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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Behave on Twitter. Some months ago, a famous tweet was often distributed, highlighting perfectly the current situation of the most used social networks: “ Facebook is for colleagues you have in school, Twitter is for people you want to be colleagues in school”.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Behave on Twitter

Even if Twitter didn’t reach the huge level of expansion of Facebook, its potential is amazing and many experts are still exploring new ways of obtaining advantages from it. The idea behind this social network is simple: anyone is free and welcomed to create an account, use a limited space to describe himself and that’s all, from there the road to glory is only 140 characters length. Users who are offering useful and interesting tweets will be appreciated by the Twitter community and step-by-step they will be followed by many other users of the network. More exactly, anyone can follow anyone, but no one will follow someone that has nothing worthy to say. Twitter is very interesting mostly because of its marketing & advertising powers. 1. 2. 3. 10 Twitter tools for better social networking. Above all the social networks out there, I found that Twitter is by far the most powerful to build and grow a personal brand around yourself.

10 Twitter tools for better social networking

Having yourself established online can be very helpful in many circumstances. It makes it easier to amplify your voice and get help and feedback with your ideas and projects. Naturally it also allows you to connect to like minds faster and leverage existing connections with a higher impact. Oftentimes, although many want to establish themselves as authority, we can’t spend hour and hours each day doing this. So here are 10 tools that I am using to make my online networking more efficient. Buffer – get 200% more clicks on your tweets What I found to be the most important ingredient to a great online appearance is to create amazing content for your followers. 45 Fabulous Examples Of Illustrated Twitter Backgrounds. 5 Websites To Schedule Your Tweets. You all must be familiar with Twitter, go Google it if not, and the purpose it is used for.

5 Websites To Schedule Your Tweets

But sometimes you want to do something more with Twitter, like if you want to send a tweet at a specific time but Twitter itself doesn’t provide such functionality. But there are some free web tools you can use to schedule your tweets and send them on specific time. Below is the list of 5 websites that will help you schedule tweets. 1. How Freelancers Can Brand Themselves Using Twitter Trends. Effective Use of Twitter for Designers. Almost everyone has a Twitter account and uses it almost everyday to be updated with everything under the sun.

Effective Use of Twitter for Designers

For freelancers, Twitter can be a great advantage in marketing your services. If you have lots of followers, some of them could be your potential clients. Keep on tweeting about your newest projects, share resources on graphic designing or retweet interesting tweets from other designers. How to Make the Best Use of Twitter for Your Business. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites and I am sure everyone is aware about this website.

How to Make the Best Use of Twitter for Your Business

Twitter is not limited to the common man usage; celebrities are also using Twitter to stay in touch with their fans. For a lot of people Twitter would be a way perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family of follow their favorite celebrities. Twitter Marketing Guide: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Hi, my name is Tim and I’m pretty sure that you’ve landed here right from your Twitter account.

Twitter Marketing Guide: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Ok, you got me this time as the above claim does not apply to everyone, but I’m confident that this post is currently hot on Twitter! How do I know that while writing the very first paragraph? C’mon, it’s gonna be a Twitter Guide – I’ll just use the tips below to make it go viral :) Twitter Design - Inspiring Twitter Background & Resources. If you are a freelancer like me, you will probably find social media sites these days are your best friends.

Twitter Design - Inspiring Twitter Background & Resources

Facebook and Twitter are the most common social media sites being used to promote freelancing businesses. As you may have noticed, Twitter has redesigned the layout of the Twitter Homepage. It gives better support for multimedia applications such as videos and pictures, keyboard shortcuts and easier access to other kinds of content. 60 Creative Illustrated Twitter Backgrounds - Noupe Design Blog. The 5 Really Useful Twitter Apps You Should Know About. By Umar Anjum on November 26, 2010 The 5 Really Useful Twitter Apps You Should Know About Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster.

The 5 Really Useful Twitter Apps You Should Know About

Twitter is a massive online social network that lets you stay in touch with the updates of your friends, your favorite celebrities, and even the websites and companies you like. 50+ Amazing Twitter Services That You Do Not Want To Miss. Twitter is both a micro-blogging platform and a social networking service that every webmaster uses today.

50+ Amazing Twitter Services That You Do Not Want To Miss

The service has developed rapidly and been becoming an integral part of our life. Together with the growth of Twitter, there are many tools and services developed overtime and in this article, I want to show you the most popular Twitter tools that will help you becoming a social networking guru. Find friends to follow and be followed 1. Mr Tweet. Le top 10 des relous sur twitter. L’excellent post de Shannon Whitley m’a donné envie de dresser une liste différente et plus franco-française des dix genres les plus emblématiques de twitteurs relous.

Le top 10 des relous sur twitter

Tout twitteur digne de ce nom, hélas, se retrouvera un petit peu dans chacun de ces dix relous. L’important est de savoir doser. Ces gens-là ne savent pas doser. 1. Le Boring Le Boring, comme son nom l’indique, a la formidable faculté de twitter des éléments si ennuyeux de sa vie quotidienne que même sa mère lui jetterait une chaussure au pupitre. Twitter Background Design – Great Tips and Gorgeous Examples. We all know that gaining Twitter followers is down to how often you tweet and what you tweet about - or if you're a website owner and use Twitter, a way to communicate with your readers. However, there are additional ways to increase the chances of new stumblers to follow you, one of them being by having an interesting background. This isn't a quick route to Twitter success, but it most certainly does help. 6 Personalities You Should Follow On Twitter. 12 Talented UK Logo Designers to follow on Twitter.

Médias sociaux > Pourquoi les marques échouent sur Twitter ? Quelques chiffres méconnus sur Twitter - Social Media, Community Management, Social CRM, e-Reputation par Cédric Deniaud. Lorsque l'on donne des chiffres sur Twitter, on s'arrête trop souvent au : nombre de tweets diffusés par jour (50 millions dont la moitié ne sont pas en anglais, contre 2,5 millions en 2009, ce qui témoigne de l'explosion de la twittosphère : plus de 10 milliards de tweets depuis le lancement);nombre d'inscrits (environ 15 millions selon les derniers chiffres officiels communiqués au niveau monde dont un peu moins de 1% en France soit moins de 150 000 inscrits).

How to connect your site with twitter using @Anywhere. Twitter has launched @Anywhere, a more simple way of integrating twitter in your site. With it you can add follow buttons, hovercards, linkify twitter usernames and connect with twitter. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use @Anywhere in your site. I will add some twitter @Anywhere features to the application build in my previous tutorials, the distance finder (part1 of the tutorial, part2). 50 Web Designers and Developers to Follow on Twitter. If your looking for some web designers and developers to follow on twitter, then your in the right place as this list contains 50 web designers and developers who are worth following. You’ll find that each one has a lot to offer and a unique perspective on their craft. Gary Thomas – (9swords) he tweets cool stuff for web designers.

Aaron Irizarry – (aaroni268) is a User Experience Designer for Harte-Hanks/PennySaver. Angie Bowen – (angbowen) is a web designer/developer from Colorado. Adam Smith – (atsmith) is the president and creative director of Advent Creative. Andrew Wilkinson – (awilkinson) runs the interface design agency MetaLab. Barry Madden – (BarryMadden) is a freelance web/GUI/graphic designer. Top 10 Websites To Get The Hottest Twitter Topics. 35 Creative Twitter Background Inspired from Typography. The most popular tweets on the web.

Twitter. TweetDeck. Klout - Twitter Analytics - Measuring Influence Across The Socia. MyCleenr. Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter. Tweet Spinner: Micro-targeting without Micro-managing. - Who's not following you back? Who aren't yo. Twitter Search, Twitter Directory, Twitter Yellow Pages. Qwitter: Catching Twitter quitters. 10 Great Tips for Using Twitter as a Designer. Twitter was founded in 2006 by Odeo (a podcasting company). It was first used as an internal service for Odeo employees, and later, it became public and then took off as its own company in 2007.

Today, Twitter is ranked in the top 50 websites on Alexa, and in February 2009, a blog post by Compete ranked Twitter as the third most used social networking site. The original intention of Twitter was to announce to your friends and family, in 140 characters or less, what you were doing, as you were doing it. People would be updated all the time on the status of their friends. Nowadays, people have found tons of different uses for this social media site that answers the question "What’s Happening?

" I know many of you are already all over Twitter and are already familiar with its benefits as a professional working designer. Why As a freelancer you should use twitter. This is a great insight to why as a designer you should choose to use one of the most powerful social media tools around for designers twitter. Every one shares their personal findings from around the web. 302 conseils, règles et outils pour votre utilisation de Twitter. Bonsoir à toutes et à tous.

How to: Do a Proper Follow Friday on Twitter. Twettle, la bouilloire qui twitte ! Si vous êtes du genre « hyper-mega-supra-tera-connecté » et que vous ne pouvez pas vivre plus de 10 secondes sans avoir un oeil sur votre timeline Twitter et que, en plus de tout ça, vous aimez le thé et/ou les infusions, alors la Twettle devrait vous conquérir. 40 Tools To Spice Up Your Twitter Background. 100 Creative Twitter Backgrounds Featuring Illustration. If you’ve ever created a Twitter account and customized it with some text, you would have discovered that the amount of text that you can display to describe yourself is very limited. This is where designing, creating, and publishing a creative Twitter background and using it as your billboard comes into place. Many designers and creatives utilize actual illustrations and images that will attract the viewers’ attention.

By capturing a reader’s imagination in the process, illustrative backgrounds will most likely remain within their memory for a longer period of time. 10 aspects ou astuces que vous ne connaissez peut-être pas sur T. Twitter et les centaines d’applications-tierces qui l’englobent sont dotés de ressources insoupçonnées pouvant pourtant être très utiles dans certains cas. Bien entendu, je ne vais pas vous proposer d’exclusivités, et il ne s’agit donc pas de grandes découvertes ; je juge cependant qu’un grand nombre de ces éléments demeurent encore inconnus du « grand public » sur le site de microblogging, et qu’il s’avère important de pouvoir les présenter puisqu’ils peuvent s’avérer extrêmement pratiques dans certains cas.

Je me permets donc de publier « 10 aspects ou astuces que vous ne connaissez peut-être pas sur Twitter », et j’espère très sincèrement que la plupart d’entre-vous feront quelques trouvailles ces prochaines minutes. N’oubliez pas que si vous avez la moindre question ou la moindre amélioration à apporter au contenu de cet article, vous pouvez me retrouver sur Twitter sous le pseudo @Kriisiis. 1. Vous pouvez empêcher la réception de DM automatiques 2. 3. 4. 10 utilisations créatives de Twitter. Artistes, marques, agences, étudiants… Nombreux sont ceux qui ont décidé . Cet article se fait l’écho de qui méritent le coup d’œil (à noter que l’article évolue en fonction de vos contributions, l’article final aura sûrement plus de 10 exemples). Commençons parce ce qui se présente comme la . 20 Ways to Get Ignored on Twitter. 5 Exciting Ways to Use Twitter. Comment avoir plus de 200 followers sur Twitter en moins de deux.

Nous les Geeks on est beaux, doux et moelleux, mais pas que ça … certains sont assez fourbes ^^.