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Ceramics Planters. 71 Thousand High-Res Historical Maps Available for Free Download. Beverage Coolers. Adam Levine Faux Hawk. Cool Hairstyles for Asian Men Satoshi Toda K by Krane. Cool medium haircuts thick hair. Cool Side Part Hairstyles for Men Nash DNA Models. Greaser Hairstyles 2015 Matthieu Gregoire DNA Models. Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men 2015 Tom Chapman hair Design. Mens hairstyles Jacob Morton Adidas Originals. New Hairstyles for Men 2015 Disconnect Du Toit Botha. Top Mens Hairstyles 2014.

Adam Levine Faux Hawk. Dell Precision 5510 Review. With a 2.8-GHz Intel Core Xeon E3-1505M processor, 16GB of RAM, an Nvidia Quadro M1000M GPU with 2GB of graphics memory and a 512GB PCIe SSD, our review configuration of the Precision 5510 provided snappy, responsive performance.

Dell Precision 5510 Review

Even when I ran two HD videos (one from YouTube and one from Hulu) simultaneously, this workstation didn't slow down. Tests notebook graphics performance. Category Average (as of 04/30/16) The Precision 5510 scored 14,136 on Geekbench 3, a synthetic test that measures a computer's overall performance. That's higher than the category average of 11,329 and the second-best Dell XPS 15, which scored 13,502. The Fitness Era – TeeFit Fashion. T-Shirts, Hoodies, V-necks, Polos, Shorts. Free Family History and Genealogy Records. 22 Websites You Didn’t Know Were Useful to Architects.

30+ Amazing Floor Design Ideas For Homes Indoor & Outdoor. Advertisement.

30+ Amazing Floor Design Ideas For Homes Indoor & Outdoor

Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol (Black) in Pakistan. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? : The Record. Worthwhile 2014 Movies You May Have (Actually) Missed - Album on Imgur. Temporary DIY Wall Treatment Ideas For Renters. Grooveshark Mobile Music. 40 Architecture Docs to Watch In 2014. This time last year we published our 30 Architecture Docs to Watch in 2013 featuring a fantastic range of films telling the tales of some of the world’s greatest unsung architectural heroes.

40 Architecture Docs to Watch In 2014

We now bring you eleven more for 2014, looking past the panoply of stars to bring you more of the best architectural documentaries which will provoke, intrigue and beguile. 1. The Edge of the Possible (1998) / Daryl Dellora “Jørn Utzon, acclaimed architect of the Sydney Opera House, tells the story of the design and construction of his masterpiece in person. Having been awarded the first prize in an international architecture competition to design an Opera House for Sydney he flew to Australia in 1957 to begin work on the construction of the greatest building Australia has ever seen and, indeed, one of the finest achievements of modern architecture.

Buy from Film Art Media / 50 mins. Sampling for Arch Vis renders in vray 2.4. HDR Sky Lighting for Interiors. Notes on noise..

HDR Sky Lighting for Interiors

Indirect illumination VRay tutorial. Hello!

Indirect illumination VRay tutorial

We are pleased to share with you a new portion of 3d stuff. Continuing the theme of the correct configuration of V-Ray renderer, in this and the following three tutorials, we look into the second important part of V-Ray settings, the Indirect illumination. This tutorial answers the following questions: White Balance setup with V-Ray Physical Camera and 3ds Max. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to adjust the white balance of a render in V-Ray using features of the Physical Camera.

White Balance setup with V-Ray Physical Camera and 3ds Max

This will allow you to remove any unwanted colour casting from natural lighting such as the sun or artificial lighting such as an incandescent light bulb. The problem In photography, when looking at a photo taken from your camera you may notice that there is a blue or orange tint to it even though to the human eye everything looks normal. Optimize Your Pitch: Tips for Design Visualization. Gorgeous Vintage and Modern Illustrations from Aldous Huxley’s Only Children’s Book. By Maria Popova A brave old world of beautiful art and subtle undertones of misogyny.

Gorgeous Vintage and Modern Illustrations from Aldous Huxley’s Only Children’s Book

At Christmas time in 1944, more than a decade after the resounding success of Brave New World Aldous Huxley (July, 26 1894–November 22, 1963) penned his one and only children’s book, The Crows of Pearblossom (public library) — the story of Mr. and Mrs. Crow, whose eggs never hatch because the Rattlesnake living at the base of their tree keeps eating them. Bigjoo Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos.

KEXP 90.3 FM - where the music matters. St James Plaza / ASPECT Studios. Magok Central Plaza Winning Proposal / Wooridongin Architects. Located in the intersection of the pedestrian axis of Festival Street within the heart of Magok city in Seoul, the competition winning proposal by Wooridongin Architects for the Magok Central Plaza weaves itself into the surrounding city.

Magok Central Plaza Winning Proposal / Wooridongin Architects

The plaza is a great traffic node since it is where the subway lines 5, 9 and Incheon Airport train cross. Its close location to Han River greenery and ecosystem aligning with the River, Jungang Park and Green Area Connectors makes it to be part of a continuous open space system. More images and architects’ description after the break.

To extend the naturalistic flow of the green connecting area that traverse North and South, the pedestrian bridge was placed. Escuela primaria Vilhelmsro. BIG architects, con sede en Copenhague presenta su diseño de la escuela primaria vilhelmsro, Tomando la ladera ondulada de su entorno como punto de partida, el diseño cuenta con una serie de bandas entrecruzadas qué plisadas se fusionan con la topografía circundante.

Escuela primaria Vilhelmsro

La línea del techo oscilante se experimenta desde el interior y el exterior. Verdes terrazas al aire libre y los espacios se generan en el patio entre los edificios. Aunque todos de una sola planta, Los picos de alternancia y alturas de techo permiten luz natural para escuchar en cada salón de clases. El césped facilita las medidas de energía pasivas atenuantes como el efecto isla de calor, en calidad de masa térmica y de refrigeración por evaporación son sus cualidades.

Escurrimiento del agua de lluvia se reduce, se recopila y almacena para uso no potable. Irapuato Music Hall and Sports Centre by Tatiana Bilbao. Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao has designed a music hall and sports centre for Irapuato, Mexico.

Irapuato Music Hall and Sports Centre by Tatiana Bilbao

Called Irapuato Music Hall and Sports Centre, the five-storey circular building would host musical and sporting events in one central hall. Shaped around this interior, the exterior of the building would incorporate bars, restaurants and terraces. More about Tatiana Bilbao on Dezeen: Biotechnological Park Building. Bjarke Ingels Group. We have an immediate need in our BIG NYC office for an Interior Architect/Designer who is a strong and independent designer and who can take full responsibility for the design of architectural interiors. Arbor-Covered Outdoor Spaces.