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NuVetPlus Reviews

NuVet Labs has been manufacturing pet supplements since 1997. Our NuVet Reviews speak for themselves. We have successfully helped heal over 300,000 pets!

Do dogs need sunscreen? As the days get warmer and the sun shines brighter, you will more than likely be bringing your dog outside to play more.

Do dogs need sunscreen?

Top 5 Ailments that May Plague Older Dogs. As a pet parent, you look at your pooch as family and you treat them no differently.

Top 5 Ailments that May Plague Older Dogs

They grow with you throughout your years and become part of many wonderful memories. But as those memories are continuing to be made, time passes and your energetic pup gets older. Along with getting older, many health issues can arise for your beloved four-legged friend. Five common ailments that your pooch may experience are diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cataracts, and dry eyes. Diabetes As your dog gets older, their needs continuously change. Arthritis Arthritis is another impact of old age that may affect dogs. Obesity As you pooch gets older, they may become less active; spend more time snacking and gain weight. Cataracts Although cataracts can occur at any point in a dog’s lifetime or it can be caused by genetics alone, cataracts is strongly associated with age. Dry Eyes. Top 5 Ailments that May Plague Older Dogs.

"They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure, and be loyal." If only we could read their minds.What would your pet be thinking? Who else could use a day in between Saturday and Sunday? 5 foods you should never feed cats. Nuvet Reviews. Nuvet Reviews. NUVET REVIEWS. NuVet Reviews : Recognizing Allergies in Dogs. Pets, just like people, can struggle from allergies.

NuVet Reviews : Recognizing Allergies in Dogs

These allergies can range from seasonal to more severe reactions. However unlike people, pets can’t vocalize their discomfort or irritation when allergies strike. As a pet parent, you may be able to help your pooch by keeping an eye on some common indicators of a pet-allergy. Licking Many dogs will repeatedly lick an area that is irritating them. You may notice this because of a constant wet spot on your pooch or irritation that arises near the area. Scratching Some dogs will incessantly scratch an area. Paw Chewing and Swelling Dogs that lick or chew their paws often may be reacting to an allergy. Sneezing Just as you may sneeze from allergies, your pup can too. Vomiting and Diarrhoea Although not the most pleasant of symptoms, this one is hard to ignore due to how obvious it is to a pet owner.

Inhaled, Ingested, Contact with Skin Like people, dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies as well as mold, dust, and other materials. NuVet Labs: Your Cat And Ear Mites. What are ear mites?

NuVet Labs: Your Cat And Ear Mites

Ear mites are a tiny 8 legged parasite that live in the ears of cats and dogs. They tend to be fonder of cats, especially kittens, and outdoor cats. What they do is live off of the wax, oil and even blood in a cat’s ear. What results is an excess buildup of wax, which is often dark colored and has been compared to coffee grounds.

NuVet Labs: Refreshing Peanut Butter-Banana and Yogurt Pupsicles. Like most dogs, your pup probably enjoys a good treat.

NuVet Labs: Refreshing Peanut Butter-Banana and Yogurt Pupsicles

So why not surprise him with something delicious and refreshing? With the weather steadily getting warmer you and your pup may find yourselves spending more time outdoors. NuVet Labs: Your Dog , Music and entertainment. Most humans love music and can often be found singing along to their favorite tunes or cranking up the radio when a favorite song comes on the radio.

NuVet Labs: Your Dog , Music and entertainment

NuVet Labs: Your Dog and Dreams. It might come as a surprise to some doggie parents but our four-legged companions sleep just as much as we do.

NuVet Labs: Your Dog and Dreams

Like their human family, dogs sleep in cycles. Research suggests that dogs first start out in the SLW (slow wave sleep) cycle, which is when your dog turns his thoughts off but still maintains muscle tone. Next, your dog will enter the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle of sleep. The REM cycle is when deep sleep occurs and dreaming. NuVet Labs: WHAT TO DO IF YOUR DOG EATS A CHICKEN BONE. Has something similar to this ever happened to you?


You have just finished eating a perfectly cooked chicken dinner and now it is time to wash the dishes. The phone rings and you go to answer it. Naturally, it is one of those annoying telemarketers, so you politely end the call and return to the dining room to collect the plate of discarded chicken bones and dirty dishes. To your utter shock and dismay you see that the plate once holding the bones is empty and your dog, Mr.

Scruffles, is looking at you with a pleased yet wary look in his eye. So what exactly is the problem with chicken bones? Chicken bones and other bones that have undergone the cooking process, like turkey bones or pork chops, become problematic because the heat they encountered in the oven, stove, pot or grill has dried them out forcing them to become brittle. Stay calm Panicking or getting upset will only further exacerbate the situation not only for you but also for your dog. Assess the situation Comments comments. NuVet Labs: The Pros And Cons Of Teaching Your Cat To Use The Toilet. Believe it or not there are a growing number of kitty parents who have taught, or are in the process of teaching, their feline companions to use the toilet.

NuVet Labs: The Pros And Cons Of Teaching Your Cat To Use The Toilet

Many kitty moms and dads can easily relate to the idea of no longer having a litter box in their home, which can be messy and let’s face it, sometimes smelly. But before you run out to your local pet supply store to pick up a kitty potty training kit, read through our list of pros and cons. Benefits of teaching your cat to use the toilet No longer having a litter box frees up space in your home. NuVet understands the goal of most feline parents that their cat be happy and healthy, that’s why NuVet tries to keep its friends informed about the cat’s habits and lifestyle. NuVet Labs: Tips For Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby. Bringing a new baby home is one the happiest and most life-changing events that we can experience as humans.

NuVet Labs: Tips For Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby

It is a time that is filled with so much joy yet requires a shift in how we do things in our home. Because as humans we have a tendency to project our feelings onto our dogs, we assume that Fido is going to be just as thrilled with the new arrival as we are. Unfortunately, your pooch can sometimes get lost and even briefly forgotten amidst all of the loving chaos that surrounds a new baby. Five More Dog Myths Revealed. NuVet understands that with the Internet it can be easy to get lost in all of the information that is available regarding the well-being of dogs. With that in mind, we thought we would dispel some commonly circulated myths that have been passed along via the World Wide Web. Dogs are colorblind Fortunately this is not totally true but the range of colors a dog can see is somewhat limited.

It is believed that a dog’s retina is capable of seeing blues, greens, yellows and varying shades of gray. NuVet Plus: Allergic To Your Dog? What You Should Know... You recently made the unpleasant discovery that you are allergic to dogs, which is made doubly worse by the fact that you currently have a dog, who is like family to you. You’re not sure what to do. Some say you should get rid of Fido while others suggest you find a way of trying to live with your beloved companion. If you find yourself in the latter group, continue reading. Allergens When it actually comes to dog allergies what people are technically allergic to are proteins found on the dog’s skin and saliva, which are called allergens. NuVet Labs: Allergic to Dogs? Maybe one of These Dogs is Right For You? Unfortunately, you’re allergic to dogs but you really want to open up your heart and home to the unconditional love of a canine.

Your Allergist tells you there is no such thing as a non-allergenic dog, because all dogs have skin and saliva, which is where the protein that causes allergies comes from. However, as we are about to share, there are dogs whose fur may reduce an allergic response because it does not shed like that of other breeds and requires a bit more maintenance, thus keeping their allergen containing dander in check.

Continue reading to learn if one of these 6 dogs may be just what you are looking for. Nuvetplusreviews. NuVet Labs Reviews's Likes. NuVet Plus Reviews. NuVet Labs Plus Reviews. NuVet Labs Reviews. NuVet Labs Reviews on imgfave. Nuvetreviews. NuVet Reviews on Vimeo. NuVet Labs Reviews. NuVet Plus from NuVet Labs. NuVet Plus (NuVetPlus) NuVet Plus's social stories. NuVet Labs. NuVet Plus. NuVet Plus - Westlake Village, California, United States, NuVet Labs.

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