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Octal IT Solution is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified and Microsoft recognized software Development Company located in India and London. With the strength of 150+ web developers & programmers, Octal Info Solution is intended to provide high quality services to genuine customers around the globe.

How Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics Are Fueling Mobile Apps. The world is in our hands these days thanks to the five-something inches high, hand-held devices we spend most of our waking moments on.

How Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics Are Fueling Mobile Apps

Since a mobile device is so omni-present and oft-used, its significance in matters personal and professional is quite enormous. As of March 2017, there are more than 2.8 million apps available for Android users and around 2.2 million for Apple users. 10 Security Tips for Android Phones – Octal IT Solution. Having an amazing Android phone that serves all the prime requirements and gives you an impeccable user interface and features is just the right thing to get.

10 Security Tips for Android Phones – Octal IT Solution

Isn’t it? But, investing a good amount on a “quite cool” mobile device working as a prime source for all your communication should have an essential attribute and that is – “SECURITY”. Yes, it boils down to Security for all your tasks. But if you think that adding a pin lock does all the security prerequisites, you need a REALITY CHECK because securing your Android mobile or Android tablet is significantly much more than that. Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot, Which One is Better Assistance? Both Google and Amazon are forever on a lookout to out beat one another.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot, Which One is Better Assistance?

In an attempt to seize control in an arena of smart home solutions and speakers, Google came up with its all new speaker, referred to as Google Home. This speaker is as a matter of fact a direct response to Amazon’s Echo Dot, which is a smart speaker which the company had launched in late 2014. This smart speaker responds to questions as well as the commands of the user so it even performs functions of a personal assistant. As Amazon had a head start with its Echo Dot, Google Home really required to offer something truly wonderful to catch the fancy of the buyer.

Let us give you a brief sneak peek into how these two products fare against each other as regards their design, features, usability etc. Outward appearance – Google Home Vs Amazon Echo Dot Taking on the outward look, Google Home has a pristine white body which just looks fabulous, whereas Echo’s boasts of a dark chassis which looks equally impressive.

Get an idea of the cost of developing an IoT App. IoT is taking up a major share of the digital world and thus, IoT app development is becoming crucial with passing days.

Get an idea of the cost of developing an IoT App

Every business is connected today and the market will only grow once mobile app development companies are able to sync their efforts in line. Getting an idea about the cost of building an IoT app depends on a range of broad factors which include: The App Type and ComplexityDuration of App DevelopmentSize of App Development TeamHourly Charges for Resources in Different Geographies We will factor in each of these parameters to derive at the cost of developing an IoT app. The App Type and Complexity – Before the onset, the IoT app development team should be aware of the ultimate objective for an app and must clearly define its future positioning. Ingredients that Determine your App Development Cost. Mobile applications dominate every sphere of our life.

Ingredients that Determine your App Development Cost

In fact, a smartphone owner spends about 89% of their mobile time using mobile apps. The popularity and necessity of these apps cannot be overemphasized. So, apps need to be made by the dozen of resources within a super-quick time and at a relatively low cost. It is the cost factor, that proves to be a hiccup for many app developers and mobile app development companies. They have realized that random development is not the answer. Complexity of business model Algorithms in the backend tend to get more complex as the business model tries to address more and more issues of computation, data processing with an enhanced user experience. Designing Designing is essential and is the make-or-break factor in mobile app development. Do not get confused with App Store Optimization and its myths - Mogul. Does your mobile app appear at the top in the App store?

Do not get confused with App Store Optimization and its myths - Mogul

If not, then you would definitely work in order to improve its visibility. Tips To Develop A Successful Travel Mobile App. Since, more and more people love to travel to far-flung places these days hence, travel mobile applications are getting into massive developments.

Tips To Develop A Successful Travel Mobile App

But at the same time, we all want our travel plans to be properly chalked in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience or hassle later on. Gone are those days where people used to scroll travel websites, for gathering knowledge about different destinations, but of late, the travelling lovers tend to use enlarged and empowered travelling solutions to explore humorously. Commonly, most of the travel companies lean to hire an expert app developer such as Octal IT Solution for their travel mobile apps developed. This not only gives their business a necessary boost, but at the same times also keeps them in sync with the ongoing marketing trends.

Why Do You Need To Launch Your Business In Apple App Store? by Arun Goyal. By Arun Goyal Managing Director The reach of Apple App store is increasing exponentially.

Why Do You Need To Launch Your Business In Apple App Store? by Arun Goyal

It is undeniably impressive. In fact, it has left a transformative influence on many businesses including the start-ups. Implementing your business in iOS can be challenging and retaining customer engagement is also getting harder than ever before. Here's, What Next to your Million Dollar App idea? The process of mobile app development starts with an idea but truly finishes when a thought is manifested into a marketable reality.

Here's, What Next to your Million Dollar App idea?

A great way to pursue your vision is by hiring a mobile app development company who can execute your thought towards making a specific service more effective and efficient. Now that you have a functional app idea in your mind and have identified the right development company, here are the next steps you need to take to make your dream a reality. Pursue a Comprehensive Market Research If you are a creative mind, chances are that your ideations may cover thousands.

It is ideal to make a note of the thoughts immediately that sound viable, thus, allowing you to take it to the next level when the time is right. iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s biggest update to the device. Slated for launch this year, the new phone covers it all with an OLED display that covers the entire front.

iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s biggest update to the device

So making that happen actually, Apple is removing the iconic home button/Touch ID sensor. Well, lets explore what will replace it?? Nobody besides the folks at Apple really knows, but this new and gorgeous new iPhone charts the incredible features and opportunities. So, in the absence of a home button on the iPhone screen, a function area or a touch bar will be allotted with some space at the bottom of your iPhone 8 Like the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, the “function area” would depict different buttons for the apps that opens up on the iPhone screen. Top 5 things to consider while developing an Android app in 2017 - Open Source For You. Do you have a great app idea that could be a hit in the market? With an augmentation in the smartphones usage every year, the demand for mobile apps is evolving at a reckless pace. If you intend to develop an Android app in 2017, here are some statistics that will help you understand the competition in the Android app market.

The most recent statistics show there are more than 2.8 million apps in Google Play store till March 2017There were more than 1.4 billion Android users in 2015, and the number has grown exponentiallyAround 2,944 million units with Android were shipped globally in 2016According to last reported figures, 65 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play store as of March 2016 Above statistics clearly depicts that Android is highly popular amongst smartphones users, and the demand for mobile apps is also accelerating. But that does not mean success can be easily gained. Deep market research. Things to know about the iOS 10.3. Apple’s third beta release of iOS 10.3 on March 27, 2017, rings a new bell for iPhone users. It is the most important update of iOS 10 version, which holds the promise to fix bugs of all the early releases.

Enhancing the operating system experience for the user has always been the focus of Apple. This time it’s no different. The Basics The iOS 10.3 release comes with a 319 MB update. Microsoft rolls out its all new updated Windows 10 S. Microsoft launched its latest version of Windows 10 which will be pronounced as, Windows 10 S. Of Late, it is being actually crafted for delivering empowered education and obviously thrives for chasing Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

Just like Google’s own OS, Windows 10 S is also locked down in certain places and apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store only will be supported by this all new upgraded version. Microsoft explained some aspects of Windows 10 S onstage, but there’s a lot more to this new version. that needs to be elaborated. Mobile Apps to Put Your Business Growth on Fast Track. So, grapple the most advantageous business mobile apps, so as to augment the clientele elevation. Since there are ample of tools prescribed and selecting the one that is most suitable for your business is undoubtedly a daunting task. Hence, get conserved with the mobile applications that obviously are not inherited by the desktop and allow you to achieve a robust working ecosystem. Unfortunately, the above requirement of being available cannot be ignored as your business doesn’t just run on a desktop, in an office or on weekdays, from 9-6.

Top Apple Watch App Development Company. IONIC 3 – An Justifiable Framework for Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps. So, looking forward to all the encompassed technological evolutions, Ionic 3 is launched with all new features that obviously augment the incredibility of Hybrid Mobile App Development. Thus, build more simplified architectures to deliver high-quality user experience. Entirety changing features of Ionic 3 To elaborate, the foremost feature that is updated and can be embarked as one of the most amicable improvisations is compatibility.

Hence, the mobile app development became more abridged, more transparent and more sophisticated. With the aid of its astute conjunction with Angular 4.0.0 and typescript, module representation has been redefined to a huge extent, thus, delivering an unparalleled experience to the user. Parameters that Define the Success of your Mobile App. Who doesn’t want their app to sustain competition and see less uninstalls? Great Tips to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure. Today our lives are increasingly centered around our mobile devices. We spend ample of hours on this handheld device and use it for accomplishing tasks that range from shopping, banking and answering emails to tracking our fitness and remotely controlling the thermostat at home. Great Tips to Ensure Your Mobile App is Secure.

The end of UX and birth of product design. We all are well aware with the term “product”. Anything material and tangible, often located in a retail store can be called as a product. Google is About to Release Angular 4 Instead 3. In a series of surprises coming from Google, the current buzz is related to the launch of Angular 4. It will be bypassing the previously anticipated Angular 3 version. This broadcast was made only a few months after the company announced the launch of Angular 3. Building a Custom App vs. Off-the-Shelf Options: octalsolution. To uphold success and sustain a dominant position in today’s competitive market scenario, an increasing number of business enterprises are taking to developing a branded custom app. How to Build an On-Demand Meal Ordering and Delivery Platform APP.

With the world going mobile, today there are competent mobility solutions for all types of industries. Applications have found a profound space in the everyday lives of people. iOS App Development Trends in 2017. This is the modern era of speedy technological developments wherein better is always the best. Benefits of choosing Android App Development. Digital advancement has revolutionized the world, redefining the future of the economy. Everyday emerging technologies and intuitive mobile apps are tremendously altering the way we work and live today. Possible Mobile App Disasters and How to Avoid Them. Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development. Mobility is the prerequisite requirement of the future. An ever increasing number of enterprise users are switching to the smartphones and tablet devices for catering their on-the-move needs. Choosing the Best Location-Based Technology for Mobile Apps — GPS vs. Beacons vs. WiFi.

Benefits of having Mobile Apps for Business. How Internet of Things (IoT) Can Revolutionize The Healthcare Industry. Why Should You Choose Agile For Your Mobile App Development? Cross-Platform Apps- the New Age of Mobile App Development 2017. Tips to Reduce Size of Android and iOS Apps - Blog. Big Data Trends in 2017. Top 13 Node.js Frameworks for Web & Mobile App Development. Things You Need To Work On Before Developing Your Business App. Why Choose Laravel Framework over WordPress – Octal Info Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Cost to Develop an App like Viber - Timeline & Features. The Mobile App Developments Trends In 2017- It’s Going to Be Bigger. Google buys Twitter’s mobile app Development platform Fabric. How Enterprise Mobility Is Changing the Face of Modern Business World. Laravel VS YII-Which One Is Best. 44 App Development Leaders You Need to Know. Reasons you should Upgrade to iOS 10.2. Mistakes that can lead your Exciting Mobile app Venture to a Failure. How to Get Your App Visible as featured By App Store – Tips & Tricks. Octal Info Solution establishes Silver Partnership with Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) Apple Watch 2 - Perfect Device for Swimming Trainer Applications - Mogul. Six Cloud Based Tools to Develop Mobile Apps. Is Mankind Becoming a Slave of Mobile Devices? Software Testing Article - Best iWatch Applications for Running Enthusiast.

How much it will cost to develop Messaging App like WhatsApp. What the future beholds for mobile app development based on IoT? Facebook Looks to Expands Its Video Sharing Market With This Latest Move. Improve Your Home Networking System With Google Wifi. Internet of Things (IoT) App Development – Opportunities and Challenges - App Industry Insights. Enrich the User Experience with these Features in your Taxi Booking Mobile App. Facebook Marketplace- How will it change the way you buy and sell? Why PHP Is the Best Option for Backend Purpose ... - Mobile App Development - Quora. Octal Info Solution Pvt. Ltd. - Currency ban crisis: Top virtual transactions mobile apps to the Rescue! PM Narendra Modi hits back black money holders by scraping Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes – Medium.

Google Home: A Round the Clock Assistant for Every Space – Medium. 10 Scariest Halloween Games for Android Users. Wearables & Driver-Less Mode: The Future Is Calling. Empowering Education in the Age of Big Data. Will Allo be able to surpass the popularity of Facebook Messenger? Top 8 Best Android Video Players Apps Of 2016 - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. Major Aspects to Follow Before You Go for App Development. Top Security Measures that Ensure the Safety of a Website - Best Tools That Help You Optimize Your Mobile Apps. Is Coding Something Really Essential for Designers to Know? Names Octal Among the Top Android App Development Companies.

Techbat's blog. Find best hotels for your stay using these apps for Android. Article Details. Did You Find Your Health Disturbed Due To Use Of Internet? - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. Octalsoftware.kinja. How to opt the best .NET-based CMS? Highly Productive PHP Tools for Testing and Debugging - LetsDnD. Best Banking Apps for Small BusinessesSmall Biz Daily. Do You like Uber Apps? Meet The Uber Competitors Around The World - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. Major Mobile Design Mistakes Most Commonly Done ~ Testools.

PHP and IoT: Can they make a revolutionary change? Some Outstanding and Exciting Reasons to Become an Android Developer. Major tips to Improve Cloud Computing Security - EPiTConsult. Ask These Vital Questions Before You Hire A Mobile App Developer. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): How to secure your website. Debunking the most common Web Design Myths. Best Android Mobile Apps For Hiking And Adventure Lovers - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. How mobile apps can benefit the airline industry. Facebook will soon allow you to post in 45 different languages. Alibaba, Future Group and Flipkart in race to buy Jabong. What One Needs to Take Care of Before Hiring a Programmer? 13 Best PHP Libraries for every developer - Lets Design n Develop. Which are the best Mobile Apps Search Engines? 2016 - Webgranth. Things to consider while choosing plug-ins for your blog.

Best web development trends of 2016. Major Fitness Apps That Your Wearables Must Have - EXEIdeas – Let's Your Mind Rock. Apple displays iOS 10 with some key redesigns and features at WWDC. Top 20 Famous Virtual Reality Games You Must Play.