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You didn’t know these facts about Agarbattis. Crisis Investing - Research & Ranking. “Be greedy when others are fearful” A very popular stock market adage given by legendary investor Warren Buffett.

Crisis Investing - Research & Ranking

What Warren meant here was pretty simple: When share prices are falling due to widespread panic in markets, there will always be some fundamentally strong companies, whose shares are available at unreasonably low prices. This is when an intelligent investor goes out and buys those shares to benefit from increased prices in future.

The Mesmerizing Fragrance Of SNIFF – Shimla Hills India. February 11, 2016 Be it home, fabric or food item, the scent is something, which is sensed first by mind even before the sight of these things.

The Mesmerizing Fragrance Of SNIFF – Shimla Hills India

The odor plays an integral part in judging the quality of food, air and other routine utilities. Colon Cleansing : Health Or Hype? - Cancer Healer Center India. Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer Colon in the body is a long and a muscular tube that extracts water, nutrients and salt from the food that you consume.

Colon Cleansing : Health Or Hype? - Cancer Healer Center India

In short, it is an integral part of the digestive system. It also helps the body get rid of food waste and other toxins. Thus, it helps to maintain a healthy body. Broadly speaking, colon cleansing means a good flush of your digestive system in order to remove waste stuck on your colon walls. But there are health dangers attached to colon cleansing with above methods as no study or research supports them as beneficial. • Colon cleansing disturbs the balance of microflora, a bacterial composition in the body. • Damage of Kidney • Infection. Five Décor Myths Busted. When it comes to decorating a home, creativity knows no bound.

Five Décor Myths Busted

But many fear to break certain cliché for it feels that doing so might ruin the décor. Below, we have busted certain myths of décor that will surely give a boost to your creativity and imagination. Enchanting Floor Tiles - Capstona India. Cancer Related Food Myths - Busted - Cancer Healer Center. Posted in: Cancer by Cancer Healer Rumors are all around when it comes to cancer prevention food.

Cancer Related Food Myths - Busted - Cancer Healer Center

Thus, below we have busted certain cancer-related food myths. 1. Eating fat gives you Obesity: Fat consists of calories twice as carbohydrate or protein. These calories feel you full for a longer period. Big Data and Healthcare - Diyotta. With umpteen amounts of scattered data in cloud and varied premises, healthcare systems have a tough time in good clinical data management.

Big Data and Healthcare - Diyotta

Millions of dollars are spent on an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system to solve cluttered data crisis and improve patient care. EMR holds important data about every patient but the challenge is in deriving information for valued decision making for every healthcare organization to improve quality and reduce cost.

EMR is a huge investment for every healthcare organization because the potential insights from the data is huge. Did you try these 5 Agarbattis in your home? – Mokshagarbatti India. India is a leading producer of numerous varieties of agarbattis.

Did you try these 5 Agarbattis in your home? – Mokshagarbatti India

Moksh Agarbatti, being a leading agarbatti supplier, contributes a lot in offering new aromas in the form of agarbattis. They are used in worship places, yoga centers, meditation centers, spas, etc. Bid adieu to 2015 on not just a good, but a smart note! Ho Ho Ho!

Bid adieu to 2015 on not just a good, but a smart note!

Glistening mistletoes, evergreen conifers, plum cakes and sweet surprises which are often hid under your pillow – rejoice for Christmas is near. This festival brings with it reasons aplenty to indulge oneself and the family, decorating your Christmas tree or baking cookies – it is all about amalgamating little pleasures of life in varying proportions. Everyone has something to look forward to, as Santa, riding on to his sleigh successfully plants an effervescent smile on our faces. Serve Candies! Serve Happiness! - Urbandazzle. No matter which age bracket you fall into, colorful candies always attract people irrespective of their age.

Serve Candies! Serve Happiness! - Urbandazzle

Resistance is futile when it comes to drooling and colorful candies. When the same candies are collected together and served to us in beautiful candy bowls or jars, then the fun of grabbing one and gobbling it down quickly multiplies. A candy bowl holds in it candies, gumballs, lollipops, mint tablets and almost everything which could pamper our taste buds with its delicious taste. Illuminate your aura with stunning Candle Holders. Be it a power cut or a beautiful candle light dinner with your loved one, the candle used in both the occasion has a tendency to mesmerize with its light and the flame.

Illuminate your aura with stunning Candle Holders

But the mesmerizing moment could be spoiled if the wax falls on the surface of the stand or in the worse situation, on the hand. Factory Seconds Gadgets –Undisputable Quality at Huge Discounts. Factory seconds gadgets are a dream purchase for the quintessential Indian consumer. Why, you may ask. We all know how much we love discounts.

The word ‘sale’ elicits an enthusiastic response and more often than not results into milling crowds outside retail outlets, or surging sales, in case of online stores. A second and an even more important consideration which appeals to the Indian psyche is the quality of the product. Paying low prices is even more attractive if it is accompanied by no compromises on quality. So should you buy Factory Seconds gadgets? Yes, you should definitely take the plunge if you’re looking for savings without compromising on quality when buying gadgets.