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Must-Do Ways to Enhance Mobile App Downloads. A mobile app development is not an easy task.

Must-Do Ways to Enhance Mobile App Downloads

Having it downloaded by users is harder a task than app development. You might have taken extra deluge to get the app created, but with no one downloading it, the core objective of developing the app gets diluted. There are a number of factors that enhances the propensity of your app download. All the factors put together lead to App Store Optimization. Effective App Store Optimization cohesively determines if the app you have developed will be downloaded by users. Encouraging User Reviews: In an app store, there are numerous app that keeps falling behind. Increase Number of App downloads: The aim of an app publisher should be to ensure maximum number of downloads. Use Relevant Keywords: The description of the app should use relevant keywords. Name of the App: This should be done in an extra cautious manner. Revenue Generation: How Mobile App Developers are Transforming Healthcare. Technology has left a massive impact on every sphere of our lives.

How Mobile App Developers are Transforming Healthcare

Its significance in every sector cannot be denied anymore in the world of business. From tourism to education, the technological impact is seen everywhere with more and more businesses going this way. The healthcare industry has not remained untouched from the disruption, too. 10 Innovations to be Expected in Mobile Technologies in 2017. With the growing penetration of mobile devices in our life, the rise in mobile technologies is evident and inevitable.

10 Innovations to be Expected in Mobile Technologies in 2017

This technology has initiated many transformations across the industries. From seamless browsing experiences to better explorations, they have opened the new scope of opportunities for the organizations. Every day, they are facing a new challenge and are mitigating the same by using the latest trends in mobile technology. With each passing year, there are new possibilities infiltrating this space and you need to be there for embracing these changes. Ways to Ensure Long Term Success for Your Mobile App.

Apps Published on May 27th, 2017 | by Guest It would be fair to say that the public has a very short memory.

Ways to Ensure Long Term Success for Your Mobile App

This is vouched for by many mobile app development companies who are really cut up about it. And, they have every reason to be. Apps, that are developed after months of research and then skillfully marketed – are generating initial curiosity followed by downloads. A lot of investment, effort and capability is going to waste. Best Practices for Marketing Your New iPhone App.

As Seth Godin, American entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker once said: Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.

Best Practices for Marketing Your New iPhone App

With the number of apps available in the Apple App Store for download being 2.2 million in January of 2017, marketing an iPhone app would definitely turn out to be a contest. Whether you win it or not would depend largely on a few well-thought-out strategies. The best ways to market a new iPhone app: Be ready with a great product Make sure it is bug free and crisp. Reasons Why Your Mobile App Should Include Deep Linking. Deep linking in mobile app development refers to linking, deep within app to specific URL’s or pages within mobile app.

Reasons Why Your Mobile App Should Include Deep Linking

It can be achieved through various ways such as notification, SMS, social media, and email which directs the user to a specific content instead of directing the user to app’s home screen. There are different types of mobile app deep linking such as Standard Deep Linking: It directs the user to the specific page using the app URL. The only drawback is it only works if the user has your mobile app installed on device. Top 10 On Demand Mobile App Development Companies In Singapore - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. When one talks about the requirement of an app for a business, it is understood that they want their app to offer customers something unique, perhaps solve a problem and provide a more user-friendly interface than any web portal ever could.

Top 10 On Demand Mobile App Development Companies In Singapore - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock

Going by the statistics on app downloads, there must be plenty of businesses who have a fair knowledge about these benefits. For those who are yet to make up their minds, here are a few reasons: Apps help to create awareness and offer brand visibilityMobile apps are great data collection tools and provide insights into customer likes and dislikesAccommodates push notifications of new releasesIt serves as a mobile front of a business by enabling customers to search and purchase the productsTarget a younger generation of customers as they are the ones with most access to emerging technologies.

Top 10 On Demand Mobile App Development Companies In Singapore - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. How Push Notifications can Increase Your Mobile App Engagement - Negosentro. By Ajit Jain, | The number of downloads is not a true sign of success for a mobile app.

How Push Notifications can Increase Your Mobile App Engagement - Negosentro

The number of active users, session length, and user retention are no doubt important metrics but keeping users happy is the most important of all. Google Tango Can Open Doors to Your Virtual Reality Ambitions. Google Tango (formerly named Project Tango in-testing) is an Augmented reality computing platform, developed and authored by Google.

Google Tango Can Open Doors to Your Virtual Reality Ambitions

It uses computer vision to enable mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to detect their position relative to the world around them without using GPS or other external signals. This allows mobile app developers to create user experiences that include indoor navigation, physical space measurement, 3D mapping, environmental recognition, augmented reality, and windows into a virtual world. In the environment of app development, the Google Tango Project set a platform for the development of more applications based on Augmented Reality. With Google Tango, all such issues have been resolved as it encompasses uses of built- in sensors. These sensors are put in the laser arrays, cameras and other devices so that user gets a superb experience without any kind of constraint. Tango is Google’s augmented reality platform which was introduced in 2014. How to Improve User Experience Design on Android Apps?

InShare0 With more than million apps in App Store and Google Play, you need to turn every stone to get your app noticed.

How to Improve User Experience Design on Android Apps?

Android app development companies give critical importance to user experience when designing mobile apps and even the simplest app has UX. Designing a mobile app requires extensive knowledge. Here are some top mobile UX practices that you must follow when designing an Android app. Business Strategy Focus Without understanding your target customers and market conditions, it is difficult to develop a good user experience design. If You Haven’t Explored Apple Search Ads Yet, It Is Long Overdue! - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. Apple has decidedly moved up the ante with the much-anticipated launch of search ads on its play store. It was a game-changing moment for the industry. Until this launch, Google was resting on the laurels of integrating these search ads into its play store. Nearly 50-60% of app installations are accomplished after a search made by the user. With this launch, promoted apps will be displayed above the search results in the App Store’s banner.

This model of paid apps will definitely influence the mobile app industry. Benefits of iOS Application that Drives Business Growth. An acronym for the iPhone operating system, iOS was developed by Apple. It is by far the most highly recognized operating system in the digital world. Users of the iOS platform are galore and the level of customer satisfaction is huge. The frequent enhancements of the iOS platform have only led to a broader set of satisfied customers, including individuals as well as businesses. Here, we will discuss the undisputed benefits of the iOS operating system and the value that it renders to business houses in their attempt towards iPhone app development. It helps to optimize the processes and deliver an optimum return on investments (ROI) to the investors. Which is the right option? Unmatched Brand Identity – Coming from the stable of Apple, the iOS operating system undoubtedly secures a strong position in the global business landscape.

Jitendra Jain. In this competitive era, mobile apps have become the best way to communicate with your potential customers. The growing proliferation of smartphones had opened newer avenues of progression for the mobile app development industry. From a well-established brand to the startup, every business thriving on the latest technologies needs an intuitive app. Though, the startups are the major beneficiary of this technology. An app takes your business to a wider audience and enhances your brand visibility in their personal space. If you are contemplating making a foray into this industry, prefer working with the best mobile app developer for the project. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App in Singapore?

Do you know that Singapore has the highest mobile penetration standing at 90%? 6 Best Mobile App On boarding Strategies to Retain Users. The mobile app world is gathering pace with time, compelling mobile app developers to adopt strategies that assist in user retention. The more the user shows loyalty, the greater is the success of the app. User retention helps in understanding the app features that help the user stay glued and engaged. A contrary situation gives you an idea about the reasons why the user prefers another app over yours. As app developers understand the reasons of customer dissatisfaction, it becomes easy for them to devise the strategies that will help keep customers coming back. Looking for an innovative app idea? Follow these tricks. The global app market is touching new heights with each passing day and it is expected that the app economy can touch $101 billion by 2020. The app industry is a fertile soil for those who make money as well as are associated with an organization.

The growing economy will reveal more opportunities for those who come up with innovative ideas. Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Resources and Strategies to Boost Sales. The world of mobile apps is in a continuous growth. Why it’s best to use HTML5 for Mobile App Development? Smart Communication for Smart Cities – IoT Is Enabling Urbanization. Internet Published on April 4th, 2017 | by Guest The concept of IoT technology is growing exponentially with smart sensors and big data analytics.

The Most Effective Tips for Creating Facebook App Ads That Drive Installs. Over the years, Facebook has been established as the most influential channel for marketing and advertising. The revenues generated from app installs on this platform are reaching high figures. 4 Ways to trim down iPhone app size – App Developers Blog. When the internal storage space is at a premium, download restrictions are bound to happen.

Pros and Cons of Native and Hybrid Apps. Evolution of wearable’s in the health industry. Technological developments are changing the way we lead our lives. In the past we could have never thought about wearing a health on band our wrist and moving around. But, now wearable health technology is touching new levels of high. Innovative wearable technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Modern devices have been designed to precisely monitor your health as well as fitness activities. 7 IoT Trends Leading Digital Transformation Across the World In 2017. In the past few years, Internet of Things or IoT has made a transformative impact on every industry vertical.

This revolution is fueled by the enterprises looking to change the way they transact business and manage operations. Ionic 2 Vs Ionic 1 – What Works Better For Your Mobile App Development? Ionic now and then has been instrumental in the development of some amazing apps. Questions to ask before hire mobile development firm. FAQs. Why your business need a mobile app besides mobile website.

Reasons to need an iPhone app for your business - Web & Mobile App Development Company. Top 10 karaoke apps for iphone device - Mogul. Google Home: A Round the Clock Assistant for Every Space. The Best Android Apps That Manage Your Daily Expenses. Cloud computing: You are probably ignoring the biggest security flaw - Mogul. What are the reasons iOS earns huge revenues from app store.

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Passionate for Fishing? Try these Exceptional Apps · TechMagz. Reasons that Cause Your Mobile App Underperform. Wordpress Web Development Services Provider Company Singapore. Best practices to develop AngularJS applications. Tips for an Exceptional Mobile App Icon Design - Dedicated Web Developer. Web & Mobile App Development Company Singapore. Outstanding UI Design Ideas for Building Interactive Mobile Apps. How Can App Prototyping Be Advantageous? iOS 10 Vs Android N: Which is better?

How 15 Tech Companies Solving World Problems. E-Commerce Development. Website Development Services. Looking for an innovative app idea? Follow these tricks. Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana: Which is best? - Official Blog - Octal Info Solution Singapore. Jitendra Jain. Best Mobile Apps for Yoga Practitioners. Top Apps to Help You Get a Healthy Body. Major Challenges that Android App Developer comes across - Official Blog - Octal Info Solution Singapore. Common Mistakes in Mobile App Development Might Hit You Hard Financially. Google Tilt Brush: The 'impossible' is now a reality. A rumor surrounds “much-awaited” iPhone 7 - Web & Mobile App Development Company. Google services turning exciting for iOS than on Android – Web & Mobile App Development Company.

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