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Amazingly Detailed 3D Art Landscapes – 65 Examples | Design your way 161 Share CevherShare Share 161 If you haven’t tried making a 3D model till now, I have to tell you that it’s incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of hours to make something good, something that is detailed and looks very realistic. These 3D images below amaze me every time I look at them and make me wish I had more free time so I can try working in a 3D Software. Amazingly Detailed 3D Art Landscapes – 65 Examples | Design your way
Axsotic - souris 3D Axsotic - souris 3D La Axsotic est une souris 3D qui se veut destinée aux pros. Cette souris 3D est basée sur le principe de la track ball. Une bille mobile se trouve entre une série de capteurs et c’est en faisant tourner cette bille qu’on contrôle le déplacement. Là où la Axsotic se démarque des autres souris 3D c’est justement sur ce concept qui en fait une souris mal adaptée aux grands mouvements rapides mais en revanche d’une précision redoutable.
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30 Incredible 3D Robots from the Future Humanity loves robots. Our ability to create devices that can mimic and simulate human behavior and intelligence is one that has fascinated recent generations. Whether it’s a robot designed to help on the international space station, or an army of battle droids ruling the battlefields, robots can be used for good or evil, and can be loveable icons like Wall-E, or infamous Terminators designed to assassinate select individuals. The best way to visualize a robot, aside from building one, is to use 3D to create it. So, in this post, we’ve gathered up 30 incredible 3D robots that we might even see in the future. 30 Incredible 3D Robots from the Future
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50 Terrifying 3D Monsters To Make You Shiver - Pxleyes.com Blog 50 Terrifying 3D Monsters To Make You Shiver - Pxleyes.com Blog For all those who are passionate about CG, we bring for you today a mindblowing collection of 50 3D models impersonated in monsters, trolls, warriors and demons; We present the dark side of creation. Some of these you might have seen in movies or video games, some are new, but nonetheless, amazing in detail and structure. They almost come alive through the effort and talent of the creator-artists and with the help of software such as Zbrush, Maya, Blender, Poser and some other similar ones.
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45 Humorous Examples of 3D CG Creatures Artworks 45 Humorous Examples of 3D CG Creatures Artworks Apr 12 2010 Here is a funny collection of some interesting, beautiful and well-designed 3D CG Creatures Artworks. Although we have already posted some articles on computer graphics, this post is unique and original. In this post, we have compiled a list of CG Creatures Artworks that are very attention-grabbing and just nice to look at. Let’s have a look at these artworks in detail.
Inspiration: Amazing 3D Typography Three-dimensional typography is something we've seen a lot of recently, and it doesn't seem to be dying down, either. This post showcases a huge collection of 3D typography, and we have no doubt whatsoever that it is going inspire! So, how is this magnificent typography produced? There are actually a handful of ways, and the correct piece of software is chosen depending on what look you want to go for. 3D editing software such as Maya or Cinema 4D is used to create rendered shapes, making your typography look like each shape is a real life object, such as the first two examples below. Adobe software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, can also be used to create 3D typography, using various different tools and techniques. This option usually produces a softer and more artistic/illustrated look, such as examples Question and Noony Style which can be found below. Inspiration: Amazing 3D Typography