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nyrentownsell helps residents to buy, sell or rent apartment in New York. We are dedicated to delivering exemplary service in a quality home environment. Our goal is to Find the home User choice - a goal we attain through our residents and employees. Website:

Essential Cleaning Supplies Checklist for your Apartment. By: Abdullah Haroon October 11, 2020 Cleaning is an important job in our lifestyle.

Essential Cleaning Supplies Checklist for your Apartment

We got to do it on daily basis to keep our lifestyle healthy as well as do deep cleaning over seasons or annually. The truth is it is part of our culture as well as our beliefs. Therefore, we are supposed to keep a complete range of all equipment and additional detergents to make a clean statement. Keeping a complete kit of all essential tools of cleaning will save you from a lot of trouble and is likely to save your time.

Some General Items: VacuumAll-purpose cleanerBleachoven cleanerWindow and glass cleanerWhite VinegarLemon JuiceBaking SodaMicrofiber clothsCarpet CleanerStainless steel cleanerBroomMopSpongesToilet Brush For Floor: DustbinVipersRags For the kitchen: Cleaner for oven and refrigeratorBaking sodaVinegarLemon solutionClothsSponge For Bathrooms: Toilet brushTile cleaner For Rooms: Glass cleanerVacuumDuster. Do you know What is the Best Time to Rent an Apartment in NYC? - NY Rent Own Sell. The 10 Most Adorable no Fee Doorman Buildings in NYC. By: Abdullah Haroon September 14, 2020 NYC is another name of luxury and class.

The 10 Most Adorable no Fee Doorman Buildings in NYC

Renters' Priorities of Apartment Amenities in NYC After COVID-19. By: Abdullah Haroon June 23, 2020 Life was moving swiftly along with the established patterns.

Renters' Priorities of Apartment Amenities in NYC After COVID-19

People were having time of their life until the pandemic knocked at their doors. The virus has hit all spheres of life across the globe unabashedly and without any biases, even the real estate industry. The hard truth is that we are still in the middle of this health emergency and there is no cure on the horizon, so far. The truth is we were all caught off guards and the surprise was so unexpected that we could not take the luxury of preparing for the worst. With the baggage of disturbed social norms, NY citizens have been spending a greater deal of time at home. Earlier, people in NY preferred to trade off personal space with a location.

Based on one searched data, we observed the changing priorities of amenities among New Yorkers. Tips on How to Find Perfect Rental Apartment Online in NYC. Information technology is reshaping business along with new dynamics.

Tips on How to Find Perfect Rental Apartment Online in NYC

Hardly there is any sector which has remained untouched by this new technology. Even in the days of the epidemic, the best answer we had against all the challenges was to go online. The change was already on the way but this epidemic has made its progress rampant. Tips to Find Roommate During Covid-19 Situation - NY Rent Own Sell. Not a long ago, you had the liberty to meet a potential roommate in person and come out with a certain conclusion.

Tips to Find Roommate During Covid-19 Situation - NY Rent Own Sell

You were able to discuss their lifestyle and exchange respected opinions about the basic morality of life. You would get to know if the person is right fit or not for you. However, it seems like fiction in the pandemic hit world. NYC Renters Seeking Roommates & New Neighborhoods Due To Covid-19. Top 7 Common Property Listing Mistakes that Home Owners Make. Given the complexities attached to the seller’s market in the US, chances are you might be doing one, making mistakes when selling house in New York or the other thing wrong when listing a home for sale.

Top 7 Common Property Listing Mistakes that Home Owners Make

You might be choosing the wrong real estate partner to pricing incorrectly can mean your home stays on the market longer than necessary and you don’t get the money you deserve. How to Find The Best Convertible Space in the Financial District. How about saving some dollars while living in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world.

How to Find The Best Convertible Space in the Financial District

Yes, you can do that, how? Well, the answer lies within this guide. So, don’t get away as the next few minutes can save you some extra bucks. If you are living in the Financial District, you may have listened to the word ‘Flexing’ or ‘Convertible’. Didn’t have enough grasp of that? Flex or Convertible apartments are the ones who can be upgraded one level up. 5 Tips To Follow For Virtual Tours Of Rental Apartments - NY Rent Own Sell. Although times are tough, there are some essential things that cannot be neglected in these tough times.

5 Tips To Follow For Virtual Tours Of Rental Apartments - NY Rent Own Sell

People would still be needing to move and look for places for themselves. Learn the Difference Between Real Estate Agents, Brokers And Realtors. Do you think that real estate agents, brokers, and realtors are the same terms?

Learn the Difference Between Real Estate Agents, Brokers And Realtors

Well, you are not alone. Many people believe that all these terms are synonyms to each other. Or you can say that these terms are often interexchange or confused with one another. This might be because all these job titles are related to the same profession. Contrary to popular belief, these three terms are distinctively different, especially when it comes to qualifications and the level. How to Safely Move to a New House During Covid-19 Pandemic - NY Rent Own Sell. As the rate of coronavirus infections expands, we see our colleagues and friends around the globe practice and follow social distancing, body-monitoring, and quarantine in an attempt to control the disease.

How to Safely Move to a New House During Covid-19 Pandemic - NY Rent Own Sell

Much like other countries and cities, in NYC, people are isolated and quarantined in their homes and under mandatory government lockdown. With the shutdown of several non-essential public venues and industries and closures across a wide variety of industries, a lot of queries that have been doing the rounds- Is moving feasible? Co-ops vs. Condos Apartments – What's the Difference In Them?

Are you seeking to purchase an apartment in NYC and confused about whether to buy Co-op apartment or Condo? This article will clear all your confusion about the differences and provide you information about the process of buying condos and co-ops. Read Also: Co-ops (short for “cooperatives“) These are apartment buildings run by a company. Functionally, they are not classified as real estate.

Shares are assigned on the basis of the scale and floor level of the individual unit. 10 Best Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods In New York City - NY Rent Own Sell. Although searching for a dog-friendly neighborhood is a struggle, don’t overlook that if your four-legged companion is a canine, you’d always want to pick your neighborhood carefully. After all, nobody wants to finalize a pet-friendly apartment, at last, only to discover that the closest park is a 30-minute walk away that doesn’t even have an off-leash zone.

How to Buy a Condo or Co-op Apartment in New York City. Buying personal living space is the idea we cherish until we own one. Having a personal living space is the privilege of a few and a dream of many. Wealth might not render all the happiness of the world in our feet but, certainly, it can bless us with a cozy and beautiful home, anytime. However, buying a home is not like shopping the cereals for breakfast, instead quite like hunting a rare bird in the wilds, you need to consider few things before buying an apartment especially in NYC. The process becomes more perpetual when you set your eyes to find an apartment in the world capital of real estate: New York City.

You should be aware of the reality of living in here New York City. Buying property is no less than a work of art. First thing first, has a clear cut idea of how your dream apartment looks like. NYC Real Estate Industry in the time of Coronavirus - NY Rent Own Sell. In the last few weeks, our society has been rocked by an unprecedented global pandemic that has engulfed everyone’s everyday lives as we know it. COVID-19, or Coronavirus, induces moderate to high flu-like conditions in most instances, but some can trigger serious complications, especially in older individuals and adults with pre-existing symptoms.

In the beginning of this year it was expected that the Real estate industry will be redefined but the novel coronavirus outbreak has transformed the way New Yorkers reside. In essence, city people have been told to stay indoors, cafes and restaurants are mostly locked (apart from pick-up and delivery), the state’s public educational institutions are shut down, and this is just tip of the iceberg. Real estate is yet another leading sector in New York that has been affected by the disease outbreak. 6 Most Common Mistakes By Unseasoned Real Estate Investors. 6 TIPS FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS FOR A PRODUCTIVE WORK FROM HOME TIME. Working from home sure seems fascinating and comfortable.

You do not have to schedule and alter your routine according to your office hours. You have the luxury to plan your time according to your wish. Work from Home definitely has its fair share of perks. But with the Pandemic emergency troubling us all effecting the real estate industry, work from home for an entire month (or even longer), does not seem effortless. Sure, you can do your laundry right after an important video conferencing or help your kids with their homework while you work on your presentation. When you are a real estate agent on a typical day, you go a block to block, meet a hundred clients; show them ten houses, or more.

A week of work from Home is still manageable and can be seamlessly followed through if you plan carefully. The Effect of Coronavirus on U.S. Real Estate Market - NY Rent Own Sell. The coronavirus outbreak is hardly four months old, but it has had an immediate effect on the U.S. economy, and is likely to affect the U.S. real estate industry.

Market’s new PMI figures showed that the U.S. economy hardly expanded in February as services–the biggest component of GDP–collapsed for the first time since 2013. How Covid-19 Affected Businesses? Microsoft and Apple’s updated quarterly revenue recommendations also suggest significant disturbances owing to the terrifying disease. It indicates that the epidemic could have an effect on the economic cycle. Coronavirus is making a dent in the global economy, as demonstrated by the new reports on domestic sales, inflation, and manufacturing profitability. What are The Tax Benefits of Owning a Home? - NY Rent Own Sell. Owning a home comes with certain tax benefits as you enjoy certain tax deductions associated with property tax, mortgage interest as well as several other tax reliefs.

How To Get Out Of A Lease Early Without Penalty - NY Rent Own Sell. A lease agreement is defined as a contract between tenant and landlord where the tenant agrees to pay rent for a set period. What is Property’s After Repair Value (ARV)- How to Calculate It. Why Feb 2020 is the Best Time to Rent An Apartment in NYC. Tips To Prepare Your Rental Property This Winters - NY Rent Own Sell. Tips To Prepare Your Rental Property This Winters - NY Rent Own Sell. 8 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home for Sale. What Makes Battery Park City the Desired Neighborhood in NYC? This calm 92-acre planned community on the tip of Manhattan is dotted with lush greenery, spectacular views of the Hudson River, and tranquil spots to get up and close with nature.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Midtown West NYC - NY Rent Own Sell. Counted among the busiest areas in New York City, Midtown West NYC houses several iconic landmarks and destinations that are the identity of New York City. It is referred to as the area located between 34th and 59th Streets and between 5th and 12th Avenues. The neighborhood shares its vicinity with 29th Street, 59th Street, the Hudson River, and Madison Avenue.

Also known as Hell’s Kitchen and Clinton, Midtown West is known for upscale condos, chic restaurants, and energetic bars and pubs. The other things that make it a desirable place to live are transportation accessibility and arts/entertainment. Let’s walk through the key features of this desirable neighborhood. Transportation: Midtown West is an ideal location for commuters, thanks to its central position in NYC. Top 6 Apartments for Rent in the Lower East Side - NY Rent Own Sell. 8 Secrets You Probably Know About the Lower East Side. How Much RENT Can I Afford In NYC – Ny Rent Town Sell. What Does No Fee Apartment Means? – Ny Rent Town Sell. 5 Reasons Why to Consider Winter to Move in NYC – Ny Rent Town Sell.

Why Should You Hire Real Estate Agent in NYC – Ny Rent Town Sell. 7 Most Expensive Zip Codes in Manhattan – Ny Rent Town Sell. Top 5 Mistakes Owners Make When Selling House in New York – Ny Rent Town Sell. A Simple Guide to Selling A House in New York State. 6 Significant Things You Should Do When Buying a Home. What to Consider Before Renting in New York City. Ediwin taveras. NY Rent Own Sell. Ediwin taveras. NY Rent Own Sell.