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Tools to Make Your Own Book Trailers!

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iMovie - Tutorials. How to make a book trailer. By Teacher Librarian Michelle Harclerode: - Keep scrolling all the way down for lots of goodies & links to websites.

How to make a book trailer

Are you an author? Educational Standards met with digital presentations : Florida SSS ----- Common Core Standards This is the big picture above. Book Trailers: 11 steps to make your own. Create Book Trailers. The traditional book report that asks students to critique the books that they read is a staple of many classrooms.

Create Book Trailers

Book Trailer Basics. Ou thought you had a handle on reaching out to your audience.

Book Trailer Basics

You’re blogging and social networking, but now there’s another item to add to your to-do list: a book trailer. Book trailers are one more step in the digital evolution of book promotion. And the last thing an author wants is to get stuck in the tar pit of outdated marketing ideas. With the exponential advances in technology, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but with a few basic tips, you’ll be able to create a book trailer that brings your story to life.

Hire a Professional or D.I.Y.? There are established companies and talented individuals advertising on the Internet, offering services to create your promotional trailer for you. Or, you can do it yourself. Like a lot of authors, you may not have $10,000 sitting around in a cookie jar, so shelling out that kind of money for a professionally-produced book trailer might not look as attractive as spending some dedicated time and effort to create one yourself. HOW TO MAKE A REALLY GOOD BOOK TRAILER - Pamela Lowell. HOW TO MAKE A REALLY GOOD BOOK TRAILER Five easy steps that your students--and even technophobes like me--can master. by Pamela Lowell After checking my inbox for hours, I finally got the email I’d hoped for.


My editor, Marilyn Mark, at Marshall Cavendish had watched the book trailers I’d created for my new young adult novel, Spotting for Nellie. Here is a snippet of the email she sent me: Pam, these are AWESOME!!! I love them!! For the purposes of this article it’s important to note her next-to-last sentence: “I just wanted to check, you got rights to the pictures you used?” The Terms of Use specifically state that using content found on xyz images may not be used for commercial use, which includes using content for a book or paper. Sincerely, Your xyz team AGGHHHH! STEP ONE: STUDY THE MASTERS This is true in any creative endeavor. STEP THREE. STEP FOUR. Pamela Lowell can be reached at her website: where you can also watch her book trailers.

Help a Child Write a Book Review. Learn All Year Long Kids and teens should read and write even when they are out of school.

Help a Child Write a Book Review

Why is this so important? Download the flyer (PDF) Book Reports. Free photos for education. CC Search. Legal Music For Videos. Many musicians choose to release their songs under Creative Commons licenses, which give you the legal right to do things like use their music in your videos.

What is Creative Commons? Creative Commons is a system that allows you to legally use “some rights reserved” music, movies, images, and other content — all for free. CC offers free copyright licenses that anyone can use to mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. For instance, a musician might use a Creative Commons license to allow people to legally share her songs online, make copies for friends, or even use them in videos or make remixes. For more information, visit our Learn More page. Where can I find CC-licensed music? Several sites offer music published under Creative Commons’ flexible copyright licenses.

Book Trailers ~ Educational Tools. Analine Johnson is a public school librarian in Texas who creates book trailers for specific books that “speak to her” with the hopes of turning her students onto them.

Book Trailers ~ Educational Tools

Book Trailer Resources. Resources for Creating Book Trailers. Creating Book Trailers A trailer for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr.

Resources for Creating Book Trailers

Morris Lessmore by William Joyce. The trailer was created by Jarod Lambert and his son Charles (age 6). Animoto - Make & Share Beautiful Videos Online. Vimeo, Your Videos Belong Here. SafeShare.TV - The Safest Way To Watch and Share YouTube videos. 3 App Smash Video Projects to Challenge Your Students. When app-smashing on iPad, students and teachers use multiple apps to create individual pieces of content that are then merged or smashed together into one culminating product.

3 App Smash Video Projects to Challenge Your Students

Applying this concept dramatically increases creative potential, and the rate at which apps are developing allows for new, unique, and dynamic creations to consistently challenge what seemed possible only a few months or weeks ago. The final product involved in app-smashing often lends itself to video, so to kick off the school year, here are a few app-smashing video projects. Animated Paper Videos This video process involves creating drawings offline with paper that will later become animated, include voice-overs, and can be published to the web. Begin the project by creating a set of drawings of either characters, icons or ideas. After completing the editing process, share the creations by publishing the video via YouTube or Vimeo RSA Animate Style Videos.