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Websta - the best Instagram web viewer online (Webstagram) Why Instagram is so important to Millennials. Facebook commissioned a survey of people aged between 13 to 24 years old that live in these 7 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France and in the United States of America) The results are very interesting.

Why Instagram is so important to Millennials

Yes, it seems that teens and young adults are fleeing Facebook, but only to go on Instagram (which is owned by Facebook since 2012). Why? The main reason is that people now want visuals and not text. They want nice pictures that illustrate the philosophy of a brand and not an ad. 9 Marketing Techniques I used to Get 39,000 Instagram Followers. In 2013, I started an Instagram account showing healthy breakfasts that I’ve indulged around the world.

9 Marketing Techniques I used to Get 39,000 Instagram Followers

Today, I have 39,000 followers, a wellness business, two products, and events around the globe, and all of this stemmed from my Instagram account. I had no strategy or intention to make a business out of my love for healthy lifestyle, but looking back, I see clearly what I did right—and after receiving hundreds of questions about this, I’m here to share it with you for the first time. #Foodporn is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram with more than 55 million posts. Whether you’re the person who makes everyone wait until you take the perfect Instagram picture of your meal, or the one who rolls your eyes at the concept of sharing your meals with strangers on the internet and bonding over it, the fact remains: beautiful food photographs is one of the most popular categories on social media, and it’s a hot commodity for individuals and brands alike. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

20+ Instagram Marketing Tips. Instagram has become a necessity in social media marketing for brands, even with limited ad options and other challenges.

20+ Instagram Marketing Tips

The platform passed 300 million monthly users in Dec. 2014, so its social stronghold can’t be ignored. The visual focus, simplicity and popularity of the app all combine to make it a powerful, yet difficult, platform for brands. We at Lightspan love a great challenge and have been in the Instagram game since the beginning. We’ve collected what we’ve learned and are sharing it in this four part Instagram marketing mega-article. Skip to certain topics:HashtagsTools and AppsContent, Color and CompositionInstagram Marketing Secrets. 5 Key Tips to Create Loyal Instagram Followers. At the heart of Instagram you will find originality, creativity, and inspiration.

5 Key Tips to Create Loyal Instagram Followers

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook, there is no secret system to learn. Latergram - Upload and Schedule your Instagram Posts. Instagram made easy for brands. 10 Brands that prove B2Bs have a place on Instagram. If you work in B2B digital marketing, you probably know Instagram is a big deal – but aren’t quite sure if you can make it work for your brand.

10 Brands that prove B2Bs have a place on Instagram

Chances are, you’ve looked enviously at all of the ecommerce brands who have to products to display for this great new medium. If you don’t sell trendy clothing, don’t run a luxury travel agency, or don’t have adorable animals hanging out in your office, you might fear you’re forcing it. 10 Creative or Weird Uses of Instagram. Instagram might be the land of selfies, sunsets and food pics— and that’s totally fine with us— but it’s also home to some of the most creative social media minds in the business.

10 Creative or Weird Uses of Instagram

Marketers, businesses and individuals have come up with incredible ways to make use of the every-growing photo social network. From hiding dogs to selling sheep, here are 10 creative or weird uses of Instagram that show just how awesome the app can truly be. As a website Leave it to Ikea to do something simple but innovative. With the help of an ad agency, the Russian division of Ikea launched its new PS 2014 collection using Instagram as a website. IKEA PS: Instagram Website from Instinct on Vimeo.

The Kinds of Photos Instagram Followers Want to "Like" Infographics?

The Kinds of Photos Instagram Followers Want to "Like"

Yawn. Press Releases? Boring. Instagram for Small Business: Three Master Marketers. Since its release in October 2010, Instagram has gained popularity around the world.

Instagram for Small Business: Three Master Marketers

As of March 2014, there were nearly 200 million monthly active users, and about 13 percent of all internet users around the world were on Instagram. Its simple interface and fun filters make it easy for people to chronicle their lives by sharing photos. Top 5 Ingredients For A Successful Instagram Campaign! Despite having the highest engagement among all social media platforms, few companies have truly tried to tap into Instagram's potential to create campaigns to engage with their audiences.

Top 5 Ingredients For A Successful Instagram Campaign!

There are a few possible reasons that attributed to this: The disabling of URL on Instagram user’s post heavily crippled its ability to drive direct traffic from Instagram. There isn’t an advertising option that’s similar to Facebook for brands to promote a campaign or product offering. Lastly, there is no default way for a user to re-share post, which leaves brands with only hashtags to reach their audiences. But all these little problems can be easily overcome with some simple tips and tricks that we can learn from other brands. Let’s start with the most important one. Instagram teaching ad-makers how to be less square. By Ben Popper and Ellis Hamburger Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has repeatedly emphasized that a big focus for the company is to "keep the standard really, really high" for its first ads — something Facebook and mobile ad networks like AdMob perhaps missed the boat on.

Pinterest Analytics and Instagram Contest Marketing Suite. Curalate: Pinterest, Instagram Analytics & Marketing. 12 Brands That Captured Our Attention Through Instagram Contests. In case you didn’t take notice, Instagram is kind of a big deal.

12 Brands That Captured Our Attention Through Instagram Contests

But, since the social media platform has 150 million users, we’re guessing that you did in fact notice. However, does that mean that you can utilize Instagram to establish your brand? As the recent study published by TrackMavern illustrated, not only are brands effectively using Instagram, more Fortune 500 companies are getting on board. 5 Tips for Instant Marketing Gratification with Instagram. How 123 Fortune 500s Use Instagram Marketing & 3 Tips for Success. Is your company on Instagram yet? If so, it joins the 123 Fortune 500s that have added Instagram to their marketing arsenal. Brands like Nike, Starbucks, Ralph Lauren, Whole Foods and more are all top players in the Instagram big brand space. TrackMaven, a competitive analysis firm, has released a study that exposes how these Fortune 500s are using Instagram, and gives tips on how you can use Instagram like a boss, too. Having an Instagram account is one thing, but actually using it is another.

TrackMaven explored the percentage of active accounts versus inactive accounts of Fortune 500s and found that of the 123 using Instagram, about 22 percent had active accounts. Socialable - A Leading Global Social Media Marketing Agency. 38K Flares Twitter 1.8K Facebook 15 Google+ 19 StumbleUpon 36.1K Pin It Share 9 9 LinkedIn 27 inShare27 Email -- Email to a friend Buffer 33 38K Flares × Since its launch in 2010, Instagram’s playful exterior and creative photo editing tools have attracted an estimated 50 million users. Although a relatively new social media phenomenon, it was still sold in April for a whopping $1 billion dollars, to the ‘don’ of social networking…Facebook. First things first, you may be curious as to why the biggest social media giant in the world would be interested in investing their money, in what at first glance appears to merely be a straightforward mobile photo sharing app.

Well my little ‘Instavirgins’ I’m going to tell you exactly why! The free Instagram app, although initially available exclusively to iOS users, has now been offered to all android smartphone users. Whats that I hear you cry? 1. 2. For those of you who aren’t the next Charles Dickens, Instagram is all about the visuals. Instagram - Instawhat? Statigram - All Instagram online. How to Tap into Instagram's Massive Audience to Increase E-commerce Sales. You already know that brands can leverage user-generated photos from Instagram to engage consumers. Today we will measure that engagement and connect it to ecommerce sales. With Instagram, marketers have access to a huge audience of 100 million active users snapping over 40 million photos per day and posting 1000 comments per second. Instagram is more than a place for selfies and cat pictures.

Consumers are photographing and discussing brands every day: #Starbucks – 2.6 million photos#Nike – 12.7 million photos#Michaelkors – 1 million photos#Chanel – 2.4 million photos#Audi – 1 million photos Brands of all sizes are becoming keenly aware of the large marketing opportunity with Instagram’s massive audience. Getting to the Heart of the Matter on InstagramPR News.

Matt Rozen PR pros now spend a growing amount of their time trying to figure out how to align their brand’s social channels with the sales and marketing funnel. What’s the most effective way to craft a message on Twitter that will put your company’s products and services front and center? How will content that’s posted on your company’s Facebook page get people to consider your brand versus competitors? But PR execs have to look at Instagram in a different light, according to Matt Rozen, group manager of corporate social media at Adobe. The photo-sharing site, which Facebook acquired last year for $1 billion, isn’t necessarily designed to draw people to a different Web destination, but play directly to their emotional center. “I don't think people click on links in Instagram comments, nor do I think people will take action” if there is a call to action embedded in the picture, said Rozen.

4 Tips to Fuel Your Instagram Campaign to Success. Sometimes deepening the relationship between your brand and your fans is as simple as giving people a way to engage on a new level. Instagram is a great tool for capturing fan and customer excitement in the moment, but in order to understand the magnitude of the effectiveness of visual marketing, it helps to take a look at the numbers: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

[source]40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. [source]Just one month after the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands, visual content (photos and videos) saw a 65% increase in engagement. [source] Case Study: A Day at the Races With Indy 500. 10 Brands That Jumped on Instagram Video (And Rocked It) When new social media features are released, every news outlet and blog jumps on the story.

(Hey, we do it, too.) Everyone's thinking: what is this new feature, and how does it fit into my current content strategy?