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Listen up: Google Podcasts is now on Android. How podcasters can optimize for Google With Google Podcasts, we’re focused on helping podcast creators reach a broader audience. To ensure inclusion in the Google Podcasts app, creators should follow our updated developer guidelines, which you may already be familiar with for other Google apps. In today’s update, a few new sections cover how to: Prompt Google to index new podcasts as quickly as possibleGenerate a direct link to your podcastDownload the Google Podcasts brand assets for sharing on your websiteTrack analytics that come from Google Podcasts Promoting inclusive storytelling in podcasting Podcasting holds unbounded promise as a storytelling medium, but its future depends on a rich array of stories, voices and creators. That’s why we’re also partnering with the podcast industry on a program to increase the diversity of voices and remove barriers to podcasting.

The future of Google Podcasts We’re excited about where we’re heading with Google Podcasts. How to Start a Podcast - PAT FLYNN ON EQUIPMENT, HOSTING & GETTING ON ITUNES 2018. How to Start a Podcast from Pat Flynn. Podcasting: Steps to Getting Started – An estimated 57 million Americans listen to podcasts every month, according to predictions by Advertising Age.

Where people once read blogs by the hour, they now listen to podcasts by the audio minute. A decade in the making, podcasts may quickly become consumers’ go-to choice for information. Dietitians who have already started their own podcasts include Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN (Food Psych); Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RDN, HFS (Body Kindness); Paige Smathers, RDN, CD (Nutrition Matters); and Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDE (Sound Bites).

What Is a Podcast? These audio files are available for consumers to download or stream through iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play. Just as nutrition-related blogs enable RDs to share recipes, services, and nutrition information with the masses, podcasts can offer a fresh educational medium and present RDs with the opportunity to interview other experts and explore nutrition topics in depth in an engaging way. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Like this: