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Heartway Aviator Scooter. Pride C-11 Wing back Riser Chair. Luxerious comfort and sophisticated style The C11-Wingback comes a standard with interchangeable Accenet panels, which go with the 5 unique colours the C11 comes with.

Pride C-11 Wing back Riser Chair

The C11 is a single motor rise and recliner from the ‘Pride Lift Chair’ range. It features a 3-position lift mechanism, 18 stone weight capacity and a wing back headrest for increased support and comfort. The Pride C11 Riser reclining chair, is very much a chair that can fit into any house hold being a mid range chair, The C11 has the best of both worlds, fantastic value and style that you can personalise with not only fabric choice, but with interchangeable wood and fabric panels. . . Back width: 48.25 cm (19″) Seat width: 47 cm (18.5″) Seat to floor: 42 cm (16.5″) Top of back to seat: 67 cm (26.5″) Seat depth: 49.5 cm (19.5″) Cosi Comforter Elite Large Rise and Recline Chair. The level of comfort offered by this Elite riser-recliner chair becomes even more important for those with a bariatric condition.

Cosi Comforter Elite Large Rise and Recline Chair

Theres an Elite model to suit every shape and size – the superb 35 stone capacity provides those all essential levels of support and comfort. The double motor enables you to achieve a truly comfortable position for watching television before reclining the back. And when it comes to standing, the Elite provides you with all the support you need to rise from the chair. 5 Year Guarantee There’s an Elite model to suit every shape and size - the superb 35 stone lifting capacity is perfect for bariactric users, providing great supprt and real comfort. More colours are available please contact us 01582 413718 Large Specification: Seat height - 53.5cm / 21'' Seat width - 66cm / 26'' Seat depth - 53.5cm / 21'' Weight limit - 35 stone / 227kgs.

Rascal Liteway 6. The Rascal Liteway 6 Mobility scooter.

Rascal Liteway 6

This revolutionary new product is the first truly transportable 6 mph scooter. The two battery packs weigh no more than those on a traditional travel scooter and the frame splits to allow the scooter to be easily loaded into most cars. Roma Medical Shoprider Lyon. The Shoprider Lyon mobility scooter is a good all round scooter that will give you everything you are looking for in a scooter,with a massive 21 stone user weight its ideal to be used in all shopping centres and shops with ease.

Roma Medical Shoprider Lyon

"Call Us on 01582 413718 For the best price avalable” A newly designed medium sized mobility scooter from the company which brought you the Shoprider range. The Lyon is available in red and a very attractive grey colour; will accept users up to 21 stones; comes with 34 amp batteries as standard but will accept up to 50 amp batteries for greater range. It has a comfortable rotating, sliding and height adjustable seat and with its multi-position tiller (handlebar) the user can achieve a very comfortable driving position.

Front and rear lights together with a front basket completes the package. Cosi Ambassador Large Riser Chair. The Cosi Ambassador Riser recliner chair is a unique dual motor riser/recliner chai.r, which incorporates the maxi comfort TM technology with its zero gravity seat position.

Cosi Ambassador Large Riser Chair

This helps spread your weight throughout the seat base and backrest. The three pillow waterfall backrest can adapt to suit your needs as each pillow has a zip to enable you to add or remove padding to ensure a high level of comfort/support Available in three sizes small, medium and large to ensure the best fit for your needs. The ultimate in comfort is yours at the touch of a button. * Maxi Comfort TM technology * Smart Tek * Arm rest covers * Removable back rest * Quick-release hand control * Magazine pocket * Battery back-up (power failure) * Modern styling and design * Optional Heat and Massage * Optional Leg rest extension * Optional Head rest pillow * Optional Castors (lockable) Rascal P327/XL PowerChair. The Rascal P327 powerchairs from Electric Mobility are built to last.

Rascal P327/XL PowerChair

Employing the latest in design innovation and heavy duty technology, the P327s meet the needs of the most demanding lifestyle. With coil spring suspension, comfort seating and mid-wheel drive, the P327s from Electric Mobility deliver utmost manoeuvrability and the smoothest ride possible. The P327 powerchairs deliver performance on every level. The 327XL offers a superior weight capacity and extra seat width if required. TGA Mystere 8mph. The Mystere is a traditional mobility scooter from TGA designed to be capable of being used for long journeys including on roads.

TGA Mystere 8mph

Stable and comfortable to use, it is also one of the most affordable full-sized 8mph scooters that we are able to offer. Key features: • Basic 8 mph scooter • Traditional appearance • Stable and reliable • Long range. Roma Medical Shoprider Sovereign 4. The Shoprider Sovereign 4 is a well-known scooter that has proven itself as a reliable performer.

Roma Medical Shoprider Sovereign 4

Released over a decade ago, it is one of the biggest selling and most popular scooters in the UK as a result of its simplicity and convenience. Designed for pavement use, the Sovereign 4 comes with large 10 inch wheels to provide a smooth ride, while the scooter is sturdy and stable. The range of 20 miles is more than sufficient for everyday use, and an overnight charge will leave the Sovereign ready to go the next day. A handy front basket can be used to carry shopping, while other helpful features include a front headlight and a wing mirror to assist with visibility. Comfort is ensured with a seat that can be height adjusted, as well as adjusted forward and backwards.

The Sovereign 4 is suited to those after a reliable scooter for use on pavements, who want a trusted model that has been proven over a number of years. Drive Easy Rider. The Easy Rider mobility Scooter has been designed to make a statement, we believe it’s evident at the very first glance.The Drive Easy Rider scooter has a striking new design, stunning instrumentation and offers precise handling which must be experienced to be appreciated.

Drive Easy Rider

The distinctively designed tiller is an unmistakable reference to some of the leading designs in the Motorcycle Industry. The Easy Rider scooter was designed to exude pure sportiness; the eye catching model is complimented by the alloy wheels and their impressive, dynamic 5-spoke design.The Easy Rider is a uniquely designed 8mph scooter that includes all the tried and tested benefits of the Drive range of mobility scooters. This easy to operate vehicle provides state of the art performance and will give years of dependable service. Shoprider Cadiz Class 3 Mobility Scooter. The Shoprider Cadiz is a highly affordable full-sized mobility scooter.

Shoprider Cadiz Class 3 Mobility Scooter

With a top speed of 8 mph, and offering full suspension, the Cadiz is capable of being driven on roads. The Cadiz is ideal for those looking to drive on roads, and who require an affordable scooter capable of managing this. As a full-sized scooter, it boasts an 8 mph speed, as well as a range of 20 miles. This can be extended by taking up the option of higher capacity 45 Amp batteries, which allow the Cadiz to travel further on a single charge. Suspension to both the front and rear wheels cushions the right, and combines well with the pneumatic tyres to ensure the comfort of the user. Cosi Medina Riser Recliner Button Back Chair. Medina Riser recliner chair is the new dual motor riser recliner chair in the Cosi Chair range. Available in three sizes and a choice of a Button or Waterfall back rest all at one price British built British Design & Craftsmanship - Made in the UK. 5 Year Guarantee ask for details The Medina Cosi Chair is a superbly comfortable dual motor chair with pocket sprung chaise seating and a soft fibre filled backrest.

The independent control of backrest and footrest functions through the simple hand control enables any user to find their desired seating or reclined position for maximum comfort. More colours are available please contact Customer Services on 01582 413718 or have a look at the pcitures Small Specification: Rascal WeGo 250 Portable Wheelchair Powerchair. Rascal WeGo 250 Pushing a manual wheelchair can be tiring especially on hills. Powered by its battery pack the Rascal WeGo 250 puts you in complete control as the delta-style handlebars allow the carer to manoeuvre with ease compaired to a traditional style attendant electric wheelchair.Pushing a manual wheelchair can be tiring.

Let the innovative WeGo Powerbase take the strain leaving you able to enjoy days out with a loved one. Powered by its battery pack the WeGo puts you in control – the delta style handlebars allow you to manoeuvre with ease. No more aching arms or back, just let the WeGo take over, so both you and your passenger enjoy a great day out together. Cosi Ambassador Small Riser Chair. The Ambassador Riser Recliner Small Chair is a unique dual motor riser/recliner chair, which incorporates the maxi comfort TM technology with its zero gravity seat position. This helps spread your weight throughout the seat base and backrest.

The three pillow waterfall backrest can adapt to suit your needs as each pillow has a zip to enable you to add or remove padding to ensure a high level of comfort/support. Available in three sizes small, medium and large to ensure the best fit for your needs. Pride 660 Mini Lounger Duet Riser Recliner Chair. Pride LC101 Riser Recliner Chair. A stylish chair that suits all homes. Freerider City Ranger 6. The Freerider City Ranger 6 mobility scooter is a latest Model from Freerider well known name for quality and reliability.Freerider City Ranger 6 mobility scooter can carry a maximum weight of up to 22 stone, and travel up to 29 miles in between charges. An optional upgrade to larger heavy duty 50 a/h batteries is available to increase this up to 35 miles between charges.

Aerolite Plus - Komfi Rider. Shoprider Cameo 4 Compact Mobility Scooter. Shoprider Malaga Powerchair. Rascal Veo X. Pride Jazzy 600ES Powerchair. Cobra Scooter - Drive Medical. Cosi Ellen Rise and Recline Chair. Roma Reno Power chair. Rascal TurnAbout 312 Powerchair. The Rascal P312 Turnabout gives flexibility to the user including a dual directional drive with a rotating seat giving you the option of Front-Wheel Drive for superb manoeuvrability indoors or Rear-Wheel Drive for extra traction outdoors. Designed by powerchair specialists, the Rascal 312 Turnabout has many remarkable features as standard. These include. Rascal Veo. Pride C-1 Riser Chair. TGA Breeze S4. Cosi Avon High back Arm Chair. Roma Medical Corella Portable.

Komfi Rider 8000 8 MPH Scooter. Komfi Rider 8000 8 mph Mobility Scooter for those who want to get around quickly, safely and comfortably – and own a scooter to be proud of the Komfi-Rider 8000 is an excellent choice. Cosi Comforter Elite Medium Rise and Recline Chair. Electric Mobility Rascal Compass 330 Powerchair. Heartway ZEN s11.

Cosi Orwell high back Armchair. Cosi Rivington High Back Arm Chair. Cosi Cannington High Back Arm Chair. Cosi Breydon Static Armchair. Shoprider Cordoba Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter. King Cobra - Drive Medical. Sterling S425. Shoprider Marbella Powerchair. Shoprider Sena Powerchair. Shoprider Lugano Powerchair. Cosi Medina Riser Recliner Chair. Drive Easy Rider. Rascal Vantage x. Mobility Scooters UK Mobility Scooters UK Mobility Scooters UK Mobility Scooters UK Mobility Scooters UK

Mobility Scooters UK Mobility Scooters UK Mobility Scooters UK Mobility Scooters UK Roma Medical Granada. Pride Quest Folding. Cobra Scooter – Drive Medical. Rascal Ventura. Rascal 388XL. Freerider FR1 Scooter. TGA Vita Midi 4. Dalerise Rise Recline Armchair - Button back. Royale 4 Sport - Drive Medical. Buy Komfi Rider 8000 8 MPH Scooter.

Buy Roma Medical Sorrento S742. Buy Rascal Ultralight 765 Powerchair. Buy Pride D-30 Riser Recliner Chair. Buy Pride Apex Epic Scooter. Buy Rascal Frontier Mobility Scooter. Buy Shoprider Valencia Mobility scooter. Buy Rascal Ultralite 480. Buy Rascal P200 Powerchair. Buy Rascal Liteway 4 PLUS. Buy Rascal P327 Mini Powerchair. Buy Rascal 850. Buy Freerider Landranger XL8. Buy Freerider FR1 Scooter. Buy Freerider Kensington S2 Scooter.

Buy Freerider City Ranger 8. Buy Royale 4 Sport - Drive Medical. Buy Pride Quest Folding Online. Buy TGA Breeze S3 Online. Buy TGA Vita Sport Online. Buy TGA Vita Lite. Buy Tga Vita X Off Road Mobility Scooter.