching the tube, a soft lighting follows you. To make it more than just a nighlamp, the designer duo have added another useful feature to the Senzo. Designers: Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia. Electromagnetic Paper Recycling System by Mohsen Saleh. Don’t Shred Your Paper – Disappear Your Ink! Take a peek at this, paper shredder that doesn’t shred – this is the electromagnetic erasing system.

The idea for this project came to the designer from observing the destructive effect of electromagnetic radiation on color pigments. Scary! This project aims directly at utilizing electromagnetic radiation in a fully controlled reaction inside a machine to break all bonds of color pigments that absorb only a particular range of the electromagnetic spectrum. What’s that mean? Maybe… reusable paper? The designer notes that the only way this system would work would be to have those CMYK pigments that would be utilized in a way that their absorption band is different from the paper they’re printed on. Designer: Mohsen Saleh.

Smile Switch by Zhou Yide, Euphe Mo, Hang Zhou & Christine Liu. Simple Smile Can Set Things Right “Simply use the emotional expression to remind and educate users to turn off the light.” This one line says it all….moreover the cute switches create the desired impact of reminding us to conserve. I guess this is another angle to Product Design: to be instinctive without being preachy! The Smile Switches won a Liteon Award this year. Designers: Zhou Yide, Euphe Mo, Hang Zhou & Christine Liu. In & Out Door by Jeon Hwan Soo. Push-Pull; Tug Of War Is Over! Sticker industry may get a setback because their “Push” and “Pull” stickers may soon get redundant. The In & Out Door solves the problem of indicating push or pull on doors by making the door handle intuitive. On the “push” side, there is a flat panel and on the “pull” side there is a handle. Instinctively you know which side of the door opens which ways, and you get crowned as a super genius!

Hold on, there is more to the working of this design and SADI (Samsung Art & Design Institute) student Jeon Hwan Soo explains his case quite effectively in his renders. Designer: Jeon Hwan Soo. Retractable Tape Cord by Ho-Tzu Cheng. Super Flat and Retractable Cord River Cheng a.k.a. Ho-Tzu designed this super-flat retractable extension cord to prevent tangles. The slim structure of the cord is possible thanks to the use of polysiloxane (a silicone polymer). All you need to do is give it a gentle tug, and it’s back to the house. Retractable Tape Cord is a 2010 Red Dot Concept Design Award Winning Project. Designer: Ho-Tzu Cheng.