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Four Essential Tips For Growing Your Business With Pinterest. Let’s say your product is high-quality evening wear.

Four Essential Tips For Growing Your Business With Pinterest

You could have one Pinterest board devoted to images of the ball gowns you sell, another for cocktail dresses, and another for tuxedos (whatever broad or narrow categories you choose), making it easier for interested browsers to find what they’re looking for. But instead of simply labeling a board as ‘tuxedos,’ think more along the lines of ‘trendy tuxedos’ or ‘flirty red dresses’ to get more people to investigate. On Pinterest, you’ll find users who are deeply interested in your general area of business, whether it’s clothes, architecture, gourmet desserts, book publishing, or health products. Some of them have hundreds or even thousands of followers on the site. If you pin regularly enough, they’ll probably find you, but you can also search them out and subtly catch their notice by re-pinning, liking, or commenting on some of their pins.

Or, simply contact us. Third-Party Tools to Maximize Pinterest Marketing. May 1, 2013 by Tricia Goss Pinterest recently unveiled its own web analytics tool, but there are several third-party options available for analytics as well as scheduling, maximizing pins and more.

Third-Party Tools to Maximize Pinterest Marketing

Following is a list of some apps and services that might help you take Pinterest marketing to the next level. Piquora Formerly Pinfluencer, Piquora is a comprehensive suite of marketing tools for Pinterest including analytics, promotion, content management and social e-commerce. How to Add Pinterest to Your Facebook Page – 3 Easy Steps. Use Pinterest to promote your retail eCommerce business. The most challenging job of a retailer is to find & retain new customers every time.

Use Pinterest to promote your retail eCommerce business

Product promotion and marketing plays an important role to reach to your target audience. Apart from using social media channels like facebook, twitter and many more, retailers are following new online marketing channel named Pinterest. 25 percent of Pinterest traffic is from retailers. Rich Pins. What Rich Pins Mean for Your Brand. What rich pins mean for your brand This week, Pinterest announced the rollout of two new features: rich pins and the ‘Pin It’ button for mobile applications such as Etsy, The North Face, Modcloth, Jetsetter and several others that have already integrated the button.

What Rich Pins Mean for Your Brand

Our kudos to Pinterest for the mobile upgrade – it’s an especially wise move when you consider that in a recent survey of our top pinners, we discovered that mobile is their second choice when it comes to how they pin (tablets were first). Rich pins have the industry buzzing because there’s been a lot of speculation about how Pinterest will monetize. If you haven’t had the chance to read up on it yet, rich pins are Pinterest’s way of making pins more useful for the community and, of course, leaves people wondering if this is a test for possible revenue streams. Rich pins are currently being used by brands such as Anthropologie, ASOS, Etsy, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple and Netflix. Rich Pins a Marketing Strategy.

Do you use Pinterest as part of your business marketing strategy?

Rich Pins a Marketing Strategy

If so, Pinterest’s new “Rich Pins” will be of interest. Pinterest recently added a new style of pin to its sharing platform that caters to the needs of marketers. For companies that weren’t already utilizing Pinterest for marketing, the potential that Rich Pins present may make you reconsider. These new pins make it possible to advertise products in more detail and to convert website traffic into sales with ease. From a marketing perspective, having detailed and uniform information to accompany your products is invaluable for promoting sales. Additional Information The new Rich Pins that Pinterest introduced come in three basic categories: products, movies and recipes. Products. How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know. Do you use Pinterest for your business?

How to Use Pinterest Rich Pins: What Marketers Need to Know

Have you heard about Pinterest Rich Pins and how they can help your marketing? In today’s post, I’ll show you how businesses can get more from Pinterest Rich Pins. Get to Know the New Pins Pinterest is continuously expanding their functionality for businesses, from creating business accounts to marketing materials to help businesses get more from Pinterest. The latest additions to Pinterest are the introduction of rich pins to include more information about pinned images and the integration of the Pin It button with mobile apps. There are three types of pins that now allow you to share more information: products, recipes, and movies. For example, major brands whose product pins have extended information include Anthropologie, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Overstock, REI, Sephora, Sony, Target and Walmart. Product pin example from Home Depot. Links on regular pins only show up when you hover over the image. An enhanced product pin from Etsy. How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Products.

Pinterest Board Tips for Businesses. Learning to use Pinterest is pretty simple.

Pinterest Board Tips for Businesses

You probably figured out how to create boards, add pins and follow other pinners in just a couple of sittings. If you use Pinterest as a marketing tool, there are a few more skills you can learn to help you share the best pins, create ideal boards and find the right followers for your brand. Create Group Boards You can turn any board into a group board by clicking the board’s Edit button and entering the full names or email addresses of other users into the Who Can Pin?

Box. 62 Ways to Promote Yourself on Pinterest. Are you using Pinterest to promote yourself or your business?

62 Ways to Promote Yourself on Pinterest

Pinterest’s new look along with the new tools gives marketers and businesses another reason to continue using the wonderful social network. The ability to use images along with the high levels of virality, gives businesses the opportunity to create countless ways to promote themselves – so here are 62 ways to promote yourself on Pinterest – make use of all of them and use them as inspiration to create new ones… Have a complete profile:- A complete profile can be highly influential in helping you promote yourself on Pinterest. A well filled in profile can help you project your brand image, build trust and attract followers. 1.

The user name is the name that appears in your brand page’s URL so make sure that it is the same or is very similar to your business name. 2. 3. Pinterest for Business Exposure. Diggdigg Social media influencer, Kim Garst, gave a fabulous training for our Social Buzz U chock full of Pinterest tips for business.

Pinterest for Business Exposure

Here are some of the highlights she shared: 20 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers Part 1 - Infographic. Would you like more Pinterest followers?

20 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers Part 1 - Infographic

More Pinterest followers will lead to more pins, repins, likes and comments. This can help engage your audience better and drive more traffic to your website. You will find 20 useful tips which will help you gain more Pinterest followers in this two part infographic series. Users looking for followers who will repin their pins on Pinterest as well as those those who will pin and repin images from their websites and blogs to help drive traffic will find this infographic helpful. As these tips will help you gain followers who will be interested in sharing your pins and forming social relationships.

The first part which contains the first ten tips can be found below… To be notified as soon as Part 2 is published subscribe to our blog updates and get the Free Pinterest Marketing Video Tutorial. Click on the Infographic to enlarge. 6 Pinterest Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Influence. As we transition into autumn, it seems everything about Pinterest is changing — well, the content, that is. A month ago, we were repinning photos of popsicles and beach blankets. Now, we're cozying up to apple cider and snuggly scarves. Pinterest Business Blog.