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Octal IT Solution is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified and Microsoft recognized software Development Company located in India and London. With the strength of 150+ web developers & programmers, Octal Info Solution is intended to provide high quality services to genuine customers around the globe.

What all you need to know about while engineering an Educational App

How to Ensure Driver Safety within your Taxi and Driver Mobile App. Mobile App Development. Diet Planner Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features. In the today’s era the health fitness industry is dominating at a reckless pace.

Diet Planner Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

According to a recent study, 6 out of 10 people have the health and fitness app installed on their mobile phones. Reason being, nowadays mobile apps are just not only used for playing the games or listening music, but people are using them for executing and monitoring other productive activities as well. One of most prevailing industrial niche that is flourishing at an insane rate is Health and Fitness industry. The options and the sea of opportunities opened up by mobile apps for the aforementioned segment are plentiful. Fitness tracking app, workout apps, and diet planner mobile apps are already into the surface of massive competition and the new trend that had hit the latest market virtues is Diet Planning Mobile Application.

Percentage of U.S. adults who would use an app to track their diet and nutrition as of 2017, by ethnicity User Panel: Advanced Features: Technology involved: Required Team Structure. Cost of On-Demand Pizza Delivery Mobile App Development. The major fact that cannot be denied: is that food is loved by all the individuals.

Cost of On-Demand Pizza Delivery Mobile App Development

Now when it comes to food it can be anything whether Pizza, Burgers, Chinese, Continental, well the categories are endless. So, on this note if the people are suppose Pizza lovers, why will they search the whole menu for ordering the pizza? Obviously they will not like doing so hence, here On-demand Pizza delivery can come as the major rescue as it not make the users to compromise with their taste buds and readily serve them with their sumptuous pizza meals. Tutors Finding Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features. Worried about your child academics?

Tutors Finding Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Not able to spare time for teaching? Well, all these are common problems of today’s generation which can be fixed by On-Demand Tutor Mobile App. Tutor Finding mobile apps are actually very much praised and loved by the working sections of the society and sets them free from teaching their children for long hours. Apart from delivering the teaching and learning benefits, it is also been embraced by the tutors as well.

Mobile Apps in Medieval Times: What Would be the Scenario? Many- a -time I feel that our ancestors have suffered a lot for executing every little thing.

Mobile Apps in Medieval Times: What Would be the Scenario?

Their life was void of the luxury & facilities that exist now. Being thoughtful, what will be the scenario of the generation that lived before if they have a mobile app. A log we would miss if mobile app existed during medieval times. Here you will be capturing some of the most interesting insights that would have occurred: 1.) In the today’s modern culture, we still follow the love stories that have existed before the reason being they were true and real . Why Mobile Apps are cornerstone for Blockchain development? - Know What are the Aspects that Impact App Development Cost? Mobile devices, which were merely used only for the communication purpose a few years ago, are now the mediums of performing a number of distinct tasks.

Know What are the Aspects that Impact App Development Cost?

Consequently, apps came in the limelight. No matter big or small, businesses first shifted on websites and now the responsibility of taking businesses to the next level is on apps. Bringing a business also on an app may seem a brilliant idea, however, there are a number of complexities involved to get this task done and your budget plays a key role here. Doctor on Demand Mobile App Development Cost and Features. “88% of the medical appointments are reserved over the phone and patients are kept waiting for up to 76 days from the day an authorization is allotted to the day of actual appointment for a diagnostic process”, Rock Health Report.

Doctor on Demand Mobile App Development Cost and Features

This post guides you through the various noteworthy features and functionalities of a competent doctor on-demand mobile app. This discussion is immensely helpful for doctors who desire to build their own appointment app, where the patients can schedule their appointments and check availability, as well as for the entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a robust doctor on-demand mobile app to associate the patients with the doctors. Doctor on Demand Mobile Apps Imagine its 7 o’ clockon a Sunday evening and you are suffering from an appalling stomach twinge. What do you do? How to Become an Influential Android App Developer? As far as Android mobile apps are concerned, we can estimate the popularity of their reach with the fact that a larger portion of OS platform shared by Android; therefore access to Android apps to users is more prominent.

How to Become an Influential Android App Developer?

A few years ago, what entirely revolutionized the OS structure is the support to hand-held devices and Android was the one which made it possible. This exceptional operating system kicked off its journey with the release of the Android alpha back in 2007; however, its first commercial version was rolled out in 2008. Right from the first version, Alpha to the latest Marshmallow, Android Operating System has gone through many stages of development throughout its long journey and it has always flaunted some outstanding features that have really taken the user experience to the next level. How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Mobile App. The evolution rate of bitcoins had left almost all the financial business verticals spellbound as well as customers and therefore, there has been massive demand for the bitcoin based mobile apps.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Mobile App

The adoption rate of digital payments is increasing at an impressive hike and the major reason that stands behind it’s aloud dominance is, security. Another reason that is adding to its popularity is that it is not controlled by any third party or governmental organization, thus the chances of getting it abandoned is vanished off. Unlike, the printed currency that can be banned by the governmental organization any time, and at the next moment they can be said as completely useless. On Demand Laundry App Development Cost & Important Features. Needless to say, laundry can be defined as one of the time taking job for the today’s hectic lifstyle.

On Demand Laundry App Development Cost & Important Features

Owing to the fact, that the concept of using washing machines has not become traditional, but in order to use it, it is mandatory to some spare hours for washing the clothes. Hence, usually it proves to be quite tedious for the people to manage such activities, when certain other important activities are already lined up. Thus, On-demand Laundry Mobile Apps comes to rescue people from investing their important time into washing clothes. Best Virtual Reality Games for Google Cardboard. How to Improve Cloud Computing Security? Cost of Developing a Grocery Delivery Mobile Application. According to a recent study, 35% of the user community loves to order the groceries online and the numbers of such users are increasing at an insane rate.

Cost of Developing a Grocery Delivery Mobile Application

Owing to these growing figures, Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development had gained an impressive momentum and is paving the ways for delivering exemplified and enthralling experience to users while shopping. Usually it becomes quite tedious to purchase groceries while standing in the long queue. Undeniably, it is becoming really a tiring chose for the people nowadays. Emerging Trends in Blockchain and Bitcoin App Development. Today almost all industrial verticals require bitcoin app developers and bitcoin app development solutions. The solutions affixed with the Blockchain are actually out stepping the prescribed standards and statistics and are quite in very much demand. By now, the bitcoin app development is ruling the entire payment landscape, and will continue to bloom in 2018 as well. Of late, bitcoin introduced the blockchain technology that can now be said as the major confines for storing and processing the transactions. Needless to say, bitcoin brought the blockchain, but is now expanding its peripherals.

Arun Goyal. The World Wide Web is indubitably the fastest, a widespread and most reliable platform to broadcast all significant news and other incidents taking place in any possible part of the globe.Owing to the extensive use of mobile devices, now you can benefit from custom-built mobile apps available on your smartphones to gather every minute detail on the recent stories happening around the world. This is primarily the reason why all news agencies and publication departments are taking to magazine and newspaper app development and thus netting the population worldwide.

Gone are the days when people preferred reading long newspaper articles to know about the latest happenings in the world. Now they are hugely dependent upon customized newspaper apps which offer brief and explicit newscasts. Such apps allow the users to keep pace with the national and international world by offering descriptive data on every smallest of the stories. Useful Features of Proficient Newspaper and Magazine Apps. Onmogul.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an On-demand Delivery App? It is a wonderful time we live in. It is the time when a food ordering mobile app has successfully replaced a trip to a restaurant when we can buy the entire shop without having to go to a mall when we can watch 3D movies without having to leave the sofa. Quite amazingly, digital products are no longer locked up in our devices. In fact, they extend beyond the screens and have started moving forward. Effective Ways to Make your App Stand Out in the App Store. Factors That Motivates The Users To Download Mobile App. Why do mobile users download apps? Well, just as the question is quite simple and straightforward, same is the answer. ‘For executing their task in a simplified way, they download an app to find the correct way for getting that solved.

Easy, isn’t it? However, if you dig deeper, you will find that it’s not as simple and the answer needs to be bigger and more thorough. We have numerous apps for many purposes. Why Subscription-based Mobile … Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community. Please take a few minutes discover how kiwibox works.You want to explore kiwibox on your own? No problem. You can easily restart the tour at any time by using the sidebar if you change your mind. Cost of Developing a Health and Fitness Mobile Application. A Brief Introduction – On Demand Fitness Training App. Mobile Apps to Optimize Your Christmas & New Year Vacations. Christmas and New Year are looming and the world is setting a silent pace for a while. Apparently, this is Holiday season and no one wants to miss it with all the fun, cheer, and good vibes coming in. Mobile Business Solutions That Make Small Businesses Prosper.

How to Increase iOS Mobile App Engagement. Apple is consistently giving new and innovative surprises to its existing user base. We have almost no doubt in saying that iPhone has acquired the maximum number of users when compared to any other Smartphone. How to Build a Strong Online Business Presence? According to techcrunch website, by 2020 6.1 billion people will be using smart phones and may be a major percentage of them will be using just for maintaining connectivity.

So, on the basis of this aforementioned perspective, let’s determine how a business can afford for establishing their domains across all the existing market levels. Even today, most of the first thing people do when they hear a brand name is Google about it and not being on Google seriously hurts a business’s reputation. How to Build a Strong Online Business Presence? Web & Mobile App Solutions for Travel & Leisure - Octal IT Solution. What are the Challenges of Mobile App Development for Startups? - WorldNews. We Enable IT in Professional Service Firms - Octal IT Solution. How to Calculate Your Apps' Potential Market Size - PreneurDigest. Entrepreneurs are always searching for new and unique app development ideas. B2B & B2C Solutions - Octal IT Solution. Arun Goyal - 6 Top Tips for Testing Usability of Mobile Apps. Usability checks According to a leading mobile app development company, people often get confused between functionality and usability which is also known as user experience.

In fact, they are two sides of the same coin. Media & Entertainment Solutions, Web Portals, Mobile Apps - Octal IT Solution. Media & Entertainment Solutions, Web Portals, Mobile Apps - Octal IT Solution. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Diet and Nutrition Mobile App. The Health & Fitness sector is all about serving people with healthy lifestyle so that they can maintain a balance between health and wealth. If you are looking to foray into multi-million dollar health & fitness industry with an exciting Diet & Nutrition mobile app, the endpoint lies in mobile app quality standards, customer engagement and level of profit that will drive you even more positively to follow your passion.

Web, Mobile & Software Solutions for Transportation & Automobile Industry - Octal IT Solution. Octal IT Solution is the leading provider of web, mobile and software solutions for Transportation & Automobile Industry. Being one of the fastest growing industries and one that has direct interaction with end-users, the automobile industry has a great scope of digitalization. How to Avoid Mobile App Development Myths. Real Estate Mobile Apps & Web Portal Development - Octal IT Solution. 7 Leadership Lessons Small Business Owners Can Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs - CEOWORLD magazine. Despite your vast expertise, education and skills, nothing can make you ready for becoming a business leader.

You will experience a lot of trial and error as well as on-the-job training as you nurture your business. On the other hand, it is true that no two businesses are alike; however, the successful leadership lessons are largely universal. eTicketing portal development, Ticket Booking Apps & More - Octal IT Solution. 5 Important Aspects of Mobile App Creation Process for Start-ups. Tech-Talk with Octal - Bitcoin App Development. eLearning web portal & Mobile App Development Solutions - Octal IT Solution. Critical Factors to Be Considered For Making Your Mobile App Successful. Critical Factors to Be Considered For Making Your Mobile App Successful. Food Ordering Web & Mobile App Development, Restaurant Management Solutions - Octal IT Solution. Mobile Banking Apps & Finance Industry Solutions, eWallet App Development - Octal IT Solution.

Audio QR Code - The Future of Data Transfer. Cost of Developing On Demand Food Ordering App. Tips for Developing a Perfect Mobile App. Mobile Apps- A Necessity for Today’s Business. Implication of The Internet of Things. Google releases the Android O final Preview. Octal IT Solution ranked in top mobile app developers list. Why Android App is Essential For Startups To Reach its Dream? How to Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company? Android Studio 3.0 - App Development now more powerful with exciting new features. Apple Homepod Is Really A Smart Speaker? Let’s Dig In.

How IoT Going to Change The Way We Live. Bitcoin- The Network of Digital Payments. Significance of Prototypes in Mobile App Development Cycle. Google Trip App Is a Superb Travel Planner for Travelers. Get Ready With iOS 11 To Bring Unparalleled Momentum To iPhone & iPad Apps. How Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics Are Fueling Mobile Apps. 10 Security Tips for Android Phones – Octal IT Solution. Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot, Which One is Better Assistance? Get an idea of the cost of developing an IoT App.

Ingredients that Determine your App Development Cost. Do not get confused with App Store Optimization and its myths - Mogul. Tips To Develop A Successful Travel Mobile App. Why Do You Need To Launch Your Business In Apple App Store? by Arun Goyal. Here's, What Next to your Million Dollar App idea? iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s biggest update to the device. Top 5 things to consider while developing an Android app in 2017 - Open Source For You. Things to know about the iOS 10.3. Microsoft rolls out its all new updated Windows 10 S. Mobile Apps to Put Your Business Growth on Fast Track. Top Apple Watch App Development Company. IONIC 3 – An Justifiable Framework for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps. Parameters that Define the Success of your Mobile App.

Great Tips to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure. Great Tips to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure. The end of UX and birth of product design. Google is About to Release Angular 4 Instead 3. Building a Custom App vs. Off-the-Shelf Options: octalsolution. How to Build an On-Demand Meal Ordering and Delivery Platform APP. iOS App Development Trends in 2017. Benefits of choosing Android App Development. Possible Mobile App Disasters and How to Avoid Them. Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development. Choosing the Best Location-Based Technology for Mobile Apps — GPS vs. Beacons vs. WiFi.

Benefits of having Mobile Apps for Business. How Internet of Things (IoT) Can Revolutionize The Healthcare Industry. Why Should You Choose Agile For Your Mobile App Development? Cross-Platform Apps- the New Age of Mobile App Development 2017. Tips to Reduce Size of Android and iOS Apps - Blog. Big Data Trends in 2017.