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Book discussions & Book clubs

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Book Club Discussion Organizer $ 0. Book Club Questions - Fiction - Generic Questions. Use our general fiction questions when you can't find specific discussion questions.

Book Club Questions - Fiction - Generic Questions

They're basic but smart. 1. How did you experience the book? Were you engaged immediately, or did it take you a while to "get into it"? How did you feel reading it—amused, sad, disturbed, confused, bored...? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy Intro $ 0. Classroom Book Clubs describes an easy and effective method for using literature circles in your classroom.

Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy Intro $ 0

This introduction is a narrated slidecast for teachers in Mp4 format that gives an overview of the book clubs model. Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy The full version of the Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy course for teachers consists of 5 narrated video lessons in which I guide you through the process of setting up and running book clubs. I've also included an optional study guide for teachers, along with all of the printables pictured in the videos. I'm in the process of revising and updating all of the printables, and those revisions should be finished by January 22nd.

If you only need the printables, you can purchase them as a separate product. • Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy (Digital Download).• Classroom Book Clubs: Literature Circles Made Easy (CD Version)• Classroom Book Clubs Printables Mini Pack. Literature STATIONS with Task Cards for ANY novel $ 9,95. Literature Stations with Task Cards: Motivate your students with STATION work centered on Common Core topics using ANY novel, story, or drama!

Literature STATIONS with Task Cards for ANY novel $ 9,95

You get TEN different stations with detailed task cards and inviting student handouts for each. Great for differentiation—you choose the stations that best fit the text and your students’ needs. Use station work while reading a novel or drama (read half the period, move to stations for the other half or at the end of a chapter) or after reading a short story. Students enjoy movement and group work! These stations provide specific Common Core practice, engaging students in discussion and close reading. The TEN STATION TOPICS with corresponding COMMON CORE STANDARDS are: 1. Reading Workshop Strategies. Reading Workshop is a powerful way to structure your reading class.

Reading Workshop Strategies

Using this model involves encouraging your students to choose their own books as well as providing significant amounts of time for them to read independently. By allowing your students to choose their own books, you can foster a love of reading that will last a lifetime. Research shows that when children spend more time reading, they become better readers. With a little guidance and encouragement from a teacher who loves to read, students can learn to select appropriate books and discover joy in reading. To find out more about this approach, select one of the topics below or scroll through the items on this page. ~ Laura Candler Featured Reading Workshop Freebies Reading Workshop Works Webinar (Two formats) Reading Workshop Works MP4 Recording - View online below - Click the play button on the image below to watch the webinar right from this webpage.

Student Accountability - Cassie Dahl: Teaching & Technology. Have you ever tried student-led reading groups in your classroom?

Student Accountability - Cassie Dahl: Teaching & Technology

Have you ever felt like your students were not putting forth their best effort? Using student-led reading groups can be motivating for your students but extremely hard for you to monitor all of the groups at the same time. By holding your students accountable with these quick group check sheets, you can finally make student-led groups work in your classroom. Keep reading to find out the details and grab your freebie!

Before I started doing student-led groups in my classroom, I did the typical "guided reading" groups. This is all fine and dandy, except... what about student effort and you monitoring them? For 20 minutes (Monday-Thursday), my students meet with their group. Near the end of their group time, I clap my hands three times. So far, my students are being brutally honest. Are you wondering why there are four different colors? While my students are meeting, I move around between all four of the groups. Loading.. Teaching In The Fast Lane: Questions to Ask About Reading Freebie!