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The company was established in 1999, with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden. In 2015 we changed our company names from IQF Frost AB to OctoFrost AB, IQF Frost Inc. to OctoFrost Inc. and our service company ProFrost AB, to OctoFrost Technology AB. All companies are part of the OctoFrost Group with existing owner structure, OctoFrost Group. Since the start we have delivered close to 200 IQF freezers to customers all over the world.

All you need to know about fluidization in IQF Freezing. If in general terms Fluidization is a process similar to liquefaction during which a granular material is converted from a static or solid state to a dynamic or fluid state, in IQF the fluidization term is referred to as the ability of the product to act as a liquid due to the influence of airstreams, continuously moving and advancing inside the freezer at the feeding rate.

All you need to know about fluidization in IQF Freezing

So why is it important to talk about fluidization? Overview of the global shrimp market. Overview of the world's fresh and frozen broccoli market. Today, the broccoli market is growing steady all over the globe since consumers find broccoli a highly valuable vegetable for the vitamins, minerals and general healthy content.

Overview of the world's fresh and frozen broccoli market

Over the last 35 years, the consumption of fresh broccoli has increased so much that now, broccoli is the 11th most consumed fresh vegetable. The top 10 producing countries of fresh broccoli are the China, India, Spain, Mexico, Italy, France, US, Poland, Pakistan and Egypt while the top exporters of fresh broccoli are Spain, Mexico, US, France, China, Italy, Netherlands, Guatemala, Kenya and Jordan. China accounts for over half of the world’s broccoli production and over the past five years China’s broccoli production has steadily been on the rise, with growth over this time being estimated at around 20%.

India follows China as the second biggest broccoli production, though at some considerable distance. The biggest challenges for IQF processors. The global frozen fruits market is expected to witness a significant growth until 2022 with the IQF segment anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.3%.

The biggest challenges for IQF processors

Today's consumer is more demanding than ever with the highest expectations in terms of quality and taste which puts a lot of pressure on frozen fruits and vegetables processors who are trying to be competitive in this fast-growing segment. IQF processing for fruits, berries and vegetables is acknowledged to be the only method that can satisfy these expectations.

It isn’t always easy for IQF processors to comply with these high demands. There are 3 main priorities on which IQF processors need to focus when it comes to satisfying the customers' expectations: Preserving taste and texture, natural appearance and good separation. In their pursuit to deliver these 3 important characteristics, IQF processors encounter several challenges in the freezing process. Edamame – the rising star of the Asian Market. One of the “hottest hit” on the vegetable market right now, in particular in the frozen sector is edamame.

Edamame – the rising star of the Asian Market

Edamame (or soya beans) is the only vegetable which has almost all the nutritious qualities and health benefits you can get from eating meat, and right now it is seen as the new super-food on the food market. Soy bean is known to the Asian public for generations, and these have always been used in food manufacturing as a better, healthier alternative to meat or preferred as a protein source by vegetarians. GBC part 4: Berries market - a market of change and dynamics. In this last part of our findings from the GBC 2017 we will speak about shifts and dynamics registered on the global berry market in terms of new supplying regions, trading shifts, new origins and new types of berries.

GBC part 4: Berries market - a market of change and dynamics

The global cumulated production of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries has increased by 9% in 2016, reaching a total of 1.2 million tonnes. The increase is coming from the already established global leaders such as Spain with 32% market share, Mexico – 25%, USA – 15%, Chile – 9%, Canada – 8%, Morocco – 3%, Poland – 3% and Peru with 2% market share. Of course, not all countries experienced the same share growth. Mexico, for example has increased its strawberry, blueberry and raspberry exports by 12% in 2016. Spain has increased its raspberry exports by 19% and its blueberry exports – by 9%, in 2016.

Asia is definitely becoming an important player on the berries market. GBC Part 3: Blueberries - the performing star. As the President of the International Blueberry Organization, Peter McPherson, started his presentation: “Blueberry is the performing star”.

GBC Part 3: Blueberries - the performing star

This third “episode” with highlights from the Global Berry Congress 2017 will be dedicated to the blueberry market and all the opportunities it brings today. We had the chance to assist to 3 very informative presentations with statistics and market information showing the developments of the blueberry markets and we will share with you some summarized findings. Cort Brazelton, the CEO of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, has shared some very exciting statistics about the size of the blueberry market today. In 2016 the total blueberry highbush production was 655,000 Metric Tons with North America accounting for a half of it with 348,300 MT, followed by South America with 162,100 MT, Europe – 80,100 MT, Asia and Pacific –49,100 MT, Mediterranean and North Africa – 12,500 MT and Sub Saharan Africa accounting for 3,000 MT.

New technologies and solutions from GBC, to satisfy consumer demand PART 2. It’s been a week since the OctoFrost team left Rotterdam and the Global Berry Congress, but the interesting topics of discussion and the new findings in terms of market trends and consumer behavior keep inspiring us.

New technologies and solutions from GBC, to satisfy consumer demand PART 2

It is clear to everyone that consumers are more demanding than ever, and satisfying all the desired expectations implies constant work and commitment from berry producers, processors and retailers, and basically everyone involved in the berry production and distribution chain. “Technology is the future” Consumer Behaviour and Market Trends from the Global Berry Congress 2017. “There will always be new consumers for us to convince” was the opening line at the Global Berry Congress which took place this week in Rotterdam.

Consumer Behaviour and Market Trends from the Global Berry Congress 2017

OctoFrost was there to meet, brainstorm and share the latest market trends with professionals from the berry industry. We will share with you our findings in a series of 4 articles, since there were many interesting topics debated during this event. OctoFrost is welcoming you at Global Berry Congress 2017. OctoFrost participating at AgroFood Forum 2017 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Time is approaching for the international conference AgroFood Forum 2017, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan at the end of March.

OctoFrost participating at AgroFood Forum 2017 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The main topic of the forum is "Food Safety and technologies for processing fruits and vegetables". The participants will discuss at the conference a wide range of issues such as: quality improvement, fruits and vegetables processing and packaging, yield, qualitative product-delivery and development of farming activities. Experiences and knowledge will be shared on the selection, installation and operation of modern technologies, while also discussing ways to increase export volumes. Special attention will be paid to the importance of food safety. More than ten world leading companies are expected to participate at the Agro Food Forum, including the world famous FAM (Belgium), OCTOFROST (Sweden), Cabinplant (Denmark), OMIP (Italy), TOMRA (Belgium), Visser (Holland).

The star of frozen vegetables: IQF broccoli. Frozen vegetables are a big part of the world’s frozen foods industry, in particular on the European market.

The star of frozen vegetables: IQF broccoli

Even though this sector is diversifying its pallet of frozen vegetables, the traditional favorites remain broccoli, green beans and peas. How to achieve premium IQF strawberries. The consumption of frozen strawberries on the global market is one of the highest among IQF fruits and IQF berries. With such a big demand and quite stable figures in terms of volumes sold, it might seem that there is no need for improvement. OctoFrost is visiting Foodex Japan at Makuhari Messe from the 7th to the 10th of March. IQF freezing for more nutritious vegetables.

As part of the natural process, once a vegetable is harvested it begins to release heat and lose water. This is what we call respiration, and it has an impact on the nutritional qualities of the vegetables we want to consume. If we consider the time between quality control, transportation, handling and the moment vegetables reach the shelfs, ready to buy, the products might have already lost half of the original amount of nutrients. Freezing comes with the solution by being the most simple and natural way of preserving vegetables and studies show that frozen vegetables have just as much or even more nutrients than fresh vegetables. How to achieve premium quality IQF raspberries. One of the most challenging products for IQF freezing are raspberries. Raspberries are delicate berries with particularities which make them brittle when frozen and easily breakable into crumbles during the freezing process. New trends on the frozen foods market: IQF bilberries.

Fruits and berries are still some of the most frozen products in the IQF industry, because they have a wide range of use – they are used for desserts, smoothies, snacks, ice cream, the confectionary sector, soups etc. New trends in the frozen food market: IQF cheese. There has been a constant growth in the cheese industry over the last 10 years, fueled by the increasing demand for ready to eat meals, healthy snacks, organic cheese as well as higher demands from frozen pizza producers. Today’s consumers ask for convenience, thus manufacturers offer products and packaging solutions that are portable and easy to use. Many manufacturers are trying to make capital on snacking and ready–to–go cheese products as this trend is growing. Delivering premium quality cheese products is not always easy though, since cheese, as well as most food products cannot last for too long.

How to achieve high quality IQF banana. Bananas are one of the most demanded fruit worldwide, known for providing a quick and sustained energy boost. They are easy to digest and don’t contain any fat, cholesterol or sodium. IQF seafood. Seafood is gaining more popularity among consumers and it is now a broadly consumed product all over the world. Seafood is rich in protein and it is a big source of vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin A, as well as anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, not to mention that it is seen as a healthier alternative to other protein based food products. Frozen Foods Trends: Listening to the Voice of Market Players. How do IQF vegetables change their texture during freezing.

Snow formation in IQF freezers. A glimpse into 2016. This yeas was a challenging but exciting year for the OctoFrost team. How to choose the right freezer for your production line. To choose the correct freezer for your application and need is an important task as negligence can result in yearly costs that will exceed the total investment. Dehydration during freezing and why you shouldn't ignore it. Overview of the world’s fresh and frozen blueberry market. OctoFrost IQF technology saves you money, helps grow the economy and is good for the environment. Energy efficiency and environmental thinking are two connected subjects that are getting higher up on corporate agendas. But what is energy efficiency and why is it so important? Well, basically, what it means is using less energy to accomplish the same amount of work and in return you get lower operating costs.

What to look at when choosing a food safe freezer. Food safety is a non-compromising aspect for each food processor. Not only that processors need to keep the freezing equipment bacteria-free but a wave of new and even higher expectations is emerging on the food market. Highlights of SIAL Paris 2016. Challenges while preserving avocados. Why IQF Pasta processors choose OctoFrost. Freezing IQF Goji or about new business horizons. OctoFrost. Service and customer support for OctoFrost IQF tunnel freezer. So what makes the OctoFrost bedplates so unique? Cryogenic Freezing vs. IQF Freezing. Best practices for a reliable food safety when freezing meat. A guide through different freezing technologies. OctoFrost is a delicate IQF tunnel freezer for pasta and grain.

IQF cheese freezer for cheese and grains. Innovative IQF tunnel freezer for meat and poultry. IQF tunnel freezer for shrimps and seafood. The reliable IQF technology for freezing vegetables. Individual quick freezing for tropical fruits. Reliable IQF technology to freeze fruits and berries. Cold Store Freezing Vs. IQF Freezing. IQF technology which insures low energy consumption. High yield with IQF Technology. Food safety - Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) OctoFrost IQF technology for a natural appearance of the product. Growing demand for frozen foods across the globe.

IQF freezers installation – IQF tunnel freezers. A world leading IQF Technology – IQF freezers. Quick freezing systems. What it takes for a reliable Food Safety in IQF freezing? Experience OctoFrost Individual Quick Freezer. A world leading IQF Technology – IQF freezers. IQF - Individual Quick Freezing. OctoFrost exhibits at VietShrimp 2016. OctoFrost will visit Propak Asia 2016 in Bangkok on 15 to 18 June. Chinese Raspberry Delegation travels to IRO and OctoFrost.

The evolution of IQF technology. OctoFrost is looking for a Technical Expert After Sales.