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The forum for dslr filmmakers. Tools for Filmmakers and Photographers. Confessions Of A 10 GbE Newbie – Part 6: Breaking the 10GB Data Barrier Breaking the 750 MB/s barrier In parts 1 through 5 of this series, we discussed 10GbE networking basics, built up a software toolkit, reviewed 10GbE NAS performance, discussed why you should consider a NAS, and took a close look at … Continue reading Posted in Cinevate News, President's Blog Tagged 10GB, 10GB/s, 10Gbe, Adobe CC, Cinevate, Ethernet, NAS, Networking, QNAP, Workflow Confessions Of A 10 GbE Network Newbie – Part 5: SMB3 Last time, I wrote about how I believe every small to medium sized business should consider a NAS.

Tools for Filmmakers and Photographers

In this installment, I’ll be focusing on SMB3. Where To Get Cinevate Gear Certified Cinevate Resellers Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to partner with companies that are as passionate about filmmaking and helping customers, as we are here at Cinevate. Confessions Of A 10 GbE Network Newbie – Part 4: Why You Should Consider NAS Filming The Mysterious 7th Continent Canon 70D Now Available. Tutoriels video PP, AE. Camera tutorials and workshops by DSLR Tips.

EOSHD. Seb Farges. Arty, films documentaries and music videos director sebfarges@me.com THANK YOU FOR THE 7.727.043 VISITORS, 875.996 PLAYS, 6501 LIKES AND 3641 COMMENTS ON MY WORK WITH THE GH1, GH2, GH3 AND NOW WITH THE OM-D and the Sony A7 !

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:) External Links. Learning DSLR Video. Philip Bloom's blog. NoFilmSchool. Canal Ti Zef, la video independante à Brest.