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29 august 2018


Writing is an ability that has been acquired since the early years of school, but creative writing is a skill that only those who practice really hard can acquire it.

Essentially, creative writing is any form of writing that has no academic restrictions and is an original and expressive manifestation of its author perspective. On the other hand, you must not confuse the term ‘creative’ with your own personal option. When you are presenting a series of facts and the author's feelings we don’t have a creative text anymore.

The key element of creative writing is imagination. This is one of the main elements that you will see in the most creative writers’ profiles. Inspiration, talent, and perspective. These are basic elements of creative and consistent texts when it comes to creative writing, content generation, or pure information.

What you can do in creative domain?

Successful advertising campaigns, Social Media campaigns, creating text for a website, promoting a brand, and beyond, are activities that require advanced knowledge of copywriting and content writing. Fortunately, the online environment offers a variety of options for online learning and continuing education.

Given the fact that this kind of activity is focused on personal skills more than others, many choose to work independently creative writing teacher. Even so, the best option is to do an MA in writing.

Let talk about some benefits of preparing yourself to work in this sector: Did you know that writing:

  • can bring you many psychological and social benefits
  • is proven to make you healthier and happier
  • makes you will think and communicate better
  • will relieve you of stress
  • makes you maintain motivation and self-esteem
  • regularly practiced, helps you use your right brain hemisphere more
  • contributes to your personal development

Do you need a MA in creative writing or not really?

We know that at first glance, it looks very simple. But as long as we do not write in a personal journal and want to impose ourselves as writers, we will realize that it is not so easy to use your expressiveness and imagination to produce quality literature. So, there is a tendency to look for some tips, to learn how to use your skills best. A creative writing course can give you some answers. It is suggested how to introduce a character, how to build a novel chapter, how to finish or how to end a story, how to build credible dialogues, and so on.

There is also the style, that "something" to characterize you so you can be known even if you do not put your name on the cover of a book written by you. Style, however, is not something that is learned in creative writing courses. It distinguishes us from others, gives us uniqueness - because it is not enough to know how to tell a story as other thousands of people can tell it.

I turn to one of the ideas and confirm what most authors support: writing is not easy at all. Ernest Hemingway has rewritten the end of one of his novel until he was pleased with the result. Those who have read his books will perhaps remember how natural and simple hi style can be. That was the style of Hemingway, for which he worked a lot, as we all know to keep things simple is the most difficult part.

Either if you are born with it or you learn them – don’t stop there!

While some argue that creative writing can’t be taught - whether you have it or not - others perceive it as a discipline. An MA in creative writing could be the best option for you if you have some skills, but you want to work in a proficient way. The word education, sometimes, will bring a lot of tension in this field. As the spoken word education is creating contradictorily discussion, the fact that master studies are a big step in your professional career remains.

The relevance to the chosen career is probably one of the most commonly used criteria for selecting an in-depth / master study program. From this point of view, the answer to your question can be a relatively simple one. If the setting of the career goal or objectives occurs at a time after choosing and enrolling in a program of this kind, the master's continuation makes sense only to the extent that it serves your purpose.

If you didn’t find enough reasons regarding your master choice then you should answer yourself these 3 quick questions:

1. Why do you want to make a master?

2. When is the best time to make a master?

3. What does the Master program offer you to follow?

You chose an MA? What to do next?

Writing about education or reading about it could make you feel confused, even more, when you are looking for details regarding admission. You need to call the secretary, to look after the schedule of admission, to see if you have to take some special exams – if you choose to study abroad and so on. The worst part when you want to enter an MA is that you need to create an argumentative essay. If you don’t have time and you need that essay really quick you can buy argumentative essays online.

All in all, even if you have the talent, you need to learn how to use your skill at their higher levels. Doing so, you will grow quickly, and your work will be recognized as unique.