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Virtual Fieldtrips

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10943798_831944906863949_1977705468824066217_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 716 × 548 pixels) Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips. By: Kennedy Schultz Helping kids learn about the world can be an exciting adventure for both adults and kids.

Using the Web to Take Virtual Field Trips

When I teach about the chateaux of the Loire Valley in France or ancient Mayan sites in Mexico, I’m always looking for kid-friendly resources that can provide accurate information and engaging authentic pictures that hold the attention of little ones. Virtual Field Trips Since my field trip budget is pretty limited, I especially love websites that offer virtual tours and live webcams to show kids what it REALLY looks like in another world location. Many famous museums such as the Louvre offer 360 degree tours of their collections. 7 Virtual Field Trips Every Teacher Ought to Know About.

Due to budget cuts, many teachers lack the essentials like pens and paper.

7 Virtual Field Trips Every Teacher Ought to Know About

So for most schools, even a small field trip to the local bakery or theater is too much to ask. Well, today I'm going t o show you how to make lemonade out of lemons! Virtual field trips are becoming more and more popular (so popular that you demanded we do a webinar about them). 7 Virtual Field Trips that Let You Travel the World With Your Kids. Image: Various Sources Exposing children to art and culture is key to helping them grow into well-rounded adults.

7 Virtual Field Trips that Let You Travel the World With Your Kids

As a homeschooler I am always looking for creative ways to "see the world" with my kids. I have high hopes of taking a bike tour through Europe, renting an RV to see the continental US, and buying a boat to sail down the East Coast (hey, I can dream). However, time and budget limit how often and where I am able to travel.

Yet I am determined not to let this stop me! For me, the joys go far beyond just the savings. 1. Image: Screenshot from the Anne Frank Museum The tour of the Anne Frank Museum starts with an interactive photo of a bookcase, which served as the secret door to the Frank hiding place. 2. Screenshot: The Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour My seven-year old and I zoomed, panned, and scanned this magnificent work of art for nearly an hour (and surprisingly my two-year old sat through the whole tour, too). 3. Image: Denis McLaughlin/Creative Commons Bonjour! 4. 5. 7. Virtual Field Trip Resources. This Week I presented at “I Teach K” in Vegas about Virtual Field Trips and wanted to share some of the resources from my presentations.

Virtual Field Trip Resources

The first resource is a Pinterest board! On this board I have pinned all the different sites I mentioned in my presentation plus many more. You will even find several links to lists of virtual field trips that I had seen posted elsewhere. Next up is Safeshare. I KNOW many teachers can’t use YouTube but Safeshare allows you to play YouTube videos without advertisements or suggested videos.

Last I wanted to share about Google Earth. The Daylight Tool: This simple tool allows you to see what parts of the earth have daylight and what parts do not. The Measure Tool: In this video I show how easy it is to display or hide all the different features in Google Earth such as weather, roads, pictures, etc. The Path Tool: Creating a path is fun and easy. Google Moon, Mars and Sky: Check out the image below, did you know Google Earth had other options?

An OOPS Virtual Field Trips Page! The "OOPS" Virtual Field Trip Page!

An OOPS Virtual Field Trips Page!

A virtual field trip is the next best thing to being there! Choose a destination below and click your trip into action. Vacation Planner So You're Planning A Trip Planner Happy Travels! Return to the OOPS Web Page: Iroquoi Longhouse Jet Propulsion Lab Virtual Field Trip Kennebunk, Maine WebCam Kid's Guide to the Smithsonian Kids Dig Reed: Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site,West Virginia Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. Return to the OOPS Web Page Science Learning Network Online Science Exhibits Scholastic Field Trips Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (New) Seven Wonders of the World Ships of Travel Sistine Chapel Skyscrapers The Smithsonian Museum Sonora Desert Hottest Desert in North America South Carolina's River Venture Spain St. Teaching Tips for Taking Field Trips:1. OOPS is: Our Overnight Planning System Email your great ideas for inclusion on this page! Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Step by Step Guide to Creating ... February, 2014 Since I posted about the " 20 online museums for teachers and students " I received several emails with links, apps, tools and more tips related to educational virtual field trips.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Step by Step Guide to Creating ...

One of the links I got included this wonderful guide I am sharing with you below created by Silvia Rosenthal from Langwitches. ELLIS ISLAND QR CODE ACTIVITY - IMMIGRATION - <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT.


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