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Gamification per la salute. Employing Gamification to Relieve the Pain of Pediatric Cancer. Here is a tough gamification challenge for you… Design and build an appealing app that is engaging enough to get kids who are in the grips of painful cancer to document their daily pain experiences.

Employing Gamification to Relieve the Pain of Pediatric Cancer

To their credit, that is exactly what Toronto agency Cundari did. The advertising, branding and design agency partner with pediatric oncologists at the Hospital for Sick Children (commonly known as SickKids) to create Pain Squad, the first iOS app designed to empower kids fighting cancer while offering critical insight to researchers who are designing future treatments to combat this disease. Case Study: Pain Squad Mobile App—Helping Young Cancer Patients Track Pain. Every year, thousands of children with cancer are treated at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (or SickKids).

Case Study: Pain Squad Mobile App—Helping Young Cancer Patients Track Pain

The pain these children endure is one of the worst parts of their sickness. Doctors, nurses and researchers continually work on innovative ways to manage and minimize the pain their patients experience during treatments. To help the children do this, these individuals ask their young patients to record how they feel twice a day in their pain journals. The more information on pain the researchers receive, the better the pain protocols for current and future patients. However, unless this pain data is collected consistently, it cannot be utilized. Gamification for Alzheimer's prevention and care - NovoEd.


Gamification for Alzheimer's prevention and care - NovoEd

Gamification - I videogiochi nella vita quotidiana. Walgreens ha generato nel mese di Maggio 2013 un fatturato di $6.22 miliardi, con una crescita del 4.3% su Maggio 2012.

Gamification - I videogiochi nella vita quotidiana

Ed inoltre su tutto il 2013 le revenue sono aumentate del 3% attestandosi a $30.27 miliardi. Ma chi è Walgreens? HealthSeeker: Gamification per curare il Diabete. Il diabete è una di quelle malattie trasversali in grado di colpire tanto uomini quanto donne sia in giovanissima età che nella fase adulta.

HealthSeeker: Gamification per curare il Diabete

Per i pazienti diventa fondamentale l’auto-controllo, monitorare giornalmente il livello glicemico nel sangue mediante appositi apparecchi portatili così da regolare la dieta e l’eventuale utilizzo di insulina. Se per un adulto queste attività quotidiane possono trovare una accettazione, nei bambini e adolescenti vengono vissute con riluttanza mettendo a rischio seriamente la salute. Per venire incontro a queste esigenze è stata lanciata HealthSeeker, applicazione gratuita disponibile su iPhone e Android (già disponibile da mesi su Facebook) con lo scopo di incentivare comportamenti positivi fornendoci delle motivazioni estrinseche ed il supporto di una comunità di persone, strumenti importanti per la corretta gestione della patologia. Una ventina di Achievement sono stati inseriti per premiare le azioni in-game dei pazienti. The Playpump: How a Simple Gamification Concept can Save the (third) World. New to Gamification?

The Playpump: How a Simple Gamification Concept can Save the (third) World

Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis Gamification visits the Third World Most of the time, we think of Gamification as a technique to get consumers to like our products more, to be more productive in life, and improve our workplace, but Gamification can sometimes be used to save an entire nation.

While we enjoy our Twitter, iPhones, Starbucks, and Reality Shows, many third world country nations are literally thirsty for clean water. Gamification nell'apprendimento. The Gamification of Education Infographic #gamification #edtech. What is eLearning Gamification? You know you have become an eLearning nerd when watching a movie all you think about is gamification and instructional design. Elearning Gamification in Ender’s Game I recently went and saw Ender’s Game, and love it. E-Learning & Gamification: il Point Management per coinvolgere e motivare gli utenti - Docebo. The Point Management System is an exciting user engagement tool that is evolving in the social web landscape, which also connects extremely well with E-Learning.

E-Learning & Gamification: il Point Management per coinvolgere e motivare gli utenti - Docebo

How does it work? The Point Management System is based on a reward mechanism that assigns points each time a user performs an action within an E-Learning platform. For example, if a user accesses the Platform, they earn one point; if they comment on a post, they gain 2 points, and if they create a post, they can gain 3 points. Rewarding Systems Many Companies, especially the largest ones, have internal rewarding systems that are extremely complex and connected to career paths and programs based on opportunities of professional development and training; international mobility, talent management for the high potential pool of talents and, last but not least, remuneration packages with incentive schemes based on performance, objectives and related benefits.

ECO-GAMIFICATION, il gioco applicato alla sostenibilità ambientale. The Rise of Green Gamification. 3 Moble Apps for the Gamification of Energy Conservation. The Gamification of Energy Conservation It’s important to recycle and reduce consumption and turn off the water while brushing teeth, but who wants to sort trash?

3 Moble Apps for the Gamification of Energy Conservation

Who wants to go around the house making sure all the light bulbs are off? If you make it a game, you create a situation where people actually want to use less power, and some cases, you could even generate more power . Tu giochi, l'ambiente vince. The Fun Theory Stockholm. Piano stairs - - How gamification can help your business play on sustainability's team. Editor’s note: This article is extracted from the book How Gamification Can Help Your Business Engage in Sustainability (Dō Sustainability, February 2013) by Paula Owen.

How gamification can help your business play on sustainability's team

GreenBiz readers can use code GBiz10 at to receive 10 percent off any DōShort. Gamification e sostenibilità ambientale. Dopo aver trovato diverse applicazioni nel mondo del business e dei consumi, la gamification sta cominciando ad estendersi alla sostenibilità ambientale Inclinazioni al gioco e alla competizione sono insite nell’essere umano, ma ci sarebbero dei modi per usarle in modo positivo: ce lo dimostrano le diverse iniziative di gamification.

Gamification e sostenibilità ambientale

La gamification ha infatti già trovato diversi ambiti di applicazione e sta iniziando ora ad estendersi anche alla sostenibilità ambientale, così da incrementare la raccolta differenziata, spingere a gettare i rifiuti negli appositi contenitori, all’efficienza energetica e al taglio dei consumi elettrici, ridurre l’uso delle auto private, indurre a risparmiare l’acqua; per sintetizzare: ad uno stile di vita più sano!

Gamefication nelle aziende. Gamification for the Enterprise with Bunchball Nitro. Badgeville, The #1 Gamification Platform for Customer Loyalty and Employee Productivity.