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Oak Knoll School Of The Holy Child

Oak Knoll School, founded in 1924 and part of the Holy Child Network, is a private Catholic independent school coed from kindergarten to grade six. Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child provides an independent school experience that defies expectations.

Lower Elementary School Club Ideas – Oak Knoll. All Girls Private School in New Jersey – Best Holy Child School Tuition – Oak Knoll. Top-Notch Private Schools in Summit NJ. All Girls Private School in New Jersey. All Girls Private School in New Jersey. NJ Field Hockey program – Oak Knoll. Private Metro NY Girls & High School Transportation – Oak Knoll. Busing Reimbursement/Town Busing Some towns provide bus transportation to Oak Knoll.

Private Metro NY Girls & High School Transportation – Oak Knoll

Many towns, that do not provide their own transportation to Oak Knoll, will provide families with aid in lieu of transportation. Contact your local board of education to see if you are eligible. The following boards of education traditionally provide transportation or aid in lieu:* Essex County, NJ Maplewood/South OrangeMillburn/Short Hills Morris County, NJ. Faith. Wisdom. Service. Best Coed Day School in NJ - OakKnoll. Private Elementary Student High School Near Summit New Jersey - Oakknoll. Grades 3-4: The Oak Knoll Middle Grades Program Grades 3-4 Curriculum At Oak Knoll, we refer to our Grade 3-4 Program as the Middle Grades.

Private Elementary Student High School Near Summit New Jersey - Oakknoll

With increasing maturity and sense of responsibility, our grade 3 and 4 curriculum helps students solidify their foundational skill acquisition and broaden their ability to think critically. We challenge our students to draw conclusions, differentiate between fact and opinion, make generalizations, as well as compare and contrast. Learning how to learn is an important component of the middle grades, as well as developing a broad range of study skills that will serve students a lifetime. Private High School Near Summit - Oakknoll. A Kindergarten Program that Develops a Love of Learning Our coed preK-6 kindergarten program is academically based and includes opportunities for play.

Private High School Near Summit - Oakknoll

The kindergarten curriculum is rich with academics, physical education classes, and sessions of music, drama, dance, computer, art, and time in the library combine for a full week of activities. Best Coed Day School in NJ - OakKnoll. Get Up, Get Out, & Move: Why kids need to exercise during the coronavirus crisis – Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child. We all need to move, especially kids.

Get Up, Get Out, & Move: Why kids need to exercise during the coronavirus crisis – Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child

Physical movement demonstrates its capabilities by altering our mindset, behaviors, and even how our bodies prevent or fight against certain diseases. According to experts, physical exercise promotes certain economic benefits, positive workforce, overall mental health, and safety. Other beneficial factors of physical activity include increasing focus at work and school, improving brain development in children, and creating better sleep habits while decreasing the amount of anxiety and depression.

Physical movement and exercise are particularly important during the pandemic because of the increased time children have spent online in the past few months, whether their time is spent in virtual classes, searching the web, playing video/online games, or just on social media. The recommendation by the American Heart Association and the U.S. This pandemic proves that physical activity provides more than just a way to get physically healthy.

Best NJ Com Field Hockey - Oak Knoll. Advantages Of Private School - Oakknoll. The decision whether to go to a private or public school is a personal matter.

Advantages Of Private School - Oakknoll

Families choose to send their children to different types of schools for so many reasons — reputation, location, academic and extracurricular offerings, and cost, are just a few of the biggest. And, the decision is not only between public and private schools — charter schools and homeschooling are also popular options. As you consider options for your family, keep in mind the many advantages of private schools, which can offer a customized learning experience for your child that is usually mission-driven and delivered through specialized teachers in a tight-knit community. Core Values. All Girls Private School in New Jersey - Oakknoll. Top-Notch Private Summit NJ Schools. Re-Entering School’s Atmosphere: Lessons Learned from Apollo 11. One of the most exhilarating and unifying moments of the 20th century was the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

Re-Entering School’s Atmosphere: Lessons Learned from Apollo 11

During several hot July days in 1969, people all over the world were glued to a television or radio anxiously following the astronauts’ progress to outer space and awaiting Commander Neil Armstrong’s first words as he stepped onto the moon. Willing to put aside global tensions for a bit, we became citizens of the world as we watched Armstrong and fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin, gleeful and childlike, bouncing and driving along the dusty and hilly and mysterious lunar surface. 3 Reasons Computer Science Is Important at An All-Girls High School. With a generation of learners who grew up in an age of the Internet, smartphones and 3-D printers, robotics and computer programming are playing a more important role in educational curricula than ever before.

3 Reasons Computer Science Is Important at An All-Girls High School

About 80 percent of jobs created in the next decade will require a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) educational background. However, just 16 percent of high school seniors are currently proficient in mathematics and interested in a STEM career. Women in particular hold only 24 percent of jobs in STEM fields, according to the National Science Foundation. In response, schools have had to adjust curricular and extracurricular offerings to “meet the wants of the age” and stay competitive.

Computer Science Education Week, the global initiative that took place earlier this month, provided schools with a forum to highlight some of the reasons why it is essential that computer science becomes a core academic subject in K-12 education. 1. Is Your Child Ready for Preschool? For years, experts from different specialty areas have proven multiple benefits of a pre-K learning experience.

Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

From being better prepared for kindergarten to increasing high school graduation rates by 11 percent, there is no doubt that children who are exposed to a preschool experience reap advantages from this form of early education. Are College Sports Right For You? Playing a college sport will dictate much of your time and schedule, and, as a result, athletes will not have the same freedoms as other college students.

Are College Sports Right For You?

You will need to learn how to balance your responsibilities. College brings enough pressure and workload as it is, but when you layer on the responsibilities of a student-athlete it can be quite challenging. Choose the College First, Not the Sport. Oak Knoll Where Young Women Lead. Oak Knoll’s Guiding Principles During the Pandemic. As New Year’s Eve celebrations occurred throughout the globe to usher in 2020, clusters of cases of pneumonia in people began popping up in China.

Oak Knoll’s Guiding Principles During the Pandemic

By January 30, nearly 10,000 cases of COVID-19 were reported in at least 21 countries including the first in the United States on January 20. Since early 2020, COVID-19 spread across countries like wildfire and this global pandemic became unlike anything most of us have ever seen in our lifetime. However, amid the uncertainty as businesses closed and companies and schools switched to virtual platforms, Oak Knoll School has held on to certain principles to weather this unprecedented pandemic storm. Keeping the Community Informed Oak Knoll School began communicating with the community in late January when we first announced our monitoring of the health crisis.

The New Normal. Helping Kids Live with Prolonged Uncertainty During COVID-19. Since COVID-19 began to spread across the globe and states began to mandate stay-at-home orders, the light at the end of the tunnel has become clouded for many. Although some questions have been answered by state and local health officials over the past few months, some things – such as when students can return to classes and sports – are still up-in-the-air. Coronavirus Through the Eyes of a High School Senior.

On March 6, 2020, the last day of classes, I vividly remember running to my car as soon as classes were dismissed. I was in a rush to an appointment after school that I could not miss, and I did not give my friends or teachers a last goodbye. In my head, I figured we would be back in school. Now, 10 weeks later, it is my biggest regret that I did not give my teachers or friends one last hug. My experience with COVID-19 has been a roller coaster of emotions. Every day is new and my feelings change through each day.

It still feels unreal that this is what my life looks like. Coronavirus Through the Eyes of a High School Senior. The Disguised Benefits of Losing. Whether it be in the classroom, on the field or at home, everyone is most likely familiar with the “winning isn’t everything” phrase. If winning isn’t everything, however, how do most people generally feel about losing? Reversing the famous phrase might cause unenviable moans and groans, but if you stop to think about it for a minute, “losing” really can be the new “winning” depending upon your view of the world. For example, ultimate gratification and excitement is felt the minute you score a winning soccer goal or at the very moment you learn that you aced a difficult test.

As a society and as a country we’re trained to want to win in most aspects of our life. But what happens if we lose? In fact, many experts argue that by missing that soccer goal, not landing a coveted job or by failing a test, that you’re ultimately helping yourself much more in the long run than if you had won. Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic. COVID-19 has forced most of the world to change up its everyday routines. Social distancing is keeping us apart from one another. School and work are mostly being conducted remotely, and even going to the grocery store requires keeping yourself safe with masks and gloves. While it’s easy to lament our old ways of life and familiar routines, which now seem miles away, there is – believe it or not – a bright side to this pandemic. How Online Summer Programs Prep Students to Return to the Classroom. Each fall, teachers and school administrators brace themselves for that inevitable “summer slide” – the time during July and August when students’ math and reading skills slow down while families enjoy the summer months away from school.

However, now experts predict that we may see an even greater COVID-19 slide happen once students return to their classrooms in the fall after spending their spring months in remote learning. Preliminary COVID slide estimates suggest students will return in fall 2020 with roughly 70% of the learning gains in reading relative to a typical school year. Keeping Connected While Physically Apart. How To Help Others (and Yourself) During the Coronavirus Pandemic. The spread of the novel COVID-19 has forced more closures and stay-at-home orders than we have seen in our lifetime. Most of the news this month quickly inundated us with frightening stories and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is, for many, difficult. Tips for Working at Home with Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s no secret parents are dealing with a lot at home throughout this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which shutdown schools across the country — and the globe — for an undefined amount of time. Virtual Learning Tips for Families.

As we continue to weather the storm of the novel COVID-19 virus weaving its way throughout the world, millions of children everywhere are hunkered down at home, at their computers, attending their “virtual school day” – as they navigate this new reality. Parents, teachers, administrators and children are still scrambling to quickly adapt to this new way of learning amid the pandemic. Private Metro NY Girls' High School Transportation. How to Talk to Your Child about Coronavirus.

With all of the news and social media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, children may be confused and frightened by what they see and hear. Imaginations run wild on the playground and parents may feel that the topic should remain off-limits to avoid sparking fear in their child more than necessary. But according to The Child Mind Institute, children are actually more fearful when they are kept in the dark. Are College Sports Right For You? Private Holy Child School Financial Aid Application Process Summit NJ.

Oak Knoll understands that the total cost of our program with tuition and fees is significant. Fine Arts at Private Catholic All-Girls School. Lower School Arts Private Catholic Independent Coed School in Summit NJ. Elementary Students Discover Their Creativity. 5 Ways to Help Your Child Fall in Love with Reading. Many children are reluctant readers. They're uninspired by the content, struggle with vocabulary or are simply more interested in other things. Should you worry about coronavirus? If you’re like us, you can barely go an hour without receiving an email or seeing a social media post related to the 2019-nCoV infection, a new strain of coronavirus that is responsible for a “deadly outbreak” in China that has spread across the globe.

Lower School Athletics Program Overview - Summit NJ High School Sports. Why Every Child Should Learn to Code. Independent Elementary School In Metro NY Area. 5 Benefits of Small Class Sizes. Holy Child Unique Primary Grade Program For All Girl Schools. Holy Child Unique Primary Grade Program For All Girl Schools. What to Know Before Your Child Enters Pre-K.

Holy Child School Tuition. Elementary School in Summit, NJ. 5 Signs Your Child is Ready for Kindergarten. 8 Deliciously Healthy Student Recipes. Private Catholic Elementary Holy Child School in Summit NJ. Private high school near Summit. Oak Knoll Catholic Independent Coeducational School.