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End Gum Disease With Gum Regrowth Products - Find Home Health. Receding gums inflammation may have different causes. Some examples of this are: brushing with a tooth toothbrush, a mental disorder or a condition such as anxiety or diabetes. However, the most important perpetrators are the bacteria that clog in the edges between the teeth and the gums. In this article, you will read the effective remedies and gum regrowth products to End Gum Disease naturally, also some most common factors that cause the gums to ignite, bleed, swell and even fall out.

Cause 1: Toothpaste In almost all cases, plaque is the main source of inflammatory gums. Dental plaque is usually 1-2 mm below the tooth tissue, and also between the rear waist. A toothbrush is hardly reached these areas. Cause 2: Toothbrush If dental plaque is not removed in time, it will neutralizer to tartar after a few days. Cause 3: Wrong toothpaste/ mouthwash It may sound remarkable, but the use of some mouthwashes and toothpastes can result in gum recession. Cause 4: Dry mouth Cause 6: Smoking.