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Social Media Propaganda Posters [Pics] The Present of Social Media and The Future Scenario. All over the Internet, it seems that any blogger, who has nothing to say or is simply uninspired for the moment, will surely post something about the rise and the progress of social media.

The Present of Social Media and The Future Scenario

The subject is debated from news websites to the ones about gardening and the trend is that, if it did not happen yet, that anybody knows something new about social media. Even though it is a very hot subject there are still enough people who are in doubt about social media: is it something transitory or is it as important as the discovery of fire, steam power or the Internet?

Nobody knows but all the information says that social media is a powerful and interesting entity. Another interesting fact about social media is the fact that it isn’t preferred only by young people, one of the fastest segments on Facebook consists of 55-65 years-old women. In a nutshell the statistics suggest that social media is a real interesting fact and neglecting it may be dangerous. Types of social media 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Jeffbullas. Social media campaigns can catch the public’s imagination and you only have to watch the Old Spice campaign or Roller Babies online video to realize the genius. There are other social media campaigns that aren’t that sexy or funky but never the less they are enormously effective and produce great results. One of these that come to mind is Fords Fiesta Movement social media campaign that created a 38% awareness about a product before launch and 11 million social networking impressions without one dollar being spent on traditional mass media.

In the previous article I listed the 10 best social media campaigns as selected by Forbes panel of three experts including David Berkowitz of the New York City agency 360iBrandon Evans of the social marketing agency Mr Youth in New York CityMichael Lebowitz of Big Spaceship, a digital ad shop in Brooklyn So what are the ten campaigns that didn’t make the cut. 11. 12. This was another Facebook campaign that touched on peoples charitable side. 13. The Top 3 Social Media Sites. There is a huge difference between creating a site and running a site. You can hire a designer and content writer to create your website in a matter of days only. However, to run it and to make it successful, you will need to bring potential buyers to your website. So, how can you attract your market and bring them to your website? Well, today, social media is one of the hottest ways of connecting with your market. You may utilize the powerful of social media marketing to promote your business and bring the most targeted to your website.

Here are 3 powerful social media sites that will allow you to promote your business and products easily and effectively. YouTube: YouTube is a social video sharing website where you can uploade short videos to attract your market. As you know your market, you can create short videos for your market that can attract them. Stumble Upon: Real-Time Search — BackType. Relationships Matter. Partagez en un clic vos liens préférés sur Facebook, Twitter.

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Twitter : Public marks. Digg - The Latest News Headlines, Videos and Images. Tinychat - Free online video chat rooms. Timetonote - Free, Simple, Fast and Elegant CRM. MySpace France - Aujourd'hui sur MySpace. Fuzz : Vous faites la une ! - Vous faites la une ! - The Constant Awareness Communication Tool - Private. DoYouBuzz : le CV en ligne nouvelle génération - CV gratuit. Facebook. FriendFeed. Scoopeo. Ning lets you join and create new social networks for your inter.