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Breillat: Wolę dobre porno od sentymentalnego melodramatu. Film to ucieleśnione spojrzenie.

Breillat: Wolę dobre porno od sentymentalnego melodramatu

Moje – mówi Catherine Breillat. Jakub Majmurek: Pani najnowszy film zatytułowany jest Nadużycie słabości. Wydaje się, że słabość w ogóle jest dla pani ważnym tematem. Często ustawia pani swoje bohaterki w sytuacji słabości, podatności na zranienie. Co w tym interesującego dla autorki filmowej? Catherine Breillat: Mnie w słabości nic nie fascynuje, słabość to katastrofa.

Nakręciła pani kilka filmów o nastolatkach, w tym dwa będące wariacją na ten sam temat: Moją siostrę i Seks jest komedią. Seks na pewno nie jest komedią. Tomorrow's Thoughts Today. Books - ERIKA LUST. The Erotic Bible to Europe In this illustrated guide to Europe, Erika Lust shows us the best erotic places on the old continent: nudist beaches, aphrodisiac restaurants, erotic boutiques, luxury lingerie stores, cabarets, love hotels, swingers’ clubs, & fetish boutiques, designers, & parties – from kinky to chic, London to Benelux!


Organized by region and country, this hot pink hardback is filled with nearly 250 pages of the latest fetish parties, most extravagant lingerie shops, naughty burlesques, erotic museums & film festivals, & dirty secrets in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Ibiza, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Venice, & Vienna. Nowa karta. Greg Ponthus. About Following (22) Twisted Mindscapes Commissioned Vanitas Indoors Lights Dull age Running on Cargo.

Greg Ponthus

Cool stuff. 3kjC4.gif (500×382) Wonder How To » Show & Tell for Creators & Doers. How Tesla's 1898 Patent Changed the World » Teleautomaton. On a rainy September day in 1898 Nikola Tesla presented at Madison Square Garden’s first Electrical Exhibition a new invention that he called a “teleautomaton”.

How Tesla's 1898 Patent Changed the World » Teleautomaton

The invention was the first ever radio controlled device in the form of a miniature boat. He had two devices one that could be remote controlled above water and another that had a hidden loop antenna and could be controlled under water. The most significant ideas however were concealed and not even explained in his patent for fear that they would be stolen like so many of his other inventions. The hidden technology consisted of a method for encoding and decoding Hertzian waves directly from within the device. What this required was a system within the device to toggle actions based on different signals….in other words a logic gate.

"I treated the whole field broadly, not limiting myself to mechanisms controlled from distance but to machines possessed of their own intelligence. Wildfox inspiration for artists - Inspiration for artists from Wildfox Couture. ARTchipel. Tesseract Humanitarian Architecture. Tantallon.jpg (588×408) _li8jslGasd1qdpeouo1_500.gif (500×333) Soup von prengel. The road is home - page 11. Earlier this year we flew to melbourne to shoot for a hairstylist friend, maria. on the drive to the airport we passed the apartment we used to live in, right in the heart of the city. i couldn’t help it, a part of me ached for those times of wild freedom and youth. but the feeling was more a mourning of time passing than anything, those times were ugly and life now is just as it should be. we had dinner with some of the team in a popular melbourne restaurant in the city. it was loud, crowded and dark and everyone who passed cooed at alba. an elderly lady offered to hold her while we ate and watching alba brought a glow to her eyes. i walked to the windows and showed her, ‘this is the city where mama and papa first met and lived’. it was alba’s first time in a hotel room. after a family shower we all snuggled up in the big, fresh bed and fell asleep. we flew home the same night and drove from the airport back to our cold, familiar house at 3am. models: yani @ viviens catherine @ scene.

the road is home - page 11

Ctrl+z. Historical Indulgences. "Until the handkerchief of history covers us with its Times New Roman black and white post script...

Historical Indulgences

" This blog is a collection of vernacular photography and ephemera focused mainly within the curious and often misunderstood realm of 19th century America. I have a soft spot for all things silly, antiquated, macabre, and grotesque. The content is from a variety of collections; public, academic, and private. In addition, there's an occasional emphasis on Ulysses S Grant and the Civil War, as well. About - Archive - F.A.Q. - Inquiries - Content Sourcing - Photo Guide.