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Clothing Retailer JBC Rolls Out Checkpoint Systems' RFID Across All Stores. THOROFARE, N.J.

Clothing Retailer JBC Rolls Out Checkpoint Systems' RFID Across All Stores

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions, and JBC, Belgium’s largest clothing retailer, today announced that they have rolled out radio-frequency identification(RFID) throughout JBC's entire supply chain, from point of production through its distribution center (DC) to its 144 stores in the region. Clothing Retailer JBC Rolls Out Checkpoint Systems' RFID Across all StoresTweet this JBC is pioneering the adoption of RFID technology in Belgium to provide accurate merchandise visibility through its supply chain with the objective of enabling omni-channel retailing and enhancing its shoppers’ experience.

JBC now tracks over 17 million items a year, from the moment of production of its 100 suppliers around the world up to the time they are sold in its 144 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. About JBC JBC is one of the most important fashion retailers in Belgium. Rebecca Minkoff Adds RFID to More Stores, Boosts Sales. High-end fashion retailer Rebecca Minkoff opened its first RFID-enabled store in New York City's SoHo neighborhood in November 2014 (see Rebecca Minkoff Store Uses RFID to Provide an Immersive Experience).

Rebecca Minkoff Adds RFID to More Stores, Boosts Sales

Since then, the retailer has brought radio frequency identification to two of its other stores, one in Los Angeles and the other in San Francisco. The company, known primarily for its chic handbags, reports that the use of RFID to provide higher levels of customer service has led to greater-than-expected apparel sales. "Giving the customer a unique experience is the heart of our store visit and journey," Uri Minkoff, CEO of the clothing company he cofounded with his sister, Rebecca, said at a panel discussion at the National Retail Federation's Big Show, held last week in New York City.

"RFID is the core piece of that. " Giks Mode deploys RFKeeper's RFID within a week throughout all its stores and DC. RFKeeper, the global provider of Plug & Play RFID Solutions for Fashion Retailers, and Nordic ID, have announced Giks Mode in Belgium has deployed RFKeeper's Plug & Play RFID Solutions for automated inventory counts, supply chain visibility, and stock replenishment.

Giks Mode deploys RFKeeper's RFID within a week throughout all its stores and DC

The solution that was deployed at all sites during one week enables Giks Mode to tightly control its inventory across the entire supply chain, including the central DC (distribution center) and all the chain's stores. The solution enables Giks Mode to increase inventory accuracy to over 99%, validate all shipments, conduct a complete inventory count of all stores every week, and ensure the right product mix (model, size, color) is available for shoppers on the sales floor. Giks Mode was looking for an RFID solution that can be quickly deployed and deliver immediate benefits.

Moreover, an easy integration to the chain's legacy systems (ERP, WMS, POS etc.) was a must requirement. Decathlon Sees Sales Rise and Shrinkage Drop, Aided by RFID. French sporting goods retailer Decathlon says its sales increased by 11 percent last year, and attributes part of that growth to an ambitious radio frequency identification deployment at all of its 951 stores worldwide, as well as at approximately 43 warehouses (logistics centers).

Decathlon Sees Sales Rise and Shrinkage Drop, Aided by RFID

During the same time period (2014), the company experienced a 9 percent reduction in shrinkage, says Jean-Marc Lieby, Decathlon's RFID project leader. Most of the stores are now using RFID technology for inventory checks at the point of sale and at security gates. The company's stores in India and Brazil, however, are using RFID only for tracking inventory. RFID Helps Target Transform Holiday Shopping Experience. Brick-and-mortar retailers have been struggling to find ways to compete with the convenience of online shopping.

RFID Helps Target Transform Holiday Shopping Experience

Target might have found a solution—one that leverages radio frequency identification technology. Target has created a Target Wonderland pop-up store in New York City's Meatpacking district. A shopper entering the Wonderland area is given a token (with Target's red bull's-eye logo printed on it) containing an embedded passive high-frequency (HF) transponder, based on the ISO 14443 standard. NXP Semiconductors made the RFID chips in the transponders, which were provided by Vanguard ID Systems.

Visitors can choose to register their token and associate the transponder's unique ID number with their social-media pages, though that is not required. Vital Electronics - Компания UGG Australia использует RFID технологии для взаимодействия с клиентами. Aeon Retail invests in RFID to manage inventory. Japanese retailer Aeon Retail is to roll-out radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions to its flagship store to improve inventory management and the shopping experience after a successful pilot.

Aeon Retail invests in RFID to manage inventory

The deployment is being delivered by Checkpoint Systems, which will supply the RFID-upgradeable RF EAS systems and the RFID robot prototype to automate the in-store inventory cycle-counting process to improve inventory visibility. Aeon Retail – the core company of the Aeon Group with 350 supermarkets – has already started to implement source-tagging for apparel and consumer packaged goods merchandise.

The programme, it says, will ensure merchandise arrives at stores already tagged and shelf-ready. “Smart shelves” - The store shelf of the future. Thanks to RFID, forerunner retailers today have a whole spectrum of ways to observe customer behavior and make appropriate changes to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

“Smart shelves” - The store shelf of the future

Besides from traditional ways like analyzing buying history, customer feedback and customer loyalty card data, RFID has provided retailers with new revolutionary tools for observing customer behavior. We have already mentioned RFID based displays in fitting rooms, "smart mirrors" and RFID gates at cash desks that scan a whole shopping cart in seconds. This time we'll take a look at the shelf of the future - "smart shelves". So, what is a "smart shelf"? A smart shelf is a shelf in a store that has been equipped with an RFID reader. Added value by adopting smart shelves 1. Automatic replenishment alert is one of the most potential uses of smart shelves in the retail business area. 2. Retailers often encounter "false" out-of-stocks, that is, the item is nowhere to be found, at least not by the customer. 3. 4. 5. 6. Retailers set to Benefit from RFID Industry Growth.

Impinj’s CEO/President William Colleran, Ph.D., recently spoke with SCAN, the Data Capture Report, about the growing RFID industry, Impinj’s xArray Reader System, and the benefits RFID offers to retailers.

Retailers set to Benefit from RFID Industry Growth

The RFID industry is growing at a healthy rate of 35% year over year, with no signs of slowing. Recent efforts to remove challenges associated with adopting RFID, as well as a renewed focus on R&D, has fueled development of hardware and software that enables users to achieve the full benefits allowed by RFID. The retail industry is well positioned to benefit from this RFID industry growth. Impinj’s new xArray Reader System, set to ship later this year, is an all-in-one device that will allow retailers to manage their inventory levels, reduce loss prevention, and create an omni-channel experience that brings online conveniences to retail locations. Dr. Тележки для товаров следят за передвижением покупателей. Холдинг Kesko следит за передвижением своих клиентов с помощью датчиков, встроенных в корзины или тележки для товаров.

Тележки для товаров следят за передвижением покупателей

Пока слежение осуществлялось только в одном гипермаркете, расположение которого компания пока не хочет обнародовать. Комплексный анализ производительности RFID в рознице. RetailStudio - США - Macy’s обновляет свою стратегию по применению технологии RFID. Chico's Reveals Value of RFID-Enabled Inventory Accuracy at RES. The item-level inventory accuracy enabled by RFID tagging will be a critical element for Chico's FAS as it seeks to maximize sales opportunities from buy online/pickup in-store occasions.

Chico's Reveals Value of RFID-Enabled Inventory Accuracy at RES

The confidence of knowing which items are actually available in each store will allow the retailer to arm store associates with customer-specific purchase history data, enabling highly effective cross-selling and upselling when the shopper comes into the store. Chico's director of store technology Ken Silay and COO Kent Kleeberger laid out the technology and process pyramid that will be needed to fully enable this cross-channel appointment shopping. The executives presented the closing keynote at last week's RIS 12th annual Retail Executive Summit.

The pyramid's base is network resiliency, both at the store level and in order to connect associates there with enterprise-level databases and systems. This resiliency supports inventory accuracy and consistent cross-channel order management.