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Oakleigh of Macomb Assisted Senior Living Community designed with the purpose to provide the Best lifestyle of our residents. we offers a variety of floor plans to suit your needs and preferences Like studios to one and two-bedroom apartments with top-tier amenities, social engagement, and activities, to know more information call us on 586-229-1338

5 Key Questions to Ask When Searching for Assisted Living. Impressions Memory Care - Oakleigh Macomb Senior Living Community. Our Impressions program at Oakleigh of Macomb is designed to meet the unique needs and services of those with a dementia diagnosis.

Impressions Memory Care - Oakleigh Macomb Senior Living Community

A dementia diagnosis is similar to a fingerprint; it’s unique to each person and family. It leaves a different impression on us all. Our memory care team is here to walk with you on this journey with JOY, MEANING, PARTNERSHIP and CONFIDENCE. Our residents experience our Impression program daily through our music therapy program, inspiration stations and customized life enrichment opportunities. A monthly calendar filled with events and moment to engage residents at every level – yet with a meaning behind it. Impressions Memory Care at Oakleigh of Macomb features two specialized and secure neighborhoods designed to correspond to one’s specialized care needs.

Oakleigh of Macomb is more than just a place to live – it’s a warm, inviting home and a close-knit community. Nutrition Advice for Seniors to Promote Healthy Habits - Oakleigh Macomb. Eating right and having a balanced diet is the first step towards a healthy life.

Nutrition Advice for Seniors to Promote Healthy Habits - Oakleigh Macomb

People of all age groups need to eat foods that are full of nutrition. As people age, the nutrition level in their body falls. With age, the body goes through several changes, and it is critical to cope with them to stay fit. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, eating at least one nutritious meal in a day is a real struggle. For seniors, numerous factors result in the low intake of nutrition, like living alone, losing an income source, inability to buy adequate food for themselves, facing trouble getting around, not cooking, anxiety, depression, and more. 10 Active Hobbies for Seniors in Memory Care.

Oakleigh Macomb best assisted living community macomb. How Seniors Can Benefit from Using CBD Oils. CBD is a hot commodity in the market nowadays.

How Seniors Can Benefit from Using CBD Oils

You can find it in your local grocery store’s milk aisle, as an add-on to your favorite coffee, or as an ingredient of your furry canine’s treat. It has been known to benefit the overall well-being of an individual, especially senior health. So, here’s the Cliffs Notes version of what you need to know about cannabidiol and how a senior like you can benefit from it. Tips for Connecting With Grandkids Online. Tips for Connecting With Grandkids Online Grandparenting is dear to the seniors' hearts.

Tips for Connecting With Grandkids Online

But sadly, preventive measures around COVID19 have been disproportionately stricter for the older population. With restrictions still in effect, seniors are forced to be away from their families and grandchildren more than usual. Longing is inevitable, but thanks to modern technology, connecting with the family is easier than ever before. In-person hugging and cuddling with their grandchildren may not be allowed for now. National Blueberry Month: Health Benefits for Seniors. American Independence Day is not the only significant event going on for this month.

National Blueberry Month: Health Benefits for Seniors

July is also the month of one superfood that has been a common ingredient in your dessert and appetizers—blueberries! Whether it is in a salad, pie, or muffin, you can never go wrong with blueberries. Aside from its delectable taste, the tiny berry is packing a bunch of healthful nutrients under its belt. Relatively new fruit in town, they might not be as famous as their red counterparts, but they are as healthy as they are delicious.

Phytochemical research made on blueberries reveals the plethora of bioactive substances they have. Assisted Living Facility in Macomb County. Assisted Living Community Macomb. Memory Care Macomb MI. Summer Lovin’: Benefits of Dating for Seniors. Summertime around senior housing near you is filled with fun spirits, outdoor opportunities, and increased socialization for Senior Residents.

Summer Lovin’: Benefits of Dating for Seniors

But the fun of beautiful weather does not end there. Just like flares that bloom in the meadows, love could blossom too. While the current pandemic restricts increased socialization, it does not eliminate dating opportunities for seniors. There’s a pool of online dating sites they could easily dive into in search of potential love. Encourage your senior loved ones to be back on the hunt with these following benefits of dating for seniors: 1. The vast majority of Americans aged 65 and older are single, studies show. 2. Stomach butterflies are not just for 18-year-olds. 3. Dating can make seniors feel extremely positive on a different level. 4. A Carnegie Mellon University study found that seniors who are socially isolated were more prone to colds in comparison to their socially active peers. 5. Dating is like reading an open book. Celebrating Independence Day in Assisted Living Facilities. The 4th of July is a significant and fun day for most Americans.

Celebrating Independence Day in Assisted Living Facilities

As family members prepare to have fun and celebrate this patriotic day, they should also consider ways to celebrate with senior family members in assisted living communities. Traditional activities practiced on the 4th of July might be difficult for some seniors to take part in. However, other family members can come up with ways to modify the activities so that the seniors can also take part in the celebrations. Below are some ideas that family members can incorporate on Independence Day to engage and entertain seniors in assisted living facilities.

Assisted Living Facility, Macomb. Assisted living facility in Macomb County. Senior Living Communities Macomb. Benefits of Meditation in Senior Housing. One of the main life concerns we deal with as time passes by is mental health.

Benefits of Meditation in Senior Housing

It can pose a few obstacles when you become older, but there are ways to get past any possible issues. That’s where meditation comes into play. This is not a new practice, as it has been around for millennia, and it continues to help people eliminate stress, anxiety and protect their brains naturally. Why Is Meditation a Great Thing to Do? With help from meditation, you get to cultivate a sense of awareness and presence. Assisted living facility in Macomb County. How to Improve Mood with Time in the Sun. The sun provides the energy necessary to sustain the majority of life on planet earth.

How to Improve Mood with Time in the Sun

For humanity, sun rays travel through the atmosphere until the rays are weak enough to provide vitamin D, improved mood, higher qualities of sleep, stronger bones, and lower blood pressure. When it comes to the best assisted living in Michigan, our team at Oakleigh of Macomb believes in the natural healing powers of safe sunbathing. The Power of Vitamin D and Improving Mood. Senior Living Apartments Macomb. Dementia Assisted Living Facilities MI. How To Connect With Your Loved Ones - Oakleigh Macomb. If your loved one has dementia, then don’t despair.

How To Connect With Your Loved Ones - Oakleigh Macomb

While it can be difficult to communicate with them during this time, it’s important not to give up. Oakleighmacomb. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living in Macomb, MI - Homes Senior Living. Assisted Living - Oakleigh Macomb Senior Assisted Living Facilities. Inviting environments – Get to know your neighbors over a fresh cup of coffee in our convenient bistro or over a chef-prepared meal in our restaurant.

Explore the grounds on our picturesque walking paths, share stories with friends at our on-site pub, or settle in with a good book in our cozy library – you can do it all at Oakleigh. Fitness and wellness center – With our Senior-Friendly fitness equipment and extensive RENEW wellness program, we can help you meet all your wellness goals, whether you’re looking to stay active, get fit, or learn a new skill. Experience our RENEW program. Space to relax and unwind – You deserve the star treatment!

Indulge your inner beauty with a trip to our relaxing salon and spa, or get comfy in front of the big screen at our on-site movie theater (complete with popcorn and refreshments). Celebrating Mother’s Day Following a Pandemic - Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living - Medium. Mother’s Day is a day when we celebrate one of the most important people in our lives — our dear mom. Unfortunately, this Mother’s Day won’t be as simple to manage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are either in quarantine, experiencing travel restrictions, or are just concerned about keeping our moms safe this year.

All of these things will make seeing our mother in person on this important day more difficult. However, to a mother, a sincere offline or online gesture can mean the world to them. Dealing With Caregiver Stress in Retirement Communities - Oakleigh Macomb. Caregiving in retirement communities near you can be demanding and tire you out quickly. This is especially true if you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. However, there are things you can do to reduce stress and restore a feeling of hope and optimism for your future in the Oakleigh of Macomb community.

Caregiver Burnout Explained Caregiving is rewarding, yes, but it also comes with its own stressors. Caregiving can be a huge emotional challenge that can grow bigger and bigger over time. Your loved one won’t be the only one who suffers – you will also feel worse over time as the emotional, physical, and mental impacts take their toll. Staying Positive During a Pandemic. Senior Living Community Services - Oakleigh Macomb. We’re RENEWing the lives of seniors with a restorative program that features: Rehabilitation, Education, Nutrition, Enrichment and Wellness.

Renew: Combining traditional therapies with practical everyday approaches, we’ll ignite your actions to becoming the best version of you! With our restorative program, we focus on five principals that will support and coach you to achieving your greatest potential. And all with your own individual plan supervised by an on staff care partner!

Rehabilitation: physical therapy, occupation therapy, and wellness programs designed with you in mind. Oakleigh Macomb. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living in Macomb, MI 48044. You may have seen in the news that for the first time so far, COVID-19 has taken the lives of more than 200 Americans in a single day. This virus poses a threat to us all, and that's why everyone is beginning to follow social distancing procedures, particularly in assisted living communities. What Is Social Distancing? By now, we're all aware of how COVID-19 is changing society; stores, restaurants, sporting events, and entertainment venues are getting shut down all over the country.

We also hear the term "social distancing" more often, but it does not only mean avoiding going places. OAKLEIGH OF MACOMB. So how do you choose the best foods for your health and your budget? Here are some ideas to consider when planning a meal or shopping at the supermarket. 1. What are some health benefits of laughing? - Oakleigh Macomb. National Happy Hour Day is coming up this November 12. It’s a time when you can get together with friends and family to share some good conversation and laughter. At Oakleigh Macomb, we believe the best part about National Happy Hour Day is the stories and laughter you get to share and enjoy in a social setting. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living. Impressions Memory Care - Oakleigh Macomb Senior Living Community.

Oakleighmacomb. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living , macomb, united states. Assisted Living Community Macomb. When getting older, it gets harder and harder to find outdoor activities to enjoy. And outdoor activities for Seniors are essential. Not only is fresh air good for you, but movement and mobility are necessary for maintaining good health. That is why it's important for seniors to discover what their favorite outdoor activities are, and hopefully, this list will help with that. See if any of these ideas catch your attention, and give it a try! Oakleigh Macomb. RENEW: Moving safely inside senior living communities - Oakleigh Macomb.

Senior Living & Memory Care Apartments Macomb. Remembering MLK (January 20, 2020) – Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is approaching on January 20, 2020, so we thought this would be an excellent time to remember who King really was. He is most well known for being a leader in the fight for racial equality. However, there’s so much more history about this great man that most people don’t know. MLK was also a political and moral leader. He was a talented activist, organizer, and strategist. Oakleigh Senior living community in Macomb. Best Retirement Community Mcomb County. Best Retirement Community Macomb County. Founder's Club - Oakleigh Macomb Senior Living Community. Tips for reducing holiday stress - Oakleigh Macomb. The holidays are swiftly approaching. Are you feeling overwhelmed? No worries. Take a seat, relax, and let’s go through some stress-relieving tips for assisted living facilities near you this holiday season. We all love the holidays.

It’s reported that 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas. With these twelve holiday tips you can brush that stress aside and enjoy the Christmas season staying healthy, happy, and energized. Brighten your day During the winter season, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is common due to the lack of sunlight. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living.

Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living Macomb 586-229-1338 49880 Hayes Road 48044 MI. Life Enrichment Activities - Oakleigh Macomb Senior Living Community. What are The Different Types of Elderly Care - Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living - Medium. If you are new to the world of senior living you may have many questions. It can be confusing because of the several options available. What are some health benefits of laughing? - Oakleigh Macomb. Assisted Living - Oakleigh Macomb Senior Assisted Living Facilities. Oakleigh Macomb. Oakleigh Macomb. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living - Istentorian. OAKLEIGH OF MACOMB. Oakleigh of Macomb Senior Living. Oakleigh Macomb - “Boutique-Style” Assisted Senior Living Community.

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