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Asperger & Autism

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Att undervisa elever med autismspektrumtillstånd (AST) Både generell kunskap kring autismspektrumtillstånd (AST), och specifik kunskap om den enskilda eleven, är avgörande för att förstå och kunna möta de utmaningar man som pedagog ställs inför i skolan.

Att undervisa elever med autismspektrumtillstånd (AST)

Det är vanligt att elever med AST har en ojämn begåvningsprofil, som gör att eleven kan vara förvånansvärt stark i vissa ämnen samtidigt som hen har stora svårigheter i andra. Detta kan vara svårt att hantera pedagogiskt. Man bör också känna till att elever med AST har en betydligt senare social och känslomässig mognad än klasskamraterna. Det gör att det lätt kan bli missförstånd i den sociala interaktionen och eleven med AST kan riskera att hamna i en utsatt situation. Under mellan- och högstadieåren får många en ökad medvetenhet om sin funktionsnedsättning.

Specialpedagogiska skolmyndigheten, www., har mer information kring stödinsatser för elever med AST, samt studiepaket med inriktning NPF (neuropsykiatriska funktionsnedsättningar). Individuella scheman Behov av förberedelse Läxor. Aspergers syndrom. Aspergers syndrom är en så kallad neuropsykiatrisk funktionsskillnad.

Aspergers syndrom

Ofta säger man bara asperger. Det är inte en sjukdom. Asperger syns inte utanpå. De som har asperger är oftast normalintelligenta och många har väldigt god språklig intelligens. Om du själv har asperger, har du kanske tänkt på att du ibland funkar annorlunda än de flesta andra. Autism- och Aspergerförbundet. Autismforum: Aspergers syndrom - en introduktion. Autism - journey of hope: Eyal and Leya Aronoff at TEDxOrangeCoast. Classroom Photos and Video Tour :) - The Autism Helper. Woohoo!

Classroom Photos and Video Tour :) - The Autism Helper

I worked my little tush off all week and my classroom is done! It’s not 100% but it’s ready for my kids. I’m excited to share it with you all and hear your feedback! I’m going to go section by section with photos and video tour (sorry about what a sweaty disgusting mess I am in the videos – it was 95 all day yesterday which means my classroom was about 970 degrees). Schedule area: Morning Group Area: Work Station, Language, and Reading: Teacher Desk, Computers, and Break Area: AM Routine and Teacher Time: Table Time and Storage: Thanks for checking out my home away from home Check out other classroom photos at Teaching Blog Addict’s Blog Hop! Se möjligheterna hos elever med autism. Strategies for Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Make Take & Teach. Will you be welcoming a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) into your classroom this fall?

Strategies for Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Make Take & Teach

If this is your first experience having a child with ASD in your classroom you may be a tad nervous (well, likely more that just a tad). You may be wondering how in the world are you going to meet the needs of this one child while balancing the needs of the other children in your classroom. How will you handle the behaviors? What do the parents expect? Children with ASD often come with them a barrage of service providers such as Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioral Consultants and sometimes a 1:1 para-professional– how are we all going to be working together? Perspective It’s been over 15 years now that the movement for including students with disabilities into general education classrooms began.

Planning and Preparation Let’s just say that you now have a healthy perspective. 1. Click the following link to download this sample Curriculum Matrix 2. 3. 3. Understanding High Functioning Autism. Autism Spectrum Disorders can be…well confusing.

Understanding High Functioning Autism

No two children are alike. No two cases are the same. Doctors are still figuring out the ins and outs of the spectrum. Misinformation is plentiful. It can definitely be a beautiful mess to navigate. I am not a doctor or a therapist. I do not have all the answers. However, I am a mom raising a child with autism and an educator who worked in early intervention. I am not going to try to pretend to be an expert in this – because I am by no means an expert here. When my daughter was first diagnosed with ASD we were told she would be non-verbal. As a parent I felt like I was back at square one fighting for everything that helped my daughter get to where she needed to be. But the educator in me knew better, it had seen children regress as services were cut back. Let’s first establish what Autism is. High Functioning Autism doesn’t exhibit itself easily to those that aren’t already aware of an individual’s diagnosis. This online version of M-CHAT.

Ur Liv med autism: Hur ska vi lära oss förstå Kalle? What the Mother of an Autistic Child Wants Teachers to Know. At first, my friend Leigh didn’t want me to air this episode.

What the Mother of an Autistic Child Wants Teachers to Know

We recorded the interview and I sent her the finished version to see what she thought. I got a call the next day. “I’m so sorry to have wasted your time,” she said, “but my husband and I just listened and we realized that if our daughter ever heard it, she would die of embarrassment.” Though I understood her concern, I hated the fact that so many people would miss out on hearing the interview, because some of the things Leigh talked about just crushed my heart. Other teachers — other people need to hear this. We originally sat down to talk because I was reading a book called The Reason I Jump, and I wanted to know what she thought about it. A few days after her phone call, I asked Leigh if she would be willing to have me air the episode with the names bleeped out, and all other identifying information removed. One-minute preview: Listen to the full episode here: Advertisement.