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Machine Embroidery Projects and Videos. Creative Appliques – Creative Appliques Machine Embroidery & Applique Designs & Embroidery Fonts. Hang to Dry Applique. Why YOU Want BX Fonts, How they Work, & How to Install Them. Garden of Daisies Home. Embroidery Tips, Inspiration and Projects - Amazing Designs - Part 2. Folk Art Hearts Candle Mat Tutorial Posted by Tori on April 21, 2015 | No Comments Add traditional, textural elements of crewelwork to a candle mat with our Folk Art Hearts collection and the ease of your embroidery machine.

Embroidery Tips, Inspiration and Projects - Amazing Designs - Part 2

These handwork inspired hearts and accents are specially digitized for use with 12 wt. Madeira Lana Wool Thread for the decorative stitches and 30 wt. Madeira Cotona Cotton Thread for the applique process. Click here to download project instructions! Folk Art Hearts Applique Posted by Tori on April 20, 2015 | No Comments Turn your embroidery machine into an appliqué machine and discover how easy it is to get accurate and consistent heart appliqués with our Folk Art Hearts design collection. Download applique instructions here. You’ll fall in love with the easy automatic appliqué techniques as your machine effortlessly tacks your appliqué fabric in place and covers raw edges resulting in near perfect results every time!

Design Information at KennyKreations - Beautiful Machine Embroidery: Feather and Pearls 2, Feathers. - Free Machine Embroidery Designs. Q: Can I sell things with Embroidery Library designs -- including the free designs?

- Free Machine Embroidery Designs

A: Yes, you certainly can -- and we wish you much success! When you order a design from Embroidery Library you're actually getting a license. That license dictates what you can and cannot do with the design. Here are the licensing terms and policy: machine embroidery design sets. Smart Needle - Sewing notions and Embroidery designs. Machine Embroidery Designs. TruEmbroidery™ Software for Mac - Professional Embroidery Software. Vantage™ Membership Coupon Redemption Portal. Latest Additions - TruEmbroidery™ 3 Embroidery Learning Center.

Curly Snowday with Mylar — Purely Gates Embroidery. OregonPatchWorks. All-Over Embroidery Fabric Design a la Bendy Bag - Bubbles' Menagerie Machine Embroidery. NOTE: My friend Joan of Lazy Girl Designs, has also written a blog post about my project!

All-Over Embroidery Fabric Design a la Bendy Bag - Bubbles' Menagerie Machine Embroidery

What fun to see my project through her eyes! You can read about it here Creating an all-over embroidery design for fabric is an easy way to create a completely custom piece. I LOVE the shape of the Lazy Girl Designs Bendy bag. When I first saw preview pictures – my imagination went into high gear thinking of all the possibilities for embroidery because that’s what I do. For those of you that know me, I teach the Craftsy classes – Big Embroidery with a Small Hoop and Hoop Savvy. So, first I use Embrilliance software. The first thing I will do for this project is to choose my hoop that I will be using to stitch the design, and then create a large layout.

I plan to use my 6×10 hoop so this is what I will select to be my guide in the layout. Now we will use the File > Merge Stitch file to select the design that we want to use in this layout. So now we can see our hoop and the fabric area. Designs in Machine Embroidery. Digitizing a Mylar Design – Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog. Want to add sparkle and sheen to simple images?

Digitizing a Mylar Design – Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Try Mylar applique. When using Mylar, let the Mylar shine through the stitches. Plan on using a motif fill that mimics fish scales. Start with a drawing of a fish – I drew this simple shape in Inspiration’s Perfect Embroidery Pro. There are six elements: the main body, the three fins, the head and the eye. Select the body, right click and select Complex Fill. With the body selected, change the Fill Type to Motif and the Pattern to #135 in the Properties Box (Fill Tab). Select the head, right click and select Complex Fill. Select the eye. Select the eye, right click and select Create Border. Select the border, right click and select Steil. Change the width to 1.5 in the Properties Box (Steil tab). Select the three fins. Select the head and the body, right click and select Create Outline. The outline is artwork at this point so select it, right click and convert it to Run.

Mylar Swirly Beach — Purely Gates Embroidery. Applique. Machine Embroidery Tricks: What is the Big Deal with BX Fonts? Adding text to machine embroidery is inevitable.

Machine Embroidery Tricks: What is the Big Deal with BX Fonts?

At some point in time, it becomes necessary. But it is such a pain unless you have an expensive, technical digitizing program. Ever wish you could just type in text instead of placing each letter separately? You can! And there is a free program that does just that. Applique Designs and Embroidery Fonts. Machine Embroidery: LindeeG Embroidery Design & Education.

Katelyns Kreative Stitches. Jolson's Designs for Machine Embroidery Pre-Digitized Embroidery Fonts. Baby Kay's Appliques. Applique Designs Custom Digitizing Embroidery Designs. Distortion in Digitizing Part 2 - Push - Mr X Stitch. In this post, we’re going to continue to tackle that scourge of all new digitizers, the distortion of the the on-screen design that happens when the design is stitched.

Distortion in Digitizing Part 2 - Push - Mr X Stitch

In the last post, we covered the first of the two major types, being ‘Pull’ distortion. Continuing on the theme, we’ll define and declaw the other half of that terrible twosome of machine embroidery mayhem- ‘Push’ distortion. Seeing as I suggest a scientific approach to digitizing, and we’ll be talking about measurement and testing, let’s break briefly to discuss sampling, or ‘stitching out’ one’s designs. Though many digitizers have a sampling run as part of their design process, I’ve seen many test their newly-minted creations on stacks stabilizing material. Though I understand the desire not to ‘waste’ fabric on these tests, this is not the best way to test designs or to learn about distortion.

How to Embroider Your Kimberbell Home Sweet Home Pillow. How to embroider a large goldwork bumble bee with realistic wings.