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Art and design Benchmark thinking 4. New National Curriculum 2014: Opportunities for arts and culture? The latest in the Schools Forum series explored what’s required by the new National Curriculum, and how it offers the potential for advancing and enriching the arts and culture offer.

New National Curriculum 2014: Opportunities for arts and culture?

By Greg Klerkx September marks a huge change for schools across England as the government’s new National Curriculum begins to take hold. At the first AND Schools Forum of 2014, held on 29 January at Sadler’s Wells, 35 teachers from schools across London gathered to explore what the National Curriculum actually says about the arts – and how it might open new opportunities for schools to create a richer, more innovative arts offer. Curriculum Models from 1991 to the draft 2013 model. National curriculum in England: primary curriculum. This is the statutory primary national curriculum, including programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects at key stages 1 and 2, except languages which are only studied at key stage 2.

National curriculum in England: primary curriculum

These must be taught in all local-authority-maintained primary schools in England from September 2014. The statutory primary national curriculum is issued by law; you must follow it unless there is a good reason not to. The individual programmes of study for key stages 1 and 2 are also available for each subject: Teachers should note that in the 2014 to 2015 academic year, pupils in years 2 and 6 should be taught the pre-2014 programmes of study in English, mathematics and science. These pupils will sit the current key stage 1 and 2 tests respectively. Further information about the pre-2014 primary curriculum is available on the National Archives. Schools are not required by law to teach the example content in [square brackets] or the content indicated as being ‘non-statutory’.

The value of arts and culture to people and society An evidence review TWO. NSEAD Assessment Framework KS1 2. Nsead art craft and design educator survey report 2014. Too few pupils develop creativity through confident drawing. An Ofsted report launched today looking at art, craft and design education in schools and colleges has found that after getting off to a confident early start, pupils’ progress slowed during primary school and was no better than satisfactory at the start of secondary school.

Too few pupils develop creativity through confident drawing

The report, ‘Making a mark: art, craft and design 2008-2011’, shows that weaknesses in the teaching of drawing have not been addressed since Ofsted’s last report. Too few pupils developed creativity through confident drawing. Limited provision for teachers’ professional development meant that less than a quarter of teachers surveyed participated in subject-specific training in the year before their inspection. Only 2 out of 5 primary schools and 3 out of 5 secondary schools provided good or better education in art, craft and design, the main short coming with the remainder being inconsistency in provision.

Ofsted Director of Education, Jean Humphrys, said: Art, craft and design education: making a mark. NCCD – Opinion. Every year at The National Centre for Craft & Design we host an exhibition called Class of..., showcasing the abundance of graduate talent and creativity from some of the UK’s leading colleges and universities.

NCCD – Opinion

Our Class of 2014 exhibition is due to open on Sat 11 Oct in our Roof Gallery space. But how do we select who to exhibit and what can you expect to see? Find out more with our Head of Exhibitions, Bryony Windsor: How do we decide who to exhibit in the Class of... exhibitions? Every year our curatorial team selects work from New Designers, London to showcase at The National Centre for Craft and Design. What do you look for when you are selecting makers to exhibit? We search out artists demonstrating innovation in design, concept and quality of making. Why visit Class of 2014? ISA 1305201 (web) Annual Report 201314. Allourfutures. Warwick commission final report. Art craft and design professional development materials. Drawing%20together. Art craft design subject specific guidance Feb 2013. Art and ICT.

STEM. HKIEd Research Repository: Hui, A. N. N., He, M. W. J., & Ye, S. S. (2014). Arts education and creativity enhancement in young children in Hong Kong. Educational Psychology, 35(3), 315-327. Paradigm arts. START 01. Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity. TheCasefortheArtsinSchools. Aston 20Fence 20Junior 20and 20Infant 20School 20 20good 20practice 20example.