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Offshore Web Developer is a full-service offshore development company offering dedicated resource hiring solutions across different technology and service verticals.

Why Flutter Will Shape Mobile App Development for Good. If you trace the evolution of mobile app development, it isn’t tough to predict its future- not in absolute terms but a vague picture can definitely be portrayed.

Why Flutter Will Shape Mobile App Development for Good

It starts with native application development that uses distinct tools and technologies to create distinct applications for distinct platforms. Though superior in quality, it is cumbersome and sucks up a lot of time and resources. What Can You Learn From Uber Health for Your Health App? Being one of the prominent riding partner in the world Uber has literally shaped a new age of how people commute in their daily lives and has been a phenomenon around the globe- some directly and some inspiring others to follow its footsteps.

What Can You Learn From Uber Health for Your Health App?

And though we were all drooling over its purported flying taxis and self-driving cars, it’s recently introduced a more practical service-Uber Heath. It allows hospitals, rehab centers, and virtually any kind of healthcare institution to book rides for their patients up to 30 days in advance. Here is Why You Must Integrate Chatbot on your Insurance App. Yes, you read it right- chatbots in insurance apps.

Here is Why You Must Integrate Chatbot on your Insurance App

But aren’t those bots used for answering trivia questions, finding the nearest coffee shop, traffic updates, or hundreds of those other mundane tasks? What use do they have in a serious business like insurance? Well, more than you may realize. If you think about it, insurance is a business that completely relies on data- data of previous customers, data of prospective customers, data about markets, and lots and lots of calculations.

And who do you think is better at collecting, modeling, and analyzing data- humans or bots? Advantages of iPhone Application Development for Your Business. With billions of smartphone users and almost every service having found its way to mobile apps, we are long past the need to explain the utility of these applications for users as well as businesses.

Advantages of iPhone Application Development for Your Business

Here we will keep our discussion limited to the latter. Now, to utilize any application, the first thing you need to do is built it- either by yourself or by hiring professional developers for the task. But before you get to that point, there is a preliminary choice to make- which type of application? Unless you are still living caves (in which case, how are you even reading this!) , you must know that the entire mobile market is fragmented into two rival camps- iOS and Android, each running on billions of devices and backed two of the most valuable brands on the planet. While here we won’t be delving into explicitly comparing the two platforms, for it deserves a separate discussion, we can at least tell you what you as a business have to gain if you choose to take the iPhone route. Top 5 Java Web Frameworks in 2018. From web applications and IoT to enterprise applications and mobile apps, you can’t possibly point to any domain of software development where Java doesn’t have at least some level of influence.

Top 5 Java Web Frameworks in 2018

In fact, there is hardly any language comparable to Java when it comes performance, flexibility, and more importantly, the perfect fusion of both. With millions of Java developers globally, and a majority of them using it for web applications, it is also essential that the development efforts be supplemented by equally robust tools to bring down the development time and improve quality. Java is fortunate in this regard as well. It is supported by a large matured community and also has ample corporate backing to provide it with some of the most sophisticated tools, libraries, and frameworks that make the task of developers easier at each step.

Here are top 5 Java web frameworks in 2018. Substantial Introduction of Machine Learning by Core ML in an iOS App. Ignore the technical details- Japan released the world’s fastest supercomputer in 2002 that clocked 35 Teraflops.

Substantial Introduction of Machine Learning by Core ML in an iOS App

It cost a staggering $900 million. Fast forward 15 years, nVedia released its fastest GPU that clocked 110 Teraflops. It cost $3000. The point? The rapid evolution of technology- it makes even the most groundbreaking achievements of any time seem dwarf just a few years down the line. Is Banking App Secure? Here is a Checklist and Few Tips to Ensure it is. When you tell people that they have their bank account in the pocket and can carry out all sorts of transactions in a few clicks, you will get two kinds of responses- excitement and nervousness.

Is Banking App Secure? Here is a Checklist and Few Tips to Ensure it is.

Contrary as they may seem, both are actually valid responses. Excitement because it lends users the liberty to bank 24/7 with utmost convenience. Hiring Offshore Developers? This is What Your Company Needs to do to be Ready. No matter the domain or the scale at which any business operates, it is almost certain that they have some kind of digital infrastructure to manage.

Hiring Offshore Developers? This is What Your Company Needs to do to be Ready

From extensive suite of enterprise applications that large corporations deploy to the humble website of any small business and everything in between, there is now a digital component attached to every organization that few of them have the technical proficiency to manage. And though such tasks can be easily outsourced to offshore developers, some points can be considered before any concrete decision. We can partition them into four categories- each of them reflecting a crucial phase. Cyber Security: From IoT to ICO and Beyond, 2018 is a Turning Point. How would you feel if you are told that the majority of enterprises today are incapable of keeping their IoT networks secure?

Cyber Security: From IoT to ICO and Beyond, 2018 is a Turning Point

And we are not talking about some bulletproof system, they aren’t even proficient enough to secure themselves against known vulnerabilities. Everyone remembers WannaCry and other high profile leaks at Yahoo and Uber but few actually realize that virtually every network around the globe- even the one you are using now, is no different from them. In fact, some security researchers go as far as saying that “if you are online, you are already hacked.

Google Clips: A Not So Smart Camera. When Google announced Clips late last year at its Pixel 2 launch event, no one was really sure what they should expect.

Google Clips: A Not So Smart Camera

And now that it’s been launched, the situation hasn’t changed much. Let’s first try to understand what this gadget really is- it’s not an always-on camera. It is not an action camera like GoPro. And it’s not a security camera as well. Has Java Increased Our Expectations in 2018? When it comes to the tech development, Java often stands out as an exception- a good exception. Since the domain is known to evolve rapidly, rarely you will find a language as old as Java is and yet command so much influence as much as Java does. If you remember using feature phones, the applications of them were built using Java- the same way millions of Android applications are built today. And it’s not just about mobile phones, from full-scale enterprise applications to tiny modules in IoT devices, Java is everywhere.

The best view comes after the hardest climb, Find out what Java Technologists predict about its foray in 2018: Before we get into the specifics, it is worth noting that there are basically two opinions on how the future of Java will fare. Cross-platform App Support Rests between Web and Low-Code Development. These are strange times in the field of application development. As businesses delve deeper into digital space, whether for customer outreach or in-house operations, having mobile applications has become a necessity than an option. And even if we put aside the customer-oriented measures- which is a matter of separate debate, the conflict of the platform remains for enterprise applications as well. Your Guide to Choosing Offshore Development Service Partners. As businesses delve deeper into digital space, they face a common three-fold problem- They can’t avoid but resort to more sophisticated and powerful technologiesIt is tough to find professionals proficient in those technologies, andEven if they do, they are quite expensive and risk draining time and resources from the core business operations.

While the first problem should be rather treated as an opportunity that comes with its own set of benefits if correctly implemented, there is a way around for the latter two- offshore development services. Call it the global village phenomena or simply, an interconnected world, the boundaries of office space have long collapsed to the point that employees working from home seem primitive.

Businesses can now hire employees from the other face of the earth to work on their projects. The Future of Cross Platform Apps: React Native. With billions of potential customers online, primarily on mobile devices, the incentives to have a mobile app couldn’t be any higher for any business. The problem, however, is that building a mobile application is a very cumbersome and expensive task- at least that’s what many believe.

And there is some truth to that belief. Especially, if we talk about native applications that require high expertise, months of development time, and the most important- repetition of efforts for different platforms. MEAP - Strategy That Makes Enterprise Mobile App Development Incredibly Easy - IT Firms. 5 Reasons How Artificial Intelligence Can Enrich Website Development. At a time when internet technology has been rapidly evolving, web development seems to have gone out of the loop. If we put aside the graphical features and improvements in the server response, website development has remained the same over the last decade. Now, here is the problem- while websites aren’t evolving much, the consumer’s behavior is changing at a faster rate.

Why You Should Consider App Redesign to Increase Conversion Rate. Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms and is also seen as one of the most innovative ones. It keeps introducing cool new features and has recently gone through a complete redesign- the first since its initial release in 2011. Why You Should Consider App Redesign to Increase Conversion Rate.

How Blockchain Is Crucial For E-Commerce Security. As the retail industry falters with the rise of online space, eCommerce has emerged as the biggest beneficiary. In fact, some outlets like Business Insider has termed it the ‘retail apocalypse.’ Except for one major difference- eCommerce is a very peculiar business, with a much different business model than the stores you find around the street. Even if we put all the complexities aside, two of their goals invariably standout- 1. Excellent user engagement; 2. Seamlessly handling the financial complexity behind the scene. Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises. Creating mobile apps is a very complex task, not just in terms of the myriad of technologies involved but also the scale at which they have to be implemented with utmost precision. Top 5 Mobile App Development Platforms for Enterprises. 5 Machine Learning Frameworks for Creating Intelligent Apps.

Even the most casual followers of technology have realized by now that AI is rapidly expanding to all domains of technology, and mobile applications are perhaps the first ones to be invaded. The latest trend is that regardless of the coolest and most elaborate features, your app is irrelevant if it doesn’t learn from user behavior and offers custom solutions. . Important Tips for Creating IoT Applications. Yes, you heard it right. IoT devices have outnumbered mobile devices and computers combined and are expected to reach anywhere in the range of 30-50 billion by 2020.

How to Get Your Staff Onboard with Your New App. Getting an app developed is a very elaborate and complex process that takes endless cycles of planning, dedication and technical efficiency but even such endeavors aren’t nearly enough to make an app successful. How Joomla Web Development Services Improve Your Business? Technologies these days aren’t merely a tool for convenience or for a broader reach-out, but a way for businesses to reflect themselves on their existing and potential customers.

Why Considering PHP for Enterprise App Development is a Good Idea. New Samsung Leaks Suggest Consideration of Galaxy S9 Mini. After so much being spoken and talked about the upcoming Samsung release, Galaxy S9, some of the latest leaks suggest that there may be a smaller surprise waiting for the users alongside S9 package. We are talking about a smaller version of the flagship model S9. The Mini S9 is expected to hit the market soon, as per the Samsung leaks.

Samsung has done this in the past with Galaxy participants including the Galaxy S5 Mini, S4 Mini, S III Mini and A-series Galaxy smartphones like A3 Mini. So, if the company plans to go with the same strategy, it won’t surprise many. How to Increase Efficiency in Your Logistics Company using Mobile Technologies. It won’t be an overstatement if we call logistics and mobile solutions a match made in heaven. Logistics, on one hand, has a wide range of operational components spread over different geographical regions while mobility, on the other hand, is built from the ground up to mitigate those same challenges with minimal infrastructural needs. Reliable Tips to Boost Your Web App Speed. Why Your Employees Need to Be in Control in A Mobile World. How to Use Cloud Solutions for Business to Save Time and Money. Progressive Web Apps- The Next Mobile Experience. 4 Things to Consider Bore Employing Remote and Mobile Workforce.

How to Reduce the App Size for iOS and Android. Why Should You Migrate to Amazon Web Services. Everything You Need to Know About Agile Transformation. Laravel vs Symfony vs Yii: What is The Best PHP Framework? Top 5 Latest Enterprise App Development Trends You Need to Adopt. 5 Security Strategies You Need to Know When Employees Work Remotely. Mobile App Ideas to Improve Your Transportation Services. How to Pick the Target Audience for an eCommerce Store. Android Vitals is Here to Boost Mobile App Engagement.

Quick Tips to Build Successful App for Your Business. How You Can Make Mobile Apps Futuristically Marketable. Measuring Technology ROI for Your Small Business. Cost Analysis for Hiring Freelance vs. In-House Software Developers. 7 Enterprise App Features to Boost Employee Engagement. Magento vs. WordPress: Comparing Two Top Content Management Systems. Important Questions to Put Before You Hire a WordPress Developer. 5 Common Mistakes Front-End Developers Should Avoid. Why Should You Hire Dot Net Developer from Offshore Web Development Company? Five Reasons Users Hate Your Mobile App - Blog for Latest News & Updates. Creating Customizable Apps without a Single Line of Code.

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