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Welcome to Release Notes: A user has ported the GNOME 2 applet to MATE.

The verb choir now has a second present participle: cheyant. The verb server has been fixed. The name of the conjugation model... now appears in the results of the graphical application. The latter now points to the Wikizionario when the verb is in Italian Release Notes: The PNG icons of several sizes, which were introduced witih version 0.1.39, are now pre-generated, so that compiling Verbiste does not require the rsvg-convert command.... Release Notes: The conjugation of verbs blasphémer, brumasser, crémer, écrémer, and luire has been fixed. Release Notes: A conjugation page now shows a link to the Wiktionnaire page which is expected to contain the definition of the displayed verb.

Release Notes: The user can now pass a verb as an argument to the graphical programs to make them display an initial conjugation. Framasoft - Logiciels libres.

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OpenGL vs. DirectX (fr) Souvent, lorsque nous rencontrons d’autres développeurs de jeux et disons que nous utilisons OpenGL pour notre jeu Overgrowth, nous sommes vus avec des regards d’incrédulité : pourquoi devrions-nous utiliser OpenGL ?

OpenGL vs. DirectX (fr)

DirectX c’est l’avenir. Lorsque nous disons aux représentants de cartes graphiques que nous utilisons OpenGL, la température de la pièce descend de dix degrés. Cela nous déconcerte. C’est une habitude de geeks que les sites basés sur les standards, par exemple, rejettent Silverlight, Flash, ou ActiveX. Le développement multiplateforme est louable et intelligent. Avant de nous plonger dans le récit de pourquoi nous soutenons OpenGL, commençons par un peu d’histoire. Qu’est-ce que OpenGL ? En 1982, Silicon Graphics commença à vendre des terminaux graphiques haute performance utilisant une API propriétaire nommée Iris GL (GL est l’abréviation de "graphics library" (bibliothèque graphique)). Qu’est-ce que DirectX ? Pourquoi tout le monde utilise DirectX ? OpenGL vs. DirectX (en) Often, when we meet other game developers and say that we use OpenGL for our game Overgrowth, we're met with stares of disbelief -- why would anyone use OpenGL?

OpenGL vs. DirectX (en)

DirectX is the future. When we tell graphics card representatives that we use OpenGL, the temperature of the room drops by ten degrees. This baffles us. It's common geek wisdom that standards-based websites, for instance, trounce Silverlight, Flash, or ActiveX. Cross-platform development is laudable and smart. Before we dive into the story of why we support OpenGL, let's start with a bit of history: In 1982, Silicon Graphics started selling high-performance graphics terminals using a proprietary API called Iris GL (GL is short for "graphics library"). Today, OpenGL is managed by the Khronos Group -- a non-profit organization with representatives from many companies that are interested in maintaining high-quality media APIs. Looking at the games scene now, it's clear that this strategy is succeeding.