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5 Benefits of Hiring Expert Panel Moderator. Media, be they print (newspapers, magazines and journals) or electronic (television, radio, social media) play a powerful role in promoting ideas, brands or businesses.

5 Benefits of Hiring Expert Panel Moderator

In such a scenario when public opinion is moulded by the media, it is very important to be media-savvy to promote your brand and gain a competitive edge in the market. Any lacuna in understanding of media presentation or public interviews from the part of business managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities and social workers would render huge losses to the business, party or the brand. Organising business meetings and conferences has become a norm that plays a pivotal role in fostering strong relationship of business managers with their clients, associates and other stakeholders. Finding a professional and experienced conference moderator will help you make a conference be insightful and informative for people and achieve its true purpose. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Make your event a talk of the town by hiring a professional host.

Oake Media: committed to provide professional media training at your doorsteps. Return to: Media News We live in an information age where it is easy for any person to get the desired information at one’s fingertips using cutting edge media device or internet.

Oake Media: committed to provide professional media training at your doorsteps

Media like television, radio, newspapers and social media plays a powerful role in branding or promotion of any idea, brand or a business. Thanks to social media like Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and others that provide a robust platform for businesses to expand their network, connect with the customers and stakeholders easily and thus enhance their brand awareness. Many professionals, entrepreneurs and celebrities find it difficult to make convincing and credible public speech. They shy away from the media as they are overpowered by nervousness or stage fright. Promote Your Brand in the Most Effective Way by Getting Expert Media Training. Much of the business success and progress of a company depends on branding or promoting its products and services.

Promote Your Brand in the Most Effective Way by Getting Expert Media Training

Professionals who are engaged in promotional campaigns or lead the marketing group of the company must have excellent command in media presentation and giving interviews in public. Besides these advertising professionals or PR experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs and branch managers should be highly skilled in public speaking. When it comes to making highly effective speeches or power point presentations or moderate a conference, then your expertise and public speaking skills will see you through the day.

However many professionals, CEOs and experts find them victims of stage fright or nervousness as they lack public speaking skills. Getting media presentation training from well qualified and experienced professionals will not only help you become articulate and passionate presenters but will also fine-tune your skills of public speaking. Promote your brand confidently by getting expert media training. Handling interviews on television, social media sites, radio and print media and promoting their brands is a norm for entrepreneurs, managers and companies’ directors.

Promote your brand confidently by getting expert media training

Be it interviews, conferences or any business event, it is very important for professionals, managers and other entrepreneurs to deliver powerful messages and present their business brands or ideas in a remarkable way. They must learn how to communicate effectively such that large number of people takes notice. 4 Factors to consider when selecting suitable panel moderator. Organizing meetings and conferences is a part and parcel of corporate world.

4 Factors to consider when selecting suitable panel moderator

Be it a general business meeting or media conference, seminar or workshop, the success of the meeting depends on proper preparation and effective coordination among speakers and the audience. A conference moderator plays a pivotal role in the success of a meeting, event or a conference. He is supposed to coordinate the speakers, schedule the proceedings of the conference, ensure that all speakers or panelists keep on track and discuss finer points to make the conference or meeting achieve its purpose. 5 Compelling Reasons to Hire Professional Media Trainers. Whether it is a public meeting or annual general business meeting or a conference, persuasive and effective public speaking is the key to get a warm welcome from the audience and make the best first impression.

5 Compelling Reasons to Hire Professional Media Trainers

In the present day world when media plays an important role in building public opinion, it is very important for entrepreneurs, business managers, politicians or youth leaders to get professional media and presentation training to be able to express them well and convey their messages effectively. When it comes to getting professional media training and presentation training then you must rely only on a proficient and experienced media trainer who commands excellent reputation in the market.

Professional and experienced media trainers. In the present day world of globalisation when most of the companies are striving for building an enviable business brand, any error in delivering the message or ineffective communication can lead to spoiling your company’s reputation.

Professional and experienced media trainers

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager you must know how to communicate confidently and effectively during interviews or in conferences. Role and Importance of Media Trainers in the Corporate World. Building an enviable and incredible business brand is a tough nut to crack.

Role and Importance of Media Trainers in the Corporate World

It takes meticulous planning, effective coordination among staffs, and clinical execution of plans as well as streamlining business promotion across various platforms. Besides these, one of the most important things is to make highly effective and empowering media presentation. All successful entrepreneurs, business managers and executives must learn the art of making powerful presentation on any and all media platforms such as radio, TV, print and social networking sites. Finetune your public speaking skill to enhance brand awareness. How to Make the Most of Professional Media Training. Effective communication is the key to remarkable personal or business success.

How to Make the Most of Professional Media Training

The person who knows how to deliver his message in the most confident and effective way is often seen in high regards. He or she commands loyalty of maximum number of followers. Be it in handling interviews on TV, radio or News publications or in delivering speeches in meetings, a successful business manager is expected to make powerful and effective presentation. Professional and effective media trainers. Advantages of media training in India. Polish your appearance with Media training India. Interviews and presentations are an important part of corporate world.

Polish your appearance with Media training India

Business leaders, sales executives and other professionals must know the art and science of public speaking. They should be able to deliver the right message in a confident and appealing way during interviews, meetings or conferences. Roles and Responsibilities of a Conference Moderator. Here are some of the important and valuable tasks that a moderator is supposed to do:- 1. Prepare the agenda or content strategy of the conferenceA moderator’s prime role is to set the stage for the debate on the selected topic and maintain a fine balance between diverse views held by various members of the conference panel.

He selects the topic, prepares the agenda for the meeting, and helps the panelists to prepare and research. 2. Advance media and presentation training. Delivering the right message in a confident and appealing way is essence to promote one’s business brand or make the best first impression on others. Whether it is an interview on radio, television or social media or it is addressing a corporate meeting or a political rally, a confident and eloquent orator stands out from the rest. Many people make poor presentations or feel nervous during interviews and hence they fail to impress their audience.

This underscores the importance of media and presentation training from a leading firm that will enable you say goodbye to stage fright and nervousness during any interview or public speaking. Selecting a professional media trainer with extensive experience can help you fine-tune your interview and presentation skills. This will enable you gain confidence and answer even difficult questions during interviews in a relaxed way. Like this: Like Loading... Experience interview training sessions Oake Media. Beneficial media training Hong Kong. Media training Hong Kong is the very beneficial workshop or training program helping the corporate and tech individuals to interact logically and effectively with the reporters and journalists along with the other members of the digital and press media while interviews.

It stops the corporate person-extracted out of the circumstances in the media because of the improper training for public speaking, less clarity, and miscommunication. Common mistakes by spokespersons Many times the key message buried inside the communicator and the answers leaves the audiences confused as what the spokesperson trying to say. Therefore, the main purpose remains clandestine behind the curtain, with people finding it hard to understand the purpose of the interview. Why seek training? Advantages of Media training for individual. Conference Moderator successfully coordinates conference. Qualified and skilled media training Indonesia. Qualified and skilled media training Indonesia. Media training is an effective way of understanding the media, build spokesperson skill and help you spread the message more succinctly and effectively.

It is a connecting link between message development and message delivery. It builds in you the confidence to face interviews. Necessary media training in Hong Kong. Oakemedia a high quality Emcee provider. Find the best Media training in Indonesia. Hire master in ceremonies for official host. Master of ceremonies is one of the official hosts for the stage events, or performances. The professional introduces the speakers, makes the announcement, and engages with audience to keep the ceremony agenda flowing as smooth as possible. Perfect Presentation Training Malaysia.

An Intimate, Personalized Approach. Emcee in Malaysia for product launching. PRFree.Org (Press Release) Apr 20, 2016 -- Looking for a prominent emcee in Malaysia yet didn’t find any capable master in emcee? Expert interview training and master in ceremonies. Want to organize ceremonies yet didn’t find any capable master in ceremonies? Oake Media is there it serve you with high-class and flawless arrangements of events or any other ceremony.

Media & Presentation training in Singapore. Professional female emcee in Singapore. Emcee Singapore a host of your business event. 1. Experience: The most important thing you need to consider is the experience of the emcee since the professional can make or ruin your event. Thus, it is better to explore emcees who have worked with highly regarded companies, which will ultimately emancipate from worrying about the experience of the emcee. 2. Consider their approach: Throughout the events, myriad astonishing events are likely to occur. Therefore, emcees need to possess proper information on how to tackle with such issues to help you make your event better. 3. 4. Professional Guidance for Conferences Singapore. Everything about our world today has become short and to the point. Sound bites, headlines, tweets that are 140 characters or less are some of the ways in which people get their quota of news for the day.

Every successful entrepreneur and businessman knows this. If you are new to this space you need the help of a conference moderator like Lisa who will teach you how to deal with the media effectively. What do you gain out of it? In today's social media world, the smallest goof up can cost you your brand image and credibility. A personalized approach At Oake Media, every training session is conducted personally by panel moderator Lisa Oake.

What does a typical training session give you? Professional Singapore Conferences moderator. Lisa Oake is a professional conference moderator based in Singapore. She is a Canadian-born journalist with sixteen years of experience covering global economics, business and politics for CNBC.