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Short Stories

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20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories. I Didn't Think It Was Possible Until #5... When The Hair On My Neck Stood Up. March 5, 2014 Ever since I was a little kid I've loved sharing ghost stories around a campfire which is probably why I love watching horror movies.

20 Terrifying Two-Sentence Horror Stories. I Didn't Think It Was Possible Until #5... When The Hair On My Neck Stood Up

And every single time I finish watching one, well, a good one... I kick myself for not picking out a comedy instead. Someone on reddit asked the question, "What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences? " I honestly didn't think it was possible to give me chills from such a limited amount of words... Photo Credit: BHF Photography 1. 2. 3.Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 100 Great Short Stories. A Necklace for Victor. Ace Detectives - Detective Mystery Case Files and Stories, online mystery games. Activities and Handouts for "The Lady or the tiger" $ 4. <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT.

Activities and Handouts for "The Lady or the tiger" $ 4

&nbsp; <a href=" target="_blank">See how this improves your TpT experience</a>. </span></div> About Us | For Schools | Gift Cards | Help All Categories Cart Your shopping cart is empty Log In | Not a member? Activities and Handouts for "The Lady or the Tiger? " Subjects Literature, Short Stories, Reading Strategies Grade Levels 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool Resource Types. At the Market Place. At the Market Place Submitted by Paul Braddock on 5 March, 2014 - 10:46 At the Market Place is a short story written by Sevim Ak, a popular Turkish writer of novels and short stories for children.

At the Market Place

Set in an unknown Turkish city, the story tells about a boy who picks up his camera and goes to the market place in his neighbourhood, hoping to take some interesting pictures. He talks to the people and listens to their life stories but can he take any pictures? Read the story and find out how he ends up taking photos of baby ducks instead. Level: A2-B1 Age: 14-17 (but activities included which may appeal to younger learners) This kit was designed by Turkish materials writers. The material below includes activities for you to print and copy, the complete text, and teachers' notes. Classic Short Stories. Short stories for EFL learners.

ESL Yes 1,600 Free ESL Short Stories, Exercises, Audio. Short stories at east of the web. A game of Scrabble has serious consequences. - Length: 4 pages - Age Rating: PG - Genre: Crime, Humor.

short stories at east of the web

Short Stories Index - Read Online. SHORT STORY UNIT PLAN $ 16. This short story unit is perfect for any late middle or high school English classroom.


The stories have been used in my class with great success, and the students especially love the surprising endings in each story! The product includes eye-catching presentations, discussions, videos, and creative assessments. All presentation files are in Powerpoint format. Links require the use of Task Cards for the Short Story “The Lady or the tiger" $ 2. The Literary Maven: 13 Short Stories for Engaging Secondary Students & Teaching Literary Elements.

Don't let your literature anthology dictate the short stories you read with your middle school and high school students.

The Literary Maven: 13 Short Stories for Engaging Secondary Students & Teaching Literary Elements

There are so many wonderful short stories out there, many of which can be used to teach a variety of literary elements and paired with other texts. Here's 13 of my favorites.1. The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty I’m always looking for texts that will draw in my reluctant male readers. Top 24 Best Short Stories for Middle School. Two Minute Mysteries. It was a long and almost unbearable drive out into the desert as the hot sun beat down on Detective Nose’s face.

Two Minute Mysteries

As luck would have it, his air conditioning had broken down only two days earlier and despite having all the windows open, the heat was simply excruciating. As the inspector sipped on some of the water that he brought for the trip, the thought that he may have somehow missed his destination was beginning to penetrate his mind. Just as he was about to turn around and head back, a small sign appeared that read “Ross Expeditions Here”. With a silent sigh of relief, he turned his car towards the small cabin that could be seen in the distance. As Nose reached the front door, Jason Ross introduced himself and motioned for the detective to come inside. The most notable item in the cabin could be seen in the middle of the floor; a body, evidently lifeless, sprawled on top of two sleeping bags that were casually laid there. “It was terrible,” Mrs.

Detective Nose sighed. Very Short Stories for High School & Middle School. If your students are struggling to get into the short story, or you're pressed for time, here are some very brief stories to get you started.

Very Short Stories for High School & Middle School

They're not as short as Hemingway's famous six-word story (For sale: baby shoes, never worn.), but they're manageable even for reluctant readers.