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Officenet is best Cloud based HR and Payroll Software India.

Key HR Trends for the year 2020. As we are into the 2020 workplace, where the rapid pace of change is the new constant in the world of work, HR professionals from every industry will face challenges.

Key HR Trends for the year 2020

They must focus their attention on the people management and human element of human resources in order to continue providing engaging and exceptional work experiences for their people. The scope of human resources has expanded and evolved with simultaneous changes in how organizations function, how teams are managed, and how employees set their expectations when it comes to working.

We will see a major shift in how HR policies reflect their changing workforce with unique skills and disparate requirements. These are the HR trends that are likely to transform the workplace in 2020. 1) Employee Experience Platforms Nowadays employees expect a lot more than just a good pay package and an ideal work environment. 2)AI in Recruitment 3)Data Analytics 4)Continuous Performance Management. Social Distancing – Why it is a must to beat Covid-19? The most used word in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic would probably be social distancing, a term that has seen as a 100-fold rise in Google searches.

Social Distancing – Why it is a must to beat Covid-19?

With COVID-19, the goal of social distancing right now is to slow down the outbreak in order to stop or prevent the rate and degree of sickness transmission and reducing the chances of infection among high-risk populations which will eventually reduce the burden on health care systems and workers. Social distancing is a public health practice that aims to prevent people who are contaminated with illness-causing pathogens and the individuals who are not sick from coming in close contact with each other in order to reduce opportunities for disease transmission. Social Distancing – The only medicine/solution available for now. Ways HR can support remote employees. The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented changes for many organizations.

Ways HR can support remote employees

With the drift towards remote work, the benefits of allowing employees to work from home extend to employers as well as employees, as employers can limit or eliminate office space and save costs on everything starting with office utilities. But with remote work mode, we are also seeing new tendencies arise, such as employees feeling less connected with themselves and managers. Various research shows that employees who work remotely tend to be happier compared to their peers who have less work flexibility, but they can be unhappy if they don’t feel connected with their team. It is important that we look at how HR can make sure that employees maintain their sense of connection in the process. Employees might miss out on the below aspects by working remotely: 1)Social connection with teammates.

How HR Automation Software Streamlines Your Business. HR automation is a system of processes that connects the HR department to the information required digitally.

How HR Automation Software Streamlines Your Business

HR automation software has been developed to ease the strain on HR departments and free up some of their valuable time from monotonous tasks so that they can focus on employee-centered activities and improve the company’s workplace. It has different names including, HRIS (Human Resource Information System), HRMS (Human Resource Management System), HR solutions, HR software – the list goes on. How Officenet is responding to COVID – 19? Due to the rapid geographical spread and outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19, organizations are facing numerous challenges ranging from the health and well-being of employees to disturbance in the supply chain and from working capital deficiencies to finish conclusion of activities.

How Officenet is responding to COVID – 19?

Organizations across the world are coming together finding innovative ways to limit disruptions to supply chains and economies and minimize the impact on public health. In the Current scenario, As the number of cases of novel coronavirus rises firms are placing staff well-being ahead of productivity issues amid COVID lockdown. Twitter. Automate all your HR Process via HR Payroll Software. Automation refers to the process of using mechanized workflows to perform operations with minimum human intervention.

Automate all your HR Process via HR Payroll Software

The introduction of automation in HR can lead to a decline in the number of employees who are involved in mundane and repetitive tasks, such as the role of an HR generalist plus an increasing amount of HR employees will focus on handling more strategic roles, such as analytical functions and get more involved with other organizational activities. Ensuring that HR automation fits correctly into current processes and brings about a productive change, it is crucial to pick out the right functions to automate in the first place.

Managing the payroll and processing payments manually is a time-consuming process with a high chance of generating errors. With automation, payroll management is now realizing drastically reduced process times, higher cost accuracy, and improved data protection. HR Software Types: Cloud Based, HRMS, HRIS, HCM. With the current need and updated technology, Human Resource( HR) is experiencing a great makeover these days.

HR Software Types: Cloud Based, HRMS, HRIS, HCM

It is not a new thing that every organization, be it big or small scale all require an HR management system to organize their data and business. Name anything: payroll, leave management, travel expense management, attendance management, work report, etc, everything is managed by HR Software. Best cloud-based hr software is used by the companies for effective management and easy administration. How HRMS Software can decrease Manpower and business Expense. What is the primary requirement for a business to run?

How HRMS Software can decrease Manpower and business Expense

Cloud Based HR Software India - Officenet.