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Oakville Pump Services

Oakville Pump installs submersible well pumps, water storage tanks and well water treatment systems in Napa County including Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford. In addition, OPS installs sump pumps, dewatering sumps, and sewage pumps.

Why is my water pressure so low? What is involved in replacing my submersible well pump? Homeowners new to the rural lifestyle where homeownership also includes owning your own well are often unfamiliar with the process of removing or installing submersible well pump equipment.

What is involved in replacing my submersible well pump?

This blog gives a brief overview of the process. Diagnosis The first part of the process involves identifying a problem. Perhaps the water pressure or flow are low indicating that the pump is worn out. Water Purification Companies Yountville. Types of Water Filtration & Purification Water Filtration involves the mechanical removal/trapping of particulate matter in the water.

Water Purification Companies Yountville

The term “filtration” can also be used to describe chemical processes of absorbing/adsorbing, removing or exchanging components dissolved in water that cannot be removed with a mechanical type filter. Below are several filtration technologies OPS applies successfully on a regular basis to help improve the water quality for our customers in the Napa Valley.

Disinfection involved using technologies and methods that remove, destroy or deactivate pathogenic organisms that may be present in water. Are you pouring money down your well? While it may seem a bit ridiculous to walk out to your well and drop a $50 or $100 bill hundreds of feet into the ground every month, many people are doing exactly that!

Are you pouring money down your well?

Today we will explore the situations that result in homeowners throwing money away every month on electricity wasted by problems with their submersible well pump. Commercial Water Purification Companies Near Me Napa County. For many people NO POWER means NO WATER, what about POOR QUALITY power? In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the silent “Pump Killer” of poor power quality.

For many people NO POWER means NO WATER, what about POOR QUALITY power?

We’ll start out with a basic overview of what power quality actually is, where and when poor power quality occurs and we will wrap up by discussing the ways to mitigate poor power quality. We will get into a few technical aspects of electricity, but hang on, we’ll try to keep in simple, interesting, and applicable for both the homeowner, agriculture, and commercial users that require electricity to provide water for their home, gardens/agriculture, and processing facilities.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Well Installation Companies Near Me Napa County. Alternatives to a Generator During a Power Outage. Backup power supply for well pump equipment American innovators are at work, and have been for quite some time!

Alternatives to a Generator During a Power Outage

A back up power supply connects to your main electrical panel and supplies power from a battery bank automatically when the power is off. There are no solar panels or power generation involved. This type of backup power supply can be connected to supply power just your pumping equipment or it can be installed to power your entire home in the event of a utility shut down. Keep in mind that these use battery banks and the size of the battery bank will determine what you can run and how long you can run it when the power is off.

Perhaps you have heard of the Tesla Powerwall. Solar Pump Systems. Pope Valley Well Pump Repair. Choosing The Right Submersible Pump For Your Water Well. Some water wells can be very deep at over 800’ or more while others are shallow at 50’ or even less.

Choosing The Right Submersible Pump For Your Water Well

Water demands vary from just a few gallons per minute to hundreds of gallons per minute. Well Pump Companies Near Me Napa County. Thinking about drilling a new well? In this blog we will discuss some of the most common questions when going through the process of selecting a well drilling contractor and drilling a new well.

Thinking about drilling a new well?

Oakville Pump Service does not drill wells, but regularly help our customers through this process when old wells fail or new properties are being developed. How deep will I have to go, and how much water will I get? Answering this question means: 1) The person the question is asked of has superpowers to “see” hundreds of feet into the earth and “know” if there is water. These superpowers are pretty rare and people that claim to have them are frequently wrong. So you need a generator because your water is off during power outages...

Planned power outages from utilities trying to reduce fire risk are becoming more common.

So you need a generator because your water is off during power outages...

As a result many people have no water because the well and submersible water pump that supply water to their property rely on utility power. Many people are purchasing and installing generators to ensure electricity is available during these power outages. There are several very important aspects to consider BEFORE buying a generator to power your water system. Also, check out our blog about shopping for a generator here! (no we don’t sell generators, but have some considerations as you look for one) What size generator is needed? Don’t make assumptions.

Pump manufacturers have provided information available to help you select the correct size generator for your well pump. Well Installation Companies Near Me Napa County. Sump Pump Installation Calistoga. We know that flooding causes damage to Napa Valley homes.

Sump Pump Installation Calistoga

Recent flooding events across the region have led to millions of dollars in damages and follow-up repairs. Many Napa Valley property owners are considering sump up installation. And in this latest post, we’ll explain more about the benefits of sump pump installation in your Napa Valley home. Prevent Significant Flooding Damage While sump pumps are designed to primarily deal with the small amounts of water within your plumbing system, they are of significant value in preventing large-scale plumbing disasters throughout your property.

Reduce Mold Risks Another of the leading reasons so many in the Napa Valley are now considering sump pump installation is the threat of mold. WATER TRANSMISSION & COVID 19. Many of us have some time to think about the current pandemic facing our world and how it might affect our personal situation.


The media regularly shares information about social distancing along with proper sanitation and hygiene, but less attention is paid to other vectors for the transmission of viruses. The CDC has a great resource on other vectors for Covid Virus transmission here! Today’s blog is for people that want to protect their own private water supply and for individuals interested in learning how their local water supplier ensures that pathogenic organisms are removed and/or inactivated. WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY (& THINK ABOUT WHERE YOUR WATER COMES FROM) This blog is not just another reminder, in light of the current coronavirus threat, to practice great hygiene; but to think about why hygiene is so critical. It is also a reminder to think about where the water comes from that enables you to practice great hygiene. As you stand at the sink washing your hands several times a day, consider that practicing basic hygiene helped improve the lives of many people years before the introduction of vaccinations and antibiotics.

The 1854 Cholera Outbreak in London killed nearly 15,000 people before the careful analysis by John Snow, perhaps the father of epidemiology led to understanding the source of the problem and made for an excellent book on the subject The Ghost Map. Check the book out and you’ll find that having a good, clean source of water for drinking and hygiene is one of the most important/critical aspects to widespread public health. Calistoga Well Pump Repair. IS YOUR RURAL NAPA COUNTY HOME READY FOR FIRE SEASON?

You probably think that this article is going to address the importance of clearing brush around your property, being careful with your barbecue and fires in fire prone areas and ensuring you have a plan in place in the event of a fire. Those are all important, but are dealt with elsewhere in great depth. In this article, we are going to address the many rural homes in Napa County that provide their own storage tanks and fire hydrants for use in the event of a fire in proximity to these homes. In Napa County many rural homes that rely on wells because they don’t have access to city water supplies also don’t have access to fire hydrants.

St. Helena Potable Water Storage Tanks. The use of potable water storage tanks in Napa offers a wide variety of benefits, as it helps a community maintain a stable water supply. These water tanks are excellent resources during the dry summer months and are also a valuable tool against the dangers of wildfires. These high-quality tanks range in many different sizes and can be built from various materials. Here are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using each material for the construction of a water tank. #1 Plastic TanksPlastic water tanks are much lighter in weight and easier to transport than other kinds of water tanks. They are also much more affordable compared to coated or stainless steel tanks. . #2 Steel TanksA steel water tank is highly durable, while also remaining environmentally friendly. Water Purification Companies Yountville. SPRINGTIME SUBMERSIBLE WELL PUMP CHECKS FOR HOMEOWNERS. Next, let’s check the pressure tank! This is always done with the pump off and the water in the system and tank drained from the spigot.

Most pressure tanks have a tire fill valve located somewhere near the top. Using an accurate tire pressure gauge, check the pre-charge pressure. If there is no air pressure in the pressure tank or water comes out of the air valve? Sorry, bad pressure tank. STORAGE TANK COST CONSIDERATIONS. Once you’ve reviewed your storage tank needs and figured out how much water you need to store, and determined the best location for your storage tank, how do you go about selecting the storage tank that is right for your needs? This article will deal specifically with the high-density polyethylene tanks (HDPE), but some of the questions and considerations can be applied to other types of tanks. Angwin Well Pump Repair. With the falling leaves and the cooling temperatures comes the wet season for the Napa Valley.

With the dry heat we experience it is easy to forget the sump pump tucked away under a deck, garage, in a basement or crawl space. I THINK MY WELL IS DRY, WHAT SHOULD I DO? St. Helena Potable Water Storage Tanks. Oakville Pump Services. HOW BIG SHOULD MY WATER STORAGE TANK BE? St. Helena Potable Water Storage Tanks. REMOVING SILICA FROM WATER. Napa County Water Purification Companies. MY WELL WATER IS CLEAN, RIGHT? Many of our customers rely on their well or spring to provide water for their homes, gardens and commercial agriculture. Well Installation Companies Near Me Napa County. Angwin Well Pump Repair. Well Pump Companies Near Me Napa County. WATER QUALITY & YOUR WELL. Well Companies Near Me Napa County. GENERATOR SHOPPING IN A PSPS WORLD? Many customers reliant on PG&E in our area are exasperated with the frequency and duration of the power shutoffs. Food rots in the refrigerators and freezers, well and booster pumps cannot operate to supply water, communications and business operations come to a close.

This blog has a few pointers as you shop and consider what type of generator to purchase and install for your needs. Please consider the following information before running to your local hardware store and grabbing the first generator you find on sale. PSPS’s aren’t going away soon and you may be wasting money on a generator that isn’t going to fit with a long term solution/plan! THE FALLING LEAVES MEAN THAT SUMP PUMP SEASON IS HERE! With the falling leaves and the cooling temperatures comes the wet season for the Napa Valley.

With the dry heat we experience it is easy to forget the sump pump tucked away under a deck, garage, in a basement or crawl space. The Power is Out And The Water is Off! — Oakville Pump Service. Water Purification & Well Water Treatment Systems Companies in Napa County & Napa Valley California — Oakville Pump Service. What is The Best Location for my Water Storage Tank? Is Your Rural Napa County Home Ready For Fire Season?