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The Nutrition Souq Fitness Zone Blog is the ultimate online health and fitness publication. Learn more about health, fitness, diets, eating well, workouts, bodybuilding and more! Plus get the latest fitness industry news, events and reviews of the best gyms and fitness activities in the UAE so you can #ReachYourMax”

The Dubai Desert Road Run – Join The Dubai Running Event Dubbed ‘The Summer Scorcher’ Try Hot Yoga To Heat Up Your UAE Summer Workouts. 5 Essential ‘Everyday’ Supplements For Optimum Health. Get Ready To Get Huge – Six Essential Moves for Slabs of Muscle. Beginners Exercise Program: While Working full-time. Fitness Fashion Guide: Men’s Gym-Wear. How to do 100 push-ups in one go! The push up is the ultimate barometer of strength.

How to do 100 push-ups in one go!

Not only is it the perfect upper body exerciser, it also hits the abs and even the quads. When it comes to pumping out the reps, the holy-grail for push ups is 100. Drop down and pump out a century with good form and you’ve just garnered for yourself a whole lot of respect. For most people, the prospect of doing 100 push-ups is as distant as running a four-minute mile. The average guy on the street would struggle to do 20 reps of anything that reasonably approaches a push up.

In this challenge, you are being asked to commit to making your 100-rep push up goal a reality in 30 days. 30 Day Challenge: 50 Chin-ups in a row. Workout Program For Beginners. It takes more than just the right workout routine to trim down unwanted fat and carve the right cuts and curves into the body.

Workout Program For Beginners

The perfect bikini body is the result of tough lifestyle modifications, a combination of adipose burning and muscle building exercises, a strict diet plan with high nutrition value, and the right amount of motivation to keep going till the goal has been achieved. Fortunately, HIIT, or the High Intensity Interval Training is the ideal amalgamation of all these elements, and guarantees remarkable results for both men and women. Following is an introduction to our HIIT series. We’ll show you how HITT can be used to full advantage in order to achieve a perfectly chiseled beach body in a matter of weeks.

6 Muscle Building Myths Exposed!

The fastest, most efficient, result producing way to lose fat, shape muscle and create a tight, sculpted body is with weight training. Here are the 6 muscle building exposed that help you build muscle fast – nutritionsouq

Seven Essential Principles of Muscle Growth.

Building muscle is not always easy. Learn the SEVEN principles that are foundation pillars of workout training system. Put them in place, build your program around them, and consistently apply them and you will be building a platform upon which to build phenomenal mass and strength, day in and day out. – nutritionsouq

Hot New Fitness Trends Sweeping Dubai This Summer: Bodyart Classes Vs The Insanity Workout. The Origin of Sports Supplements. Five Basic Steps To Lean Muscle Nutrition. Sensible eating requires taking in a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat.

Five Basic Steps To Lean Muscle Nutrition

Contrary to recent media reports, carbs are not your enemy. They are, in fact, your body’s preferred source of energy. You’ll need them to fuel your workouts. Protein requirements for weight trainers are higher also. Those who regularly engage in weight training exercise are routinely breaking down muscle tissue. The BEST video workout guides to use for your home workouts. Get ‘Farm Strong’ With Functional Fitness In The UAE. Would you like to be able to move your ‘big Screen TV’ or that ‘5 seat sofa’ with ease?

Get ‘Farm Strong’ With Functional Fitness In The UAE

Like our farmer, take the humble house mover - who already has a strong core and arms, and they didn’t even have to do any crunches or bicep curls. Why is this? The main reason is due to doing many multi-functional movements like bending down and grabbing containers, picking up refrigerators, moving cupboards, and so on and so forth. All of these movements actually work the core! In essence, this is also referred to as core to extremity exercises, as the mover basically gets himself organized, ignites the necessary muscles before lifting a heavy piece of furniture (while maintaining a stable midline), and activating the core to perform the movement.

Get into SWEAT Training in Dubai Your Gym Away from the Gym. Going to the gym isn’t always the best way to get fit.

Get into SWEAT Training in Dubai Your Gym Away from the Gym

Let’s be honest – it can be kind of boring. You’re locked for an hour in a place where there’s barely any air and you perform the same routines over and over again until your body becomes so stiff that you start walking like Robocop. Lucky you live in Dubai. Lucky there are alternatives. Introducing SWEAT training - one of the hot new training routines taking the UAE fitness world by storm. Best Workout Program in Summer. Strategy 4: Mix it Up There are several reasons for adding variety to your workouts.

Best Workout Program in Summer

For one thing, you will want to work different muscle groups and have separate goals for each group. It’s important to allow some muscle groups to rest at times and it helps fight off boredom. Doing the exact same routine every time will you exercise will get boring. By focusing on different muscle groups you will have well-rounded workouts and give each muscle group the individual attention needed.

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